Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"Sir have you seen my cap? I am feeling cold." He said. And that's what I remember the most from that night.

It was last year and I was staying at a palace which was converted to a hotel like most of the palaces in Rajasthan.

It was my dream to stay in a palace and I was finally living my dream.

I remember that I had to go out on night tour of desert, so I left my room but strangely the lobby was empty.

I was irritated and tried to call my guide but I was interrupted by him.

"Sir, have you seen my cap? I am feeling cold." He was in his 40s

"Why would I know anything about your cap?" I said curtly as I was already irritated

"OK, if you find it please let me know." He said and turned.

Last thing I remembered before fainting was that he didn't have any skull at the back of his head and a large chunk of his brain was gone.

PS - I am all fine, it's fiction as always :P It feels good to be writing after a very long time in fact I am writing a short story for the first time after April A-Z such a long time. I hope to continue writing. Thanks for all your support.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paths to Death - Z for Zebras

He was a budding photographer and his main interest was wildlife photography and finally he was able to go to africa to shoot the wildlife there. 

His plan was to go to Kenya and South Africa and Congo to name a few countries on his itinerary. He had a grand time shooting all the majestic creatures in their natural habitat and he got some truly magical photos which he planned to send to National Geographic and other photography magazines.

Today he was shooting zebra, yes those cute black and white animals which are similar to donkeys. He was shooting a herd which must have been more than 10000 zebras strong.

He was clicking with glee and didn't realize when he moved to close to the animals and also didn't notice the lion crouched near zebras. And finally the lion started his attack and he started clicking photos. He got some wonderful photos but forgot that he was in the line of the stampede, the mass of running scared animals.

Before he had time to react he was hit by many zebras and he fell after full 15 minutes when the final zebra passed he and his camera lay there trampled to death by zebra hooves.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter Z and Yes A to Z is complete for this blog of mine. Thanks Everyone.

Paths to Death - Y for Yacht

His business idea had finally broken through and within few years he was counted among one of the most successful businessmen of all times. 

Now was the time to celebrate his success and he contacted his friends to recommend him a Yacht maker who would be able to make a yacht as per his designs.

The names were exchanged, favours were promised and finally after two years of wait finally Titanic was ready to sell, oh yes. Our Billionaire was a romantic and wanted to gift his wife titanic so there it was.

And it was beautiful everyone swore that it was the most spectacular yacht they had ever seen. It was a huge yacht too which was sufficient to cater to more than 300 guests at once along with a staff of 50.

So finally with much fanfare the yacht started on its world tour with new billionaire and closest of his friends. Few of them enacted the famous scene from the movie as well. But it looks like the name itself is cursed because sixth day in their journey they were struck by a storm.

The yacht was bounced around of the waves like a toy and few big rocks too for good measure and before long the yacht was in peaces along with quite a few members who were already dead and rest died after few days as they were stuck in the remotest part of the ocean.

So all of their paths to death were through the world's biggest yacht which was named after a doomed unsinkable ship which sunk on its first voyage.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Letter Y

Paths to Death - X for Xiphoid

The year 2195 was marked in the history as the day the robot revolution began.

However humans were able to beat the robots by the year 2450. They were again learning to live but then another monumental thing happened year 2524 saw the arrival of first extra terrestrial or Alien race to the Earth. 

They were called 'XuXuc" and carried a sword like weapon called Xiphoid. Initially they appeared friendly and spoke of peace but like all the stories about aliens they started revealing their actual plan which was to harvest their food source which was bones. They weren't interested in Water or trees or meat but just bones and they loved the human bones the most.

They would just touch the person with their Xiphoid and its multi volts current would melt the skins right off the bones and they they would enjoy their snacks.

He was yet another individual who liked the aliens and the significance of their arrival but he was also the first one to see actually what was their actual reason for coming to earth. 

He alerted all the people about their activities and then worked towards stealing few Xiphoid for the humans, they were successful and Xiphoids became the weapon for human independence as they used XuXuc's own weapon against them and showed them to their paths to death. Human race was yet again victorious.

