Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paths to Death - E for Electricity

It was a dark night without moon, total darkness all around the jungle,

He was spreading the trap looking all around, naked electric wires to trap and kill tigers.

He had canvassed the area before and had selected this area due to lot of paw marks.

He had to be quick as rangers could and come see his handiwork anytime.

Finally he was done and the trap was laid. Electricity was provided via overhead electricity line.

He turned to leave but suddenly was thrust back violently by a tiger.

Now hunter became the hunted and he lay there on electric wires, writhing violently, the tiger watched his smoking body for few seconds and then turned and left.

Next day his charred body was found by the national park rangers and the trap was safely dismantled.

Spirit of the jungle was able to defeat the hunters this time and in doing so saved many very precious tigers.

Day 5 - 5 April - Letter 'E' of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014.


  1. A good draft. I believe this could still be developed.

    1. Thanks Buddy, good idea perhaps in another post .. this series is focused only on paths to death i.e. scene leading to death.

  2. hmm, interesting story about Electricity..tigers should be treated with respect always..

    1. Thanks TD but not only tigers but every one be it animals or human.


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