Saturday, October 2, 2010

Station of my Dreams and Love

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When I saw the picture on my computer, I knew this was it. It was the picture I was looking for almost all my life. I don't know, how many times I dreamed about the building which I knew now was a Railway Station.

The dreams started when I was about 8 years old. I was always for someone or something I don't know. Sometimes the dream would have been color other times it would be Black & White. Every morning my dreams ended but the longing remained. I guess, that I was so lost in the search of the love of my dreams, my life that I never bothered to try to find someone to love. Well to be honest I tried sometimes but always failed. But worry not, that's the story for some other times.

I gathered the information about the station and turned out that it was only around 500 Km from my town, so I did what I always wanted to do. That is to go to the station and see if I do find what I keep on searching in my dreams.

When I finally reached the station, it was something entirely different from what I saw in the picture. It was just magical, no picture could do justice to the view, you can only appreciate the true beauty of it all only when you see it yourself. To top it all the weather was just magical.

I was sitting on the bench on the platform and enjoying the weather, when I heard the most beautiful voice ever asking me - "  Excuse me? Is this seat taken?"  

What else could I have said other than "  No please sit."

For some time we just sat there doing nothing. Well not exactly nothing, because we were enjoying the weather. I was reading a Murder mystery and she was reading a Romantic Novel. What a Cliche`.

Suddenly She said turning towards me "  Hello!! my book is boring and in your book the murderer is the butler, Mystery solved. Now could we please talk? I am bored to the death."

"  Thank you very much detective for solving the mystery, now I don't have to read through 250 more pages to know, who the murderer is."   I said smiling.

"  Hello, I am Vaishali, how are you? "   She said extending her hand towards me.

"   Hi I am Vishesh, I am fine, Thank You."    I replied smiling, shaking her hand.

"  So tell me, do you believe in ghosts? "   She asked me suddenly

"  No, I haven't seen any ghosts till now. But why do you ask?"    I replied

"  No Real reason, I just find it fascinating to think that there may be life after life. "  She said smiling

"  Okay then tell me do you believe in Love?"   Bang came another question

"  That's another thing which haven't found me yet. Looks like no one loves me. "   I said

"   Then I would ask you, if you love yourself or not because if even you don't love yourself how can you expect others to love you. Don't you think so? "  pat came a response

Actually she made sense and it also helped that she was beautiful, I mean it was easier for her to say, she was the perfect one to fall in love on first sight.

"   Would you believe if I tell you that I saw this station in my dreams for many years and I came here because I found it through a picture a friend of mine sent to me. "   I said

"   Of course, I can believe. I do believe that dreams are combination of our past and future."   She said and she really was strange. She looked like a normal girl with her casual appearance and romantic novel and all but her questions and ideas were bit different, but still I couldn't help falling for her

"   By the way, are you waiting for someone to come?"   I asked her

"  No I just live near by and likes to come here. Its just that I have many memories attached to this station."   she replied slowly

"  You know in my dreams I was always searching for someone and I may be stepping out of boundaries here but I think that I was looking for you. All my life. "   I mumbled with butterflies in my stomach

"  Really that's really lovely to hear. Would you like to take a walk?"   She asked strangely still smiling

We walked for some time and although there were few people on the station they ceased to exist for me. As far as I was concerned there were only two people on the entire earth me and her. My dreamy state came to a startling halt like waves against a giant rock and I couldn't believe for a second what I was looking at. There was a huge picture of Vaishali on the platform wall and the words written below the picture just took all my breath with them. They said...

" In memory of our town's bravest Hero Mrs. Vaishali Sinha who sacrificed her life to save lives of 20 school children on 27th March 1990 "

Suddenly Vaishali's question about ghost made sense after all she herself was a ghost. I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and couldn't move a inch

"   oh so you have already seen the picture good so I won't have explain everything to you."   came her sound

"   Wh.. Wha.. What?"   It was like the cat took my tongue

"  So wouldn't you say i look exactly like her?"   she asked

"  Her? you mean, you are not her? I mean, Aren't you a ghost? "   I stammered

Then I heard the most beautiful laugh in the world and then she said

"  No Idiot!! I am not a ghost. Oh God! anybody would think that. No I am not her, she's my mom, Hero of this town. I like to come here because this place reminds me of her."  She explained and it made sense but still the name, how could they both have same name I asked her.