For Help:
ANAT., ZOOL. shaped like a sword; ensiform
Origin of xiphoid
Classical Greek xiphoeides, sword-shaped ; from xiphos, sword + eid─ôs, -oid

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter X.

Paths to Death - W for Whiskey

He loved his drinks, sometime rum, sometimes beer, sometimes wine but Whiskey that was always. He always drank whiskey for sure.

He drank daily sometimes moderate pegs sometimes over the limit when he lost control of himself. And he hated him afterwards. He loved whiskey but didn't like the person he became after drinking it but he couldn't help it.

Slowly he started drinking more and more, he would be drunk all the time, he reached office drunk and was warned thrice but then was fired. Somehow he was unable to stop his downfall brought on by his love for his Whiskeys. 

Now since the income dried up he couldn't afford the foreign whiskey so he started buying cheap local ones. Now he wasn't drinking for love he was drinking to escape his reality. His wife left him, his family disowned him. 

But he didn't care as he was still getting his whiskey, his one last love. He would go to different parts of the city where he could get cheaper liquor. 

One day he reached a seedy bar in a slum which was offering their local liquor dirt cheap and he and others drank it but bucket loads. Next day he and 25 others were found dead outside the slum as the liquor they used was poisoned.

His love for whiskey, wine, rum, bear, liquor took him to his path of death.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter W.

Paths to Death - V for Venom

She was working in her fields with other members of her family. It was the time for seeding the lands and they were very happy for the prospects after wonderful monsoon they had seen.

She was singing a song and moving backwards after the task was done for each little block of land. 

Suddenly she stopped with a jolt and she felt her leg stopping on something soft which was followed by a sharp prick and she knew that it was a snake and she has been bit.

She saw a black King Cobra snake moving away which confirmed her fears, she had heard the tales of the people who were bit by a Cobra. She called for her husband and then collapsed in the field.

As soon as he came he checked her leg to see if there was a snake bite and indeed it was. He cried for help and carried her outside the field. She was already having issues breathing and was taking heavy and slow breaths.

Her husband placed her on the bullock cart and tried to tie a cloth above the snake bite but by then the venom had passed to the blood stream and started turning her blood in to a gel. 

By the time they reached the hospital she wasn't breathing the venom of King Cobra was potent enough to be her path to death.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter V

Paths to Death - U for Underworld

He was a model student. He always got the first rank, played sports, was teachers favourite and was popular among students too.

Then it all came down. He failed in one of the unit tests in 12th standard and somehow that one failure led him to a path of self destruction. After failing that one test he started hanging out with the outcasts and hooligans the students whose whole motive for school was having fun. They would smoke every chance they got and drank every week end now he was with them. They all routinely fought with kids of their and other schools too.

Nothing would wake him from this nightmare as he stopped studying altogether and as a result failed the board exam for  12th standard. This was the most shocking thing for the entire school. No one could believe that he could fail such an important exam. But he was impassive like this all didn't affect him anymore.

Next thing, he ran from home and went to some city. He came back to his home after 10 years. Now he was a famous shooter for an underworld don. His family just couldn't bear this avatar of his and shut his doors for him. He turned and saw that police cars blocked his path, he started shooting but he was outnumbered severely and with in 15 minutes his bullet ridden body was spread in his home's garden. A small failure ruined a gifted individual's life and led him to a path of death through the underworld.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter U

Paths to Death - T for Tornado

After working for many years in the biggest bank in New York he had settled on a quiet beach in Goa. Like most of the houses on the beach his house was also made with wood.

There was ever present threat of storms here on the beach but it was part and package of the life on the beach, he had never regretted his move to Goa as he was most happier than ever in his life.

That evening he went to collect some wood from the trees at the beach for fire but he strayed too far and as soon as he heard the signs of a storm he started towards his home but the storm became too strong too quick and he had to wait for the storm to pass but time was something he didn't have.

He saw in horror as the outline of a tornado appeared in a distance. Within a few minutes the tornado was upon him and the next moment his body was in the air. His body was jerked violently many a times and then he was thrown many kilometers away and he was no more and only his body remained.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter T.

Paths to Death - S for Sword

He was a gladiator during the roman times and was famous throughout the region.

