Monday, March 5, 2012

When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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"Dadu Dadu Dadu!!! Are you awake?" asked two little angels

"I am now" replied Dadu laughing

"Tell me kids what is it now?" he asked kindly

 "Tell me is it true?" both shrieked simultaneously

"What is true and please one by one or else I wouldn't be able to understand a single word at all." he said Patiently, what would being angry with two angels accomplish after all

"Dadu, Mom Dad say that sometimes journey is more important than the destination. Is it true?" Nikku Said

"And Dadu have you ever experienced something like this?" Gudia chimed in

"Whoa kids what kind of heavy weight question is this?" He said smiling mildly amused

Its true kids grow very fast, he mused. While he kept there thinking, his grandchildren were watching him with expectant eyes, ooh those cute eyes

"OK kids, but to answer that question, I will have to ask few questions to you, are you ready for it?" He asked knowing all too well that kids will never say never.

"So Kids it was a long time ago" He Began his life story .... just summary not the whole shebang :)

"I have already told you how I and Your Dadi had a Love Marriage" Questioning looks

"Yes Yes We already know that" Both said in unison

"Then you must also know that ours was not a trouble free marriage and we had to fight at each and every step of our relationship for each and everyone's approval, before we could marry" He asked kindly

"Yes Mom Dad tell us that you guys had to struggle very hard before you could marry." Nikku said

"They also say that you guys love each other the same even after so many years too. And you two fight a lot too, how is that possible?" Gudia added

"My Dears that is why they say that journey mean more than the destination." He said

"Because we have been through such a hard time and we have took care of each other through thick and thin, it has made our relation so strong that small quarrels don't even faze us, we just laugh it off." He said with moist eyes

"Although destination of our love was marriage but the affair was the journey which meant and will always mean more to us. That is why I always told my kids that this was the journey which meant more than the destination itself. Do you understand now." He smiled

"Of course Dadu who wouldn't understand, after all don't we see you both everyday." Both the kids said in unison.

"Ok so now let me rest a bit, I am tired and we will talk a lot in the evening." He said while pushing them playfully.

"Take care Dadu we love you bye bye." there went the angels.

P.S. -- Sorry Guys forgive me if you don't like the post, I am writing after almost 8 months and just couldn't wrap myself around the topic and also didn't get much time. Still we have to keep on trying don't we, after all this is a journey which is much more than the destination. This is my 11th Post so looks like I am a finally a veteran, will mail all the details to marshal shortly. BAT is only platform where I write something in the name of competition, without BAT, I don't think there would've been even five entries on my blog, so thank you marshals and BAT from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope that you will forgive me and welcome me back as always.

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