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About me and this blog

The idea for this blog originated when I saw a dream and worked to turn that dream into a story. I must've done that 3-4 times now. Dreams are a wonderful source of inspiration. Apart from that I try to participate in few competitions to make sure that my blog stays active. You may read more about me on my home page itself. Just messing around and trying the pages. For now I am the only one managing the blog and don't have any fellow blogger who submits their entries too so till now its all me. 

I really hope that you would like the stuff you find on "Story Teller".

Another funny story, when I wanted to start a blog, I started by registering for this blog and I intended to keep all kind of entries on this blog technical help and travel pics. and movies, music and books reviews etc. But then I came across a blog competition and then I had a brilliant idea that I shouldn't clutter the blog with all kinds of entries so then I went ahead and created 5 more blogs. One for my personal/non-fiction entries, another for music/movies reviews, One for Books review, One for Technical Reviews and one for Travel Pictures.

Apart from these blogs I also have 2 more blogs over at Wordpress.com and few FB pages.

And the best thing of them all is that I don't manage any of them, I mean literally only blogs which I was managing were "Story Teller" both on blogger and wordpress.

Always hope to include more and always fail .. but I would never surrender .. and before it converts into a blog entry of its own farewell friends hope you like the blog.

Take Care and keep on writing.

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