He was a fierce fighter but even he was lost to the power of love. His love for his master's daughter. Their's was a doomed love as they both knew that if her family came to know about their love then he would be killed after all he might have been a famous gladiator but he was still their slave.

The month was special as the city was celebrating spring and as every year there had to be a fight between all the top gladiators. 

He fought fiercely and fearlessly and in the end he was crowned the winner. Everyone was happy to see their favourite gladiator win. But his mind was restless and he wanted to see his beloved.

As soon as they reached the house, his lover came to meet him and they embraced each other but their love wasn't a secret any more as a slave girl had seen them and informed their master right away. 

His master called every gladiator to the common room and then asked him to come forward, everyone though it was to honour him but the master took his sword and thrust it through gladiator's neck and yanked it left-right and the head fell off the body. Another love story ended unfinished and in death.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter S

Paths to Death - R for Road

He was on a road trip, he was walking across india to raise awareness about education and other social issues.

Everyday he walked and walked some more. He started from the southern most city of Kanyakumari and was now passing through central India during the summer month of May. He was carrying an umbrella with him but still the hot weather was very hard on him.

He was walking on yet another hot day and he was all alone and his water supply had long ago finished and as far as he saw there was no hope for water. 

He was severely dehydrated and walking very slowly as he knew that if he stopped walking he would never reach the water to save his life.

But it was still only noon and there was a long day left and there were very few trees in sight to offer any respite from the angry sun. 

It had to happen and he tripped over a small stone on the road and hit it hard as he fell. The hot road burned his cheek and he cried in pain but could get up. 

Now his only hope for someone to come his way and take him to the hospital but the help arrived too late, by the time others found him he was long gone. 

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter R.

Paths to Death - Q for Quicksand

They were a couple in love and had many things in common. Most of them was their love of nature. They loved to go on hiking tours and walk through the jungle.

They were on yet another trip to a remote jungle in North India and were enjoying their walks to the quiet jungle where the only sound was made from birds, animals and wind through the leaves and there was no other noise pollution the kind we find in the cities.

He saw a rare bird and in order to get a better angle for the photo took few steps to the side and found the ground to be little soft but since he had to get a quick shot he ignored it and clicked many photos of that bird. As he was clicking the photos he felt as he was going down and indeed he was and his wife shouted for him to look down and to his horror he was stuck in quicksand and going down. 

His wife told him not to move and went to get some help or something for him to grab. By the time she was back with a sturdy tree branch he was buried till his waist in the ground. She threw the branch to him and asked him to hold it tightly so that she can pull him out.

But quicksand was too fast and she wasn't able to pull her husband out and he started panicking now and tried to get out but to no avail and within half an hour only his hands were out of the pit and she saw with eyes blurry with tears as the ground ate devoured him completely and after few minutes the quicksand pit leveled like nothing happened. Her lover, her love, her everything was lost, Nature had won again.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Letter Q.

Paths to Death - P for Poison

She worked in a bank and was satisfied with her job and life.

She was very happy and was shopping in the busy market when she felt a jab following a little pain and looked behind her and found two fierce looking men.

They told her to follow them quietly and due to fear and confusion she did. They led her to a slightly less crowded area and told her that they poisoned her and in order to get an antidote she would have to help them in stealing a large sum of money from her bank. And they threatened her also to good measure about contacting police and informing anyone else about the same. 

They told her it was a special poison which would kill her in 3 days without an antidote and there was no other cure for it as well.

She had no choice than to assist them, and she did as they asked her to do with her help they were able to steal more than 5 crore Rs. from the bank and told her that they would call her to give her the antidote later.

She was fear stricken and half dead already but she hoped that they will honour their word. They didn't when she reached to the address they had messaged her she found it to be empty. Her time was up poison worked fine and she fell to the ground never to get up again.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter P.

Paths to Death - O for Operation Theater

He was ill, he was ill for a very long time but finally he had enough money saved to get the proper treatment for his illness.

He called his doctor and he was told that the only solution for his heart ailment was an operation. Well he already knew that and went to the hospital with his family.

