Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wish 2

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"What do you wish for most in your life?", she asked me again nth no. of time.

"What else just you and your love," I replied while smiling.

"You are lying. Just like all the other boys you are also interested in other things, not love." She said mischievously and hitting me in the ribs

"Whoa there, that's just accusation. I love you most in the world", I was still smiling enjoying our little game.

Then I grabbed her in my arms then asked her "Tell me then, what do you wish for most in your life?"

"Silly, I already got what I wished for, You, You, and only You. I love you most in the world." She said kissing me.

"Yeah remind me again I just forgot that we married yesterday. It's a strange feeling running away from your loved ones to be with the ones you love." I could not mask the sorrow in my voice.

See I as not selfish that I care only for myself. I am worried, Yes, but not only for me and my family I know how much she loved her family.

But love shows us different ways in life and also gives us different routes to chose from and that decides if we live our life happily or longing for the lost love.

I was the luckier one, after all, how many people can claim to get their first love. Yeah, it was true that we had to run away primarily due to the pressure from my wife's family.

See they are the ones with the money and power and my family well simple upper-middle-class people working hard to make ends meet to trying to provide a better life for me and my siblings.

Anyways now all that was behind us she sacrificed so much for our love I too can leave my family behind it's not like I am going away forever. We will come back when her family accepts us then we will come back to our city and our family.

We decided today that it will be our Wish granting day so we were playing this little game of ours for so long.

Finally, at around lunchtime when we got very hungry I asked her would she like to cook something or should I order something.

At last, it was decided that I will bring packed food for us from one of her favorite Chinese restaurants unfortunately that place didn't have home delivery. So I had to leave my love behind in our love nest for some time;

"Please don't belong, I will die without you so come quickly OK," she said in her sweet angelic voice

"Of course darling how can I stay away from you for more than an hour, I am coming back just like that" With that I was out of the door, after all, I wanted to come back ASAP.

It took me exactly 50 minutes to get back but as I was nearing my building I saw 2 black Tata Safari parked in front of the building. Knowing I have to expect anything I dropped the bike there and ran will full speed to my apartment.

I door was pushed open and there were 10 people in the house along with her brother and they were sitting like house guests. She was terrified but sitting still without saying any word. I for one breathed for the first time since I saw the cars for she was alright. Although I wasn't sure for how long. Her brother was searching for us everywhere my friends had told me, who were beaten by him.

I just don't know how did he found us 2000 Kms away from our town.

"Well Well Well, who will have here? If it isn't my Brother-In_Law a.k.a Jijaji" He said each word filled with a coldness which filled the heart with fear.

"Ho.. Ho.. How did you find us?" I finally managed to find my voice back.

"Of that wasn't easy with you living so far and so low key but still, It wasn't that difficult for me either" He boasted

"Now what do you intend to do?" I asked dreading the worst.

"Oh, you know that already don't you? After all, how can I let you two live tarnishing our reputation." Blurted the bastard.

"What are you waiting for then?" I was amazed by the resolve in my voice, I think when you know for sure that are going to die you get courage which you didn't know you had.

"Oh we were waiting for you to come back so that you can see for your own eyes how we kill the love of your life in front of you," He said as cool as we were just ordering something in a 5-star restaurant

"No you bastard if you even lay a hand on her I will kill you," I said jumping towards him maybe with some miracle we would still be able to outrun him, but Alas! no. before I can reach him, his goons knocked me back and started hitting me I was barely able to hear her cries for help and her pleas to her brother to stop her goons from hitting me.

"Enough, you people stop now" he ordered his pet rabid dogs

I thought maybe he finally remembered that the girl in front of him was his sister whom she loved very much but I guess false honor and pride are much more important for people like them what price does love and happiness have for them.

"Pick her up from the floor you imbeciles" He barked orders for his men

two of the guys rushed forward and each holding her hands picked her from the floor and my love, she was unconscious

to wake her he threw chilled water on her face when she woke all she saw was my bloody face and although she was crying and pleading to her brother to let me go. Her brilliant eyes which were filled with fear just minutes ago were just now filled with pure love and care for me. Those were the eyes that knew that something terrible is going to happen but still there was a promise that no matter what if their life after death then we will continue our love there.

"Hold him tight so that he can't break free but he should be able to see his sweetheart leaving this land for the afterlife. Ha Ha Ha" He said laughing

I simply can't see my love like that I tried to close my eyes but the bastards were keeping them open with their fingers.

then with lightning speed, his hand moved across her throat, and after some time blood started trickling from her neck.

"No, you bastard What have you done don't you remember she is your sister whom you love very much. You can still save her please save her." I was crying now.

"Oh yeah, she is my sister whom I loved and who walked out of our home to leave our family's name in the mud. Thanks for reminding me that she can still be saved."

With that, he withdrew a gun and shot her right in her face 6 times wrecking her beautiful face in a pulp.

I didn't have the strength to see the monstrosity so I don't know when I passed out but woke up coz his men were hitting me and cursing for me to wake up.

I saw towards him my eyes just asking one question "Why didn't he kill me by now?"

and like he understood everything like I asked him aloud "Oh!! I am not going to kill you. Your biggest punishment will be to live without my sister"

"No don't do that, remember you have hated me from the beginning just kill me." I pleaded not to dare to think of my life even for a second without her

"Hmm No, My punishment is much better" he started to walking away

"No, come back! you have to kill me this is my last wish" I said.

"Okay wish granted." He said while he emptied the entire gun on my face

P.S. - My small try to maybe capture the last happy or terrified moments of all those lovely people who were and being slain every day around the world and in India in the name of false pride and honor. Wake up India break the shackles of the old mentality behind his new outlook and lifestyle. 

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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

She struggled with all her might but could not free herself as many men were pushing her down.

She was also crying for the help but no spectator came to help her.

Then the man came with the knife and slit her throat.

Her last wish was that someday people stop eating meat so that goats can live longer.

P.S. - Was going for Fiction 55 but went beyond by  four words. Any way I just hope that you like this attempt of mine better than my last 55er.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.