Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paths to Death - B for Bullets

It was that time again .. the time of election.

Like always the criminal lord was contesting election .. and 

to oppose him the honest candidate was in the forray too.

Mr. Crime's people tried to force Mr. Honest to withdraw his name from the poll but he wasn't ready after all he was fighting this fight for the people and they were his power. 

Mr. Crime was worried as all the pre poll results were predicting his defeat ..

He knew the solution ... on the election day.....

Just as Mr. Honest came out from the booth after voting .. 

A Car swerved in front of him and two gunmen opened fire .. Mr. Honest was shot 205 times and then they were off.

Mr. Honest died for people and his killers were never caught, 

Mr. Crime won the election once again.

My Entry for April A to Z Challenge 2014


  1. World now are now filled with people with criminal mentality

  2. A figurative or literal picture of politics, depending on what country you consider. Nicely done.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. :)

  3. that's the most horrible way to die......sad but yeah that happens...

    1. Sadly Titli yes it is the reality of Indian politics. If not this extreme then other methods to make sure that the better candidates don't win.


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