On the appointed day doctors were ready and he was wheeled in to the operation theater. The doctors started the operation and it went on for 5 hours. Suddenly all the lights started blinking and his heart rate spiked upto 120 bpm. 

There was internal bleeding but doctors were not able to detect the source and before long his chest cavity filled his blood and his heart rate monitor beeped and settled. He was no more his paths to death lead him to operation theater and he left the world through there.

My Next Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Letter O.

Paths to Death - N for NanoBots

The year was 2100, a finally a sci-fi dream came true for people. Nanobots which are robots which are very small.

Nanobots were promised for a very long time for medical use, but after so many research and tests that dream was finally a reality. 

The exact year was 2102 when the first patient received the Nanobot treatment for his cancer and they did what they were supposed to and cured his cancer and finally human race was successful in curing cancer without any side-effects on the body.

You only had to swallow few pills which contained the nanobots and they would start working within few hours and after few days voila you would be cured. 

Trouble began in the year 2195, he was diagnosed with cancer but with new cheaper Nanobots therapy it was not difficult to cure. 

He received his pills and promptly ate them and then waited to be cured of his cancer. He was told that there may be little unrest and pain as the robots worked to eat away the cancer cells, but his pain was more severe and he immediately called his doctor.

His doctor advised him to get admitted to the hospital immediately. When doctors checked him they were shocked to find out that the Nanobots were not working to destroy the cancer cells but healthy cells and were eating away his internal organs. 

Doctors tried to send the kill signals to the bots but failed and before long the patient was eaten inside out and the bots escaped through air.

Through his path to death the robot revolution began not through big robots but molecular ones. The date of robot revolution was 3rd July 2195.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter N.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paths to Death - M for Magic

He was going to a relative's place on bike with his wife.

They were passing through a market but suddenly he stopped his bike and got off it without saying anything to his wife.

He started walking towards a shop still saying nothing to his wife, but he didn't stop at the shop but rather entered an alleyway just near the shop and kept on walking.

His wife waited for around 10 minutes then decided to see where her husband went. She noticed he had left the key in ignition, she pulled the key out then started walking.

The alley opened up in a field covered in trees and there was well in a corner where her husband was standing, relieved she started walking towards her husband to see what happened.

To her horror he climb up the well wall and before she could shout to him to stop, he jumped in.

He hit his head on multiple stones before falling in the well and immediately turning the water red.

She cried and shouted for help but he was gone, she had no idea why had he done so.

The Tantrik was laughing maniacally for his dark magic had finally succeeded his magic became cause of someone's death, someone's path to death.

Sorry for the delay - Will try to catch up to the current letter soon here's the entry for Letter M. Enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Paths to Death - L for Lightning

There was a storm warning and people were advised to stay indoors for their safety. But He got a call from office for an emergency call with client and he grumpily got ready, wore his rain suit and took his bike out.

The storm was raging outside and it was threatening to rain anytime now.  He started his bike and rode towards office. As soon as he reached the highway it started to rain and clouds started to roar.

He was riding his bike slowly due to heavy rain and saw some brilliant lightning in the distance. Even though he was wearing rain suit the rain was too strong for any visibility and he stopped and got off his bike. He stood under a tree. 

Suddenly he heard huge roar of clouds just above him and the tree was struck by lightning. Both were instantly burned to a crisp as billion volts of electricity passed through them. 

He sure was surely unlucky but his path to death lead him to where he had to be.

Next installment for Paths to death and also Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. 14th April - Letter L.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paths to Death - K for K.I.A. - Killed in Action

He was the pride of the entire town. As he was the first Army officer from the town. Lot of people went to the army from the town but no one made the officer and he became an officer at the age of 28 due to his hard work and for that he was the darling of the entire town. The most eligible bachelor. 

He was humble too and loved his country. He was well aware of the town's feeling for him and did not of charity work whenever he came to his small town.

He was on leave at home when he got the news that his leave was cancelled and he would be required for the Army duty as there was enemy movement at the border.

He left right away and next day he reported to his Brigadier. Our neighbouring country was again making a lot of movement on the border and looked like they were preparing for yet another war. 

With in a week the war started. And everyone in the country prayed for the country's win. He called his home everyday to tell his family that he was fine.

