Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Everybody was happy, Everybody was celebrating, Everybody was enjoying the Celebrations and me..?

I was sulking and mourning the loss of my love. Who was getting married to my best friend while on this day she should have been marrying me not him. What the Hell was I thinking?

What the Hell Indeed...

Let me tell you what happened that turned my celebrations into mourning.

*****************Two Years Back*************************

I saw Madhvi at my best friend Ankush's sister marriage and what a view that was. She was looking a million bucks and Ankush saw me looking at her and said hitting me in the ribs:

"What are you looking at huh?"

"Nothing I am just relaxing a bit, I am little tired with all the work." Came my reply

"Try to make a fool of someone who doesn't know you. I know every thought in your mind. Ha Ha"
Of course he knew me we were friends since 1st Class

Ankush continued "Her name is Madhvi and she is didi's friend's sister. Do you want her number or do you want me to talk to you about her?"

What else could I ask for more? I said "  No need to talk to her, just give me her number and also please introduce me to her. I owe you buddy."

"  Nah you don't owe me anything. What else friends are for?"   said my best friend

True to his word Ankush introduced me to Madhvi and we exchanged phone number promising to meet after the wedding to catch up.

***********************Two Year minus 2 Weeks Ago *********************

Well what do you know, seems like Madhvi forgot me, I haven't received her call till now and I didn't call her thinking its best to give her some time but no more .. the wait was killing me so I did what anyone else will do in such times, I dialed he no. and waited with baited breath..

"  Hello!!"   wow what a voice she had

"  Hello, Hi, Its Chetan"    I said trying to sound cool

"  Chetan, which one? I am sorry but I know three chetans and your voice doesn't seem familiar." Damn she already forgot me there was nothing gonna happen here for me

"Ahem, its Chetan, we met at Shruti didi's wedding. Do you remember?" And I was praying

"  Oh Chetan sorry yaar I wanted to call you but couldn't. I was very busy in my project but now I am free so if you are free as well then let's meet, don't forget to call Ankush as well I haven't met him as well since di's marriage."   she said

"  Okay no problem, Yes I am free this week-end I will call you with details later. Goodbye now ."   I said on the phone

"  Yahoooooooooooooo!!!"   I shouted after the phone was disconnected

Over the weekend we met and talked for over two hours. slowly the frequency of meetings increased then from friends meet it slowly turned into dates. I was flying on the seventh Sky, living the dream I didn't want to wake up from, I was enjoying every minute of my life with Madhvi in it.

*******************One Year Ago*************************

Today I was going to propose Madhvi for marriage. I wanted to do something unique for proposing her as all the ideas I thought for, were all which I saw in movies etc. then I thought of something which I didn't see in any movie. I also confirmed with Ankush about the idea if it was unique enough or not. Ankush also liked the idea very much. So as per plan I called Madhvi and called her for bowling which is usually went for.

"  Hi Chetan, how are you? Where's Ankush?"   Questions such lovely questions

"  I am fine. Ankush got busy with some meeting at work. How are you?"   I asked holding her hands.

"  I am also fine, so how did you know that I wanted to go bowling today?"   She asked

"  Because I know what do you think and also because you told me." I replied smiling

So we started bowling .. the game was going on greatly when I played my card. I handed Madhvi a ball to bowl, after she threw the ball she turned towards me with stunned silence. And held her hand to me where one finger was proudly wearing a ring.. you see, what I did was pretty clever. What I did was glued the ring around one of the holes on the bowl so as she finished the bowl the ring stayed on her finger.

 With her still looking at me and her hand continuously and hand still stretched towards me.

I took her hand and got on one knee and said "  Madhvi, you are the only one for me and I can not imagine my life without you. So please, please, please look into your heart and confirm that it also beats for me and say yes before you change your mind. Will you marry me?"

After 5 minutes of silence which seemed like 5 years to me... she said "   Yes, I will marry you."  hugging me and with that the entire bowling rink erupted in applause.

With the blessings of our parents we got engaged after 3 months and the marriage date was set after one year.

*************************Two Months Ago*******************************

Ankush was acting all strange since my engagement. Staying quiet all the time and staying out of parties and well he stopped almost everything which was remotely fun.

Whenever I tried to cajole him into telling me whatever was bugging him but he would just smile and shake his head off telling me that nothing was wrong and that he was just facing some difficult time at his office.

Well and why should I have doubted him, he was Best Friend. Why would he lie to me?