"  Because dad loved mom very much and as per him it was the most beautiful name and he wanted to take only that name in the house. And I also love my name and my dad too. "    she said

"  I Love You."   I said

"  I Love You, too"   She said

And those were the most beautiful words I had ever heard

One evening made me believe in so many things Ghosts, Chances, Dreams, Heroes, Love and most of all that yes dreams do come true. You just have to pursue them with all your might and determination. And I believe that's life, which changes in one moment from Bad to worse or Good to Better, that totally depends on you.

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  1. *smiles*...ghost and not ghost!...

    you're really a wonderful story teller...yes, your stories a beautiful combination of rolled into one!

    LOved it!

    ATB... :) good morning Vikas!

  2. Wonderfully written :D~ Unexpected ending for a wonderful and lovely story :P

  3. Interesting story...A superfast "I love you"...

  4. Versatility reflects in your handling of the script which is a concoction of human sentiments. A story-teller you are, indeed. All the best.

  5. Thanks very much Riika.. for the lovely comment. I loved your poem as well. ATB

  6. Thanks Lost for the comment.

    yeah I couldn't get a super-fast train on time so instead I settled for a super-fast "I Love You" hope that you liked it.

    ATB for BAT-15

  7. Thank you very very much CB for such lovely comments.

  8. Thanks very much Amity for the lovely comment. I couldn't participate last time so wanted to make sure that I do this time but still it was indeed very late entry just 45 minutes before closing. I really happy that you guys are appreciating the effort, that's what makes me want to go ahead with more stories :-)

    ATB - Good morning to you as well Amity.

  9. Ha ha ha. Cool one. Real fun - every man's dream - that a pretty lady herself approaches him without him chasing after her combines with some nice humor and a bit of twist in between. Well done.

  10. Thanks very much buddy. for the nice comment. And isn't what dreams are wishing the things you want or like or can't achieve or plan to achieve.

    Its really encouraging when someone as accomplished writer as you give such nice comments to newbies like me.

    ATB for BAT - 15 ..

    Cheers :-)

  11. Brilliant writing Vikas !!
    Just brilliant !
    Missed you for the last BAT but you have more than made up for it this time around !

    P.S. If this is a true story, then u r one lucky guy man !! ;)

  12. Thanks very much Brijender for the lovely comment .. yeah I was also bummed about missing BAT last time around.

    P.S. - Sorry man, the dreams part is lil` true, no one loving me part is true, As far as finding someone to love who loves me back.. .. :-) well still waiting for that train to come.
    So it remains what it is fantasy :)

    All the best to you to for BAT

  13. very nice story !! what a twist at the end :P

  14. Hey Raniii thanks very much for liking my effort and also for the comment. :)

  15. First time here - I liked the post Vikas.

    I would like to say the post has its moments of brilliance... and moments where you feel like saying, 'dhatt tere ki'. :)

    I think the 'I love you' bit at the end was not desirable... it happened very quickly... a little unrealistic :)

    But that's all a writer's prerogative...good job.

  16. I loved your post.. A love story.. From the moment she said mystery solved, i involved myself more in to this and felt myself there.. Wonderfully written.. Good luck for BAT..

    --Someone Is Special--

  17. Thanks very much for the lovely comment SIS. I am pleased that you liked my comeback story. I missed last BAT.


  18. Thank you very much kshitij for honest and constructive feedback. I am still learning to write and taking baby steps at that so Brilliance/'Dhatt Tere ki' moments will be there and hopefully friends like you will be there to advice me and support me.

    ATB ..

  19. "And those were the most beautiful words I had ever heard"

    Very touching indeed. True or not, the story was captivating and kept one wondering..

  20. Thank you very much Sidra for the lovely comment.

    ATB for BAT-15


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