There was a fierce battle and he again led a team for the same. We won the battle but lost few men along with him. That night the call which went to his home told his family that he was Killed in Action and was no more. This was a terrible tragedy not only for the family but the entire town.

We won the war and he was awarded the highest honour 'Paramveer Chakra' even in his death he made the town proud.

Kinda Sombre entry for Letter K. Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Paths to Death - J for Jail

He was an angry man, he would fight with anyone even on smaller matters. People who knew him avoided him. But he would find someone to fight with in the office, on the road. 

One day a policeman stopped him because he jumped a red light by mistake. Now his anger was out of range because as per him it wasn't his mistake and policeman shouldn't have stopped him. Before he knew what was happening he slapped and kicked the policeman.

He was immediately taken in the custody, later that week he was presented to the court and was sentenced to 2 months in jail. Which was increased to six months as he abused the judge too and threatened to see him.

He was taken to the jail in the capital city. It wasn't soon before he had fights with multiple people in the jail and he was thrown in solitary confinement for 2 months. 

After two months as soon as he was shifted to general population. He was stabbed, 15 times by 4 different people. He couldn't control his anger so his anger controlled him all the way to his death.

Next chapter in Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Day 11 Letter J. Enjoy

Paths to Death - I for Industrial Disaster

The factory was a major employment opportunity for the people living around in small colonies and slums. Most of the people living around the factory were the simple labourers who worked in the factory 6 days a week.

It was a Chemical factory preparing different industrial chemicals for large scale supplies. The factory was owned by an American company and people loved the factory and its administration for it provided them with better pay and it was near their homes too.

But the owners went lax on the safety procedures and the unthinkable happened. One of the large chemical tank leaked and it so happened that the chemical was highly toxic. It was 3 AM in the night.

People all around the factory woke up with teary eyes and coughing. They were finding it difficult to breathe. Before people could react the chemical had impacted them. After few minutes people somehow stumbled out of their homes.

They tried to find out what happened and they understood what was that strange smell and they all ran in the opposite direction from the factory but the chemical had already affected them and they couldn't reach far.

By 8 AM in the morning 50% population around the factory was dead.

Within 2 months 10000 more people died due to effects of that night of Industrial Disaster.

Another day of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge -Another paths to death chapter except this time it was  for thousands of people. We won't forget you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paths to Death - H for Highway

She was like a free bird, she loved to roam around the town with her friends.

She loved the road trips with her friends, she loved the time she spent on the road. Most of all she loved the highway near her home.

She used to play silly games with her friends, tag, statue etc. 

Once she saw a movie where in the actors tied a cloth around their eyes and crossed a busy highway. She loved the movie and that's when the idea stuck her.

She asked her friends to play the same dangerous games but they wouldn't listen to it as it was too dangerous. But like always she was able to convince them.

So she went to one of their favourite spot on the busy highway and she volunteered to go first as it was her idea. Her friends again tried to make her understand but her mind was set. 

So a cloth was tied around her eyes just like the movie and she was pointed to the direction where she had to go.

She took the first step and she felt a car race in front of her with horns blaring. She could hear her heart pounding but she was adamant to finish the task at hand.

Some vehicles braked, some swerved around, some honked angrily but by some miracle she reached the divider the middle of highway without any harm. She couldn't believe it herself and adrenaline was pumping through her veins. She removed her blindfold and raised her arms over her head to wave to her friends, who were bewildered but relaxed and happy for her. But suddenly their expressions changed.

Credit: http://www.tribuneindia.com/

A tractor passed her barely but the trolley was overloaded with straw typical to Indian standards. She was struck by the extended part of the trolley and she flew back towards the other lane.

Before the vehicles coming from other direction could brake five different had hit her going at very high speeds. Her body was torn to three pieces and she met her end on the very highway she loved.

Another Part of Deaths story which is part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Letter H for Highway.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paths to Death - G for Gravity

He loved adventure and the adrenaline rush he got from all the activities. In fact you could have called him an Adventure freak or adrenaline junkie.

He was tirelessly busy hiking, base jumping, paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering you name it and he would've done it or would be planning to do it.