****************************One Month Ago*******************************

Ankush was his old self again and I was most happy with that transformation. Everybody in my home and Ankush's was busy with the preparations for the wedding.

I also noticed something strange with Ankush, now whenever he passed Madhvi he would eye her strangely, but foolish of me I just brushed my doubts to the back of my head... Big Mistake.

**************************One Week Ago***********************************

"  Hey Man, get ready!!!" Shouted Ankush at me for the thousandth's time that evening after all he was arranging my bachelor party.

"  Just one moment. Are you sure, this is a good idea?" I confirmed once again

"  Yaar, You are getting married after one week. So just once give me this last evening to your friends." Now who could argue with that statement

We had a blast of a party, really Ankush had made great arrangements. We were wasted and danced and drank all night. Although I opposed  a bit when Ankush suggested that we call a stripper but alcohol and the environment of party made my mind fuzzy and beyond that I didn't remember much only that a girl was undressing and dancing with me and someone was clicking pictures .. Pictures are memories aren't they.. and memories are lovely .. but that's not the case always as I was about to find out next day...

Next morning I tried to remember about last night but it was all a blur, along with that my head was bursting with a headache it was one of the worst hangover I ever had. Suddenly I was alright as all my concerns were diverted to the person standing on the door. My Madhvi was standing on the gate and crying ... I got up and went to her to ask her what was wrong...

"  What happened Madhu, why are you crying?" I tried to hug her to comfort her but she threw my hand away.

"  Wh.. What happened, would you please tell me?" I again requested her to tell me what was bugging her

In response, she just spread the contents of the packet she was holding, on the table and what I saw blew my head all over again. Those were the photos from Bachelor party particularly me and stripper during different stages of undressing.

"Hey are you upset over this? This is nothing but a joke by Ankush. Believe me." I pleaded

"Don't you dare blame Ankush, he has already told me everything how in your drunken state you called that stripper even after opposition from Ankush." She dropped another bomb

"  What the hell are you saying? You have all the story backwards and nothing you know is correct."     I tried to explain to her

"  Okay let's forget the part where who called who. Would you also want me to forget the pictures." She was furious and started crying again

I was speechless, only those who have been back-stabbed by their Best Friend of more than 20 years can imagine what was going through my head. I wanted to kill Ankush I wanted to commit suicide. I didn't want to anything. I didn't know the answer to any question anymore. May be it was Yes, May be it was No, May be it was either or may be it was neither. My whole life was crashing right in front of me and I was helpless to do anything.

And before I could say or do anything else she stormed out of the room, breaking the engagement, breaking the marriage most of all breaking my heart.

I was just lying in my room crying when my enemy/friend came into the room telling me that on the day of my marriage, he will be the one getting married to Madhvi and not me. I tried to get up to hit him but he just started laughing and left the room.;

*************************Present Day*******************************

Now you know the reason behind my unhappiness and why am I sitting in the darkness while the neighborhood is glowing with the lighting.

Today was the day when Madhvi was getting married to my best friend who trapped me in a trap and replaced me at the last moment. It was too unreal to be true but how can my aching heart be false, how can my love be false.

I was drinking for the whole day when it was time for the marriage I started for the Hotel where the marriage was going on. Somehow I drove to the hotel and started going upstairs one step at a time. I took just 10 or so steps and there she was the most beautiful bride in the world, who was supposed to be my Bride. Both of us were frozen in our steps, the pain was too much to face. We started crying and through my broken voice I could only say "  Sorry, for hurting you. It was never my intention to cause you any pain."

She just motioned her friends who pushed me aside and led her ahead. I was again left alone on the stairs I continued towards the top there was only one solution for me I would never be able to live with guilt, hatred, pain and all the other emotions. After some time I reached the rooftop, I climbed on top of the ledge and took a step to jump....... when suddenly I heard the voice of my mom..

Strangely she wasn't asking me not to jump or anything she was saying "Wake up Chetan, Madhvi is waiting for you. If you will be that late she will break the marriage and marry someone else".

That worked I sprang in action I couldn't allow the repeat performance of my nightmare ... Nightmare!!! Thank God it was all a nightmare simply a Dream.

My Celebrations were pretty much mine. I was ready to celebrate and start my new life with my family, my love and my best friend.

P.S. :- What I said to Ankush when he really suggested that we call a Stripper in my bachelor party, is anybody's guess? LOL

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