Monday, October 8, 2012

The Other Man

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We all love stories .. some like to tell them while other like to hear them while others like to read them. People always crave for new and untold stories .. so I will tell you an untold story today....

We were three friends living in a shared flat,, all were working in MNCs in Gurgaon

the story I am telling is of one night when I had to stay till 3 AM in the office, I let my flatmates know the same ...

So when I reached home from my office at around 3.15 AM, I rang the bell, my flatmate Tarun opened the gate and as soon as he opened the gate his eyes turned up and he fainted ..

I was worried, and carried him to the bed in the living room.

I called my other flat mate Rohit and Doctor, before Doctor my other flatmate came over and he did some prayers too, and when Doctor came he checked Tarun but found no issues with him.

After some time Tarun regained his consciousness and slowly sat up.. he looked towards me as and asked..

"Where's the other man that came with you?"

I was shocked ... "But I was alone."

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