His next target was skydiving and he waited with bated breath to conquer this avenue too.

He boarded the plane with excitement. And jumped with the instructor, it was all he hoped for and more.

He had to repeat it. Next week he was ready to go again this time without the instructor. 

Plane was high above and he jumped. He loved the feeling of free falling and flying. 20000 feet, 15000 feet, 1000 feet finally at 8000 feet he yanked at the rope to open the parachute, but the rope came lose in his hands. 

The Parachute was defective, now he tumbled to the ground screaming and trying to open the parachute without any success.

The Gravity did the rest.

This entry written as a part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 Day 8 - Letter G. 

Paths to Death - F for Fire

He was furiously pouring the petrol down the glass bottles, preparing the Molotov Cocktails i.e. Petrol Bombs.

He was scheduled to join his gang two hours later where they were supposed to agitate the crowd by burning the government offices and vehicles.

He was part of an anti-government uprising's fringe group.

He finished his work and met his friends to start the unrest and terror.

They nodded to each other and shook hands before disbursing to different areas with their quota of molotov cocktails.

Now he was alone, he held the bottle in one hand and clicked the lighter in his other hand.

Suddenly his hands were on fire, he dropped the bottle which caused the petrol to splash on his legs and they caught fire as well.

He wasn't aware that in his haste his hands were doused in petrol too.

Within few seconds he was running around ablaze crying for help.

No one could help him and few minutes later his charred corpse, lay by the road, smoke rising from his body.

There goes my paths of death for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Day 7 - Leffer F.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paths to Death - E for Electricity

It was a dark night without moon, total darkness all around the jungle,

He was spreading the trap looking all around, naked electric wires to trap and kill tigers.

He had canvassed the area before and had selected this area due to lot of paw marks.

He had to be quick as rangers could and come see his handiwork anytime.

Finally he was done and the trap was laid. Electricity was provided via overhead electricity line.

He turned to leave but suddenly was thrust back violently by a tiger.

Now hunter became the hunted and he lay there on electric wires, writhing violently, the tiger watched his smoking body for few seconds and then turned and left.

Next day his charred body was found by the national park rangers and the trap was safely dismantled.

Spirit of the jungle was able to defeat the hunters this time and in doing so saved many very precious tigers.

Day 5 - 5 April - Letter 'E' of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Paths to Death - D for Drugs

Day 1: I should try weed, after all, my friends seem to enjoy it very much. Wow it sure is nice.

Credit: http://thehollowearthinsider.com/
Day 50: Weed doesn't do anything let's try something stronger. Let's try smack.

Day 150: Man this Heroin is so pure and cool.

Credit: Reason.com
Day 200: Nobody can stop me I am invincible (sniffs Cocaine) I am the King of the world.

Credit: http://afflictor.com/
Day 320: Let's try combination of drugs to get more high.

Day 325: Newspaper Headline "Teen die due to Drug Overdose."

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 -> Day 4 - Letter D and my word is Drugs. I don't need to repeat it but drugs are bad they eat you from inside out. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Paths to Death - C for Cancer

He wasn't feeling well ... He was troubled with coughs .. he coughed again ..

He looked at his hands with horror as there was blood on them .. 

He went to doctor ... who promptly told him that he had throat cancer .. due to years of smoking .. 

He thought how he loved smoking .. he used to smoke 2-3 packets a day .. of the costliest cigarettes ..

Now he was bed ridden .. doctors had given him only 3 months time ..

His remaining time was filled with pain and regret ..

His only thoughts while dying were why did he have to be a smoker? Why did he have to treat his body so bad? Why did he have to play with his life for few moments of pleasure and high?

His paths to death was through cancer obscured by the smoke of cigarettes.

Day 3 brings letter C to me .. my word C for Cancer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paths to Death - B for Bullets

It was that time again .. the time of election.

Like always the criminal lord was contesting election .. and 

to oppose him the honest candidate was in the forray too.

Mr. Crime's people tried to force Mr. Honest to withdraw his name from the poll but he wasn't ready after all he was fighting this fight for the people and they were his power. 

Mr. Crime was worried as all the pre poll results were predicting his defeat ..

