Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Last One

This post is written as part of Indi-spire initiative by the theme is #Survivor

I am the Last One .. in the city or in this country or in the world, 

I am not sure how did I got to live or how did everyone else die?

I only know that every other human suddenly died and just like that I became the last man alive.

I am still hoping that someone else might have survived like me but its almost impossible to find them without Electricity, and no means of communications.

All I am doing is surviving and counting the days one by one.

Thankfully I have companions otherwise I would've gone mad, they are 3 Labrador dogs. We love each other and protect each other.

I live in the biggest banglow in my city now, who would stop me?

I have a wonderful library to keep my mind sharp and to pass time.

Fortunately I was able to secure lot of weapons and ammunition during the early days and now my weapon cache can service me for years.

Daily I go outside around noon for 3 hours to collect the supplies and to find any other survivor. But as the days are passing I am losing the hope to see another face or some human to talk to.others if I can do so. 

Increasingly number of wild animals is on the rise.

Days are Scary .. Nights are dangerous ... Life is a nightmare .... But I am a Survivor and I will Survive.

This post is written as part of Indi-spire initiative by the theme is #Survivor

The Topic - How would you survive if you are the last person in the world? #Survivor

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