Saturday, July 23, 2011


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He came running from office as soon as he heard voice of his wife's frantic voice on his mobile. Chintu was missing and no where to be found.

"What Happened? Where is Chintu?" He asked his wife as soon as he saw her ...

but she just shook her head in negative all the while crying

"Why did you beat him so much?" She asked him

"Because I don't want him to become a thief in future, that's why. You know how much I love him right?" He looked towards her with pleading eyes

"I know, you love him but he is only a child. He doesn't understand all these things." She said

"Tell me what could I have done when he stole all those chocolates from store, its not like that I denied him anything." He started crying too

"Don't worry, we will find Chintu. He must have gone to his friend's home in anger that's all. Now you stop crying, you don't look at all good while crying." She tried to comfort him

"He knows, how much we love him, I also tried to explain to Chintu that you only beat him because you love him so much." She said trying to be strong for both of them

suddenly she saw a paper stuck below her pillow on the bed and grabbed it as fast as she could.

"What's that?" he asked her

"Its a letter from Chintu." She said

"Read quickly" He said

But she had already finished reading the letter and fainted as soon as she read it. He supported her to the bed and then picked the letter from the floor and started reading it .. what he read changed his life....

"Papa Mummy,
                      You have never understood me. Never let me enjoy like my friends. You never provided me with Good clothes like my friends. Never gave me pocket money like my friends. Mummy said that you hit me because you love me and that she also loves me. But I am angry with you both, and after thinking very hard for a long time,  I know the perfect revenge. I killed myself. Now love me, now beat me, now show me your love. oops you can't because I am no longer your son now I am dead boy who completed his revenge. Someone said correctly when he said that revenge is a dish best served cold, cold as my dead body.

Bye Bye"
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