He knew the solution ... on the election day.....

Just as Mr. Honest came out from the booth after voting .. 

A Car swerved in front of him and two gunmen opened fire .. Mr. Honest was shot 205 times and then they were off.

Mr. Honest died for people and his killers were never caught, 

Mr. Crime won the election once again.

My Entry for April A to Z Challenge 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paths to Death - A for Accident

He thought he was invincible .. after all .. he was a racer 

And a stunt biker to boot ..

He used to zip around the town on his modified bike 

Today he was racing with his friends on the highway..

They were laughing and swerving their bikes ..

He was proud of his riding .. and they continued.

There were few trucks on the highway .. but they were nothing for them.

They rode together and zoomed between two trucks and then overtook another..

Just to strike an overturned truck ... 

He and five of his friends were instantly dead.

Note - And this is how April A-Z 2014 challenge begins .. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paths to Death - 6

He again had a fight with his wife before leaving for office,

he was tired of all this nagging all the time and he was tired to it.

He stormed out of the home, sat in the car and drove off.

We was furious and was driving as such hitting 100 km/h on busy roads.

Zipping around people were bewildered on this idiot who was driving wildly.

He was angry at his wife, at his friends and he was angry at the world.

All the same he sped along dangerously

There was some PWD under-construction work on the road and of course there was debri and building materials spread all over the road.

He came over this area tried to brake to avoid hitting a bike rider but he car skidded along,

He hit three bike riders with his out of control car and then his car hit absurdly built speed breakers and jumped and rolled..

And fell down top down .. 

He was no more alive to be angry.

P.S - Another one of the on going 'Paths to Death' series

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Last One

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I am the Last One .. in the city or in this country or in the world, 

I am not sure how did I got to live or how did everyone else die?

I only know that every other human suddenly died and just like that I became the last man alive.

I am still hoping that someone else might have survived like me but its almost impossible to find them without Electricity, and no means of communications.

All I am doing is surviving and counting the days one by one.

Thankfully I have companions otherwise I would've gone mad, they are 3 Labrador dogs. We love each other and protect each other.

I live in the biggest banglow in my city now, who would stop me?

I have a wonderful library to keep my mind sharp and to pass time.

Fortunately I was able to secure lot of weapons and ammunition during the early days and now my weapon cache can service me for years.

Daily I go outside around noon for 3 hours to collect the supplies and to find any other survivor. But as the days are passing I am losing the hope to see another face or some human to talk to.others if I can do so. 

Increasingly number of wild animals is on the rise.

Days are Scary .. Nights are dangerous ... Life is a nightmare .... But I am a Survivor and I will Survive.

This post is written as part of Indi-spire initiative by indiblogger.in the theme is #Survivor

The Topic - How would you survive if you are the last person in the world? #Survivor

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paths to Death - 5

He was defeated .....

By Life and his situation .....

He tried but couldn't find a silver lining to keep him going .....

He had no where to go ..... nothing to live for .....

There was one place he could go to .....

And he did .....

Right in front of an oncoming train .....

P.S. - Yet another part of 'Paths to Death' series for Death :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Paths to Death - 4

He was a photographer.

On an outdoor fashion shoot, they were shooting on a cliff.

Model was ready and was striking poses.

After clicking few photos, in order to change the background.

He and model switched places now his back was against the ravine.

Everyone was focused on the model and in making sure that everything was perfect.

In order to compose the shot, he stepped back a little,

but still the frame wasn't perfect,

There was no time to switch the lens.

He took one small step back and slipped and ...

fell down 1000 feet .... all the way to his death.

P.S. - As always 4th entry in Paths to Death series.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paths to Death - 3

He was very happy, he got the highest appraisal today.

He bought pastries for his family and left towards his home.

He was humming an old song, he was happy.

He was riding his bike at an optimum speed,

suddenly a truck came from the front but it was on the other side of the divider,

He was happy, his luck was strong today.

The truck crashed into the divider and one of its tyre came lose .. and sped towards him..

He didn't even get time to get out of the way..

He was instantly crushed to death,, death was happy.

P.S. - Here goes part 3 of Paths of Death series