Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paths to Death - 6

He again had a fight with his wife before leaving for office,

he was tired of all this nagging all the time and he was tired to it.

He stormed out of the home, sat in the car and drove off.

We was furious and was driving as such hitting 100 km/h on busy roads.

Zipping around people were bewildered on this idiot who was driving wildly.

He was angry at his wife, at his friends and he was angry at the world.

All the same he sped along dangerously

There was some PWD under-construction work on the road and of course there was debri and building materials spread all over the road.

He came over this area tried to brake to avoid hitting a bike rider but he car skidded along,

He hit three bike riders with his out of control car and then his car hit absurdly built speed breakers and jumped and rolled..

And fell down top down .. 

He was no more alive to be angry.

P.S - Another one of the on going 'Paths to Death' series

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Last One

This post is written as part of Indi-spire initiative by indiblogger.in the theme is #Survivor

I am the Last One .. in the city or in this country or in the world, 

I am not sure how did I got to live or how did everyone else die?

I only know that every other human suddenly died and just like that I became the last man alive.

I am still hoping that someone else might have survived like me but its almost impossible to find them without Electricity, and no means of communications.

All I am doing is surviving and counting the days one by one.

Thankfully I have companions otherwise I would've gone mad, they are 3 Labrador dogs. We love each other and protect each other.

I live in the biggest banglow in my city now, who would stop me?

I have a wonderful library to keep my mind sharp and to pass time.

Fortunately I was able to secure lot of weapons and ammunition during the early days and now my weapon cache can service me for years.

Daily I go outside around noon for 3 hours to collect the supplies and to find any other survivor. But as the days are passing I am losing the hope to see another face or some human to talk to.others if I can do so. 

Increasingly number of wild animals is on the rise.

Days are Scary .. Nights are dangerous ... Life is a nightmare .... But I am a Survivor and I will Survive.

This post is written as part of Indi-spire initiative by indiblogger.in the theme is #Survivor

The Topic - How would you survive if you are the last person in the world? #Survivor

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paths to Death - 5

He was defeated .....

By Life and his situation .....

He tried but couldn't find a silver lining to keep him going .....

He had no where to go ..... nothing to live for .....

There was one place he could go to .....

And he did .....

Right in front of an oncoming train .....

P.S. - Yet another part of 'Paths to Death' series for Death :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Paths to Death - 4

He was a photographer.

On an outdoor fashion shoot, they were shooting on a cliff.

Model was ready and was striking poses.

After clicking few photos, in order to change the background.

He and model switched places now his back was against the ravine.

Everyone was focused on the model and in making sure that everything was perfect.

In order to compose the shot, he stepped back a little,

but still the frame wasn't perfect,

There was no time to switch the lens.

He took one small step back and slipped and ...

fell down 1000 feet .... all the way to his death.

P.S. - As always 4th entry in Paths to Death series.