Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Short Story - Love

Rashmi was very troubled by one habit of her husband. He used to go to his office by bike, whenever Ravi went to office by himself, he always wore a helmet but whenever Rashmi and he went somewhere he never wore any helmet.

Once they were going somewhere, Rashmi asked Ravi - "May I ask you something?".

Ravi replied - "Anything you say mam!"

Rashmi said - "I am troubled by your habit of not wearing helmet whenever we both go out together. Don't you know that the security is important?"

Ravi just said - "Oh! its nothing, its just so that I can speak to you freely while riding bike."

Rashmi stayed quiet but she knew that this was not the right reason. When they got back, Rashmi again asked the same question. She pleaded that this time Ravi has to tell him the truth.

Ravi took a deep breath and said - "Whenever I go to office, I wear the helmet because I care for you and want to come back to you in one piece at the end of the day."

A huge smile came to Rashmi's face, she asked playfully "Really!! if that's true why don't you wear helmet whenever I also go out with you? Don't you want me to come back in one piece with you?"

Ravi replied - "No its nothing like that, its because you never wear helmet as its not required for you as per Indian Laws. But God forbid we meet an accident and I am wearing a helmet and you are not, then you will be in danger. And I would rather die with you then Live without you"

Rashmi was stunned by this answer, she said - "But, you could've asked me to wear the helmet."

Ravi laughed and said - " About that, don't you know how much I love your hair? Why would I want you to spoil them?"

Rashmi also started laughing and said - "I for one am in favor of living with you than dying with you so will wear the helmet as would you. Promise?"

Ravi nodded silently with all the love in his eyes.