Thursday, March 12, 2020

Happy Holi

It was the last shift before everyone left for the day and the next day was Holi so everyone shook hands with each other and wished them, Happy Holi. The actual problem started when they tried to open the door to leave. Despite multiple tries, the door just wouldn't open. The housekeeping guy called the admin team and worked with them trying to resolve the issue. But even after multiple people trying their hands on the issue the door just wouldn't stop showing the red light and kept on closed. The final solution was thought to cut off the main power as it releases the doors and it was done so.

But the gate still didn't open and along with the emergency lights, the office floor was filled with a cloud of fine dust coming out of the Air Conditioner duct which caused everyone to sneeze and cough violently. And then the voice blared through the floor:

"Ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing? You are the last 20 people to leave the office but now you are dependent on me. The gate wouldn't open till I am entertained completely and all the others who are watching you live. The rules are simple - You all are locked in the office but only one of you will leave here, The gas you just inhaled will kill you all in 3 hours. So do the easy thing, just kill all your colleagues let's play Holi with the blood and the last man/woman standing would be allowed to leave as the champion and would also be given the antidote for the poison. So what are you guys waiting for - Start Killing."

Absolute Silence on the floor

And then the mayhem began initially people just pushed their nearest neighbor around or punched them lightly but soon people panicked and the first to fall was Aman whose head was smacked in the pillar till his brain matter drooped to the floor.

Poonam lost her head when a couple of her colleagues picked and dropped her neck first on the glass partition. Samrat had his head snapped from behind.

Rachna ran quickly to the cafeteria and returned with two knives in both the hands and soon she carved up Ram and Tarun. Next to go was Hemraj who was stabbed 50 times by Rachna. 

However, while Rachna was busy stabbing Hemraj people grabbed her hands from behind and she was promptly disarmed by people working in tandem and then quickly lost her head courtesy of some quick work by her teammates. After finishing Rachna, Priya and Gagan quickly jumped back and worked to finish off others. 

Gagan lost his knife when a UPS came crashing on his head and departed with his life courtesy of  Shyam from the housekeeping department. Shyam picked up the knife and then wreaked havoc on the remaining people.

Priya had her back turned when she sensed something moved slightly which caused the CPU to fell down harmlessly but Priya didn't allow Manjeet to go any further. 

And soon only Priya and Shyam were left standing, both were covered in blood and looked like they actually played Holi with the blood and only an hour had passed. They both eyed each other warily as they were tired too but they were full of adrenaline having killed most of their office mates.

With a roar, both ran towards each other and for a second it seemed like both were a match and the contest will go on for some time but Shyam slipped a little on a puddle of blood and that's all the time Priya needed and her blade found it's home in Shyam's skull and Priya was the last one standing. 

She left her knife embedded where it was and ran towards the door which was unlocked now. And as she stepped out of the door she stumbled and fell down never to rise again and she didn't even hear the voice which said:

"Oh! I forgot to tell you the poison works in a little over an hour, not three hours it was a little lie to see how quickly you work. It seems you guys didn't work fast enough. Alas! what a pity."

The next morning the papers were filled with the tales of the bloody Holi which left more than 22 dead and no one to tell the tale the CCTV footage just showed people standing around the gate then they just went mad. There was no sound in the cameras that would've recorded the message. It was very well planned and the villains were free to wreak havoc another day.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Neend - Poem for my Papaji


Neend hamari chali gayi, sapne bhi aate nahi.
Waqt guzare ja rahe hain, gum hamare jaate nahi.
Aap achanak chale gaye hum sabko chod ke,
Hum sabke chehre pe aaj kal, hasi bhi aati nahi.

Kaash kahaniya purani sach hoti,
Ek yamraj aur uski duniya hoti,
Uski duniya tak bhi chala aata main,
Aapko wapas lane ki ye kimat bhi na zyada hoti.

Aap hamare Dil Mein the, aap hamare dil mein rahoge,
Aap hamare papa the, aap hamare papa rahoge.
Aap bas aa jao mere sapno mein,
Main khone lagunga neendo mein.

Neend hamari chali gayi, sapne bhi aate nahi.
Waqt guzare ja rahe hain, gum hamare jaate nahi.
Aap achanak chale gaye hum sabko chod ke,
Hum sabke chehre pe aaj kal, hasi bhi aati nahi.


I wrote this poem a long time ago few months in 2016 after I lost my papaji, today is his birthday so can't think of a better day to post this poem. Nothing much has changed. Two collages from his birthday in 2015. His last birthday which I was able to attend, I couldn't join the family for his birthday in 2016 as I had joined job in another city.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Horror

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" She screamed

Raj came running from the other room in to the kitchen to see what happened

"What Happened?" asked Raj

Simran was petrified she dumbly pointed towards the floor

Antennas quivering, moving slowly, red color it was a Cockroach!

"Oh! that little thing?" joked Raj

Next raj picked one of his slippers and hurled it towards the terror and of course missed it

"Kill it, Kill it, Kill it." repeated Simran

suddenly the cockroach stopped and the shell opened, wings erupted and it started flying

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I forgot these things can fly as well!!!" Screamed Raj running out of the kitchen followed by Simran

As soon as Simran entered the bedroom, Raj slammed the door and checked around the see the terror hadn't followed them here too and finding everything alright heaved a sigh of relief

"I don't know anything, Kill that thing and remove it from the kitchen" cried Simran

Raj composed himself and nodded slightly and moved out of the room

Raj quickly went to the store and picked him Tennis Racket

The terror, the horror the cockroach was flying around the kitchen

Raj closed his eyes shouted and swung the racket and missed

Raj opened his eyes, sighed at his failure, picked the position again and swung again

Point!! Raj had finally scored..

The horror was down Raj quickly sweeped the cockroach onto a newspaper and threw it out

"Remember to get Hit next time so that I can spray and get rid of them." chimed Simran from behind the curtain

Then Raj took his racket in the washroom and washed it too

And finally the Horror was over.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


"Shall I tell you a secret?" asked Vikrant to the person tied to the chair

"What do you mean?" Stammered the person tied to the chair

"Oh! I mean exactly what I said." Replied Vikrant

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Said Bittu tied to the chair

"Indeed, I am." Answered Vikrant

************** 6 Hours Ago **************

Bittu the most feared gangster in the area was on his round to collect the weekly toll from the shopkeepers.

He turned into a dark alley and suddenly someone pounced on him and he struggled with his attacker

Someone is going to die today, he thought before losing his consciousness.

************** 2 Hours Ago **************

Bittu woke up with a start and found himself in a dark room tied to a chair

He didn't know where he was

He tried to think who would try to hurt him, may be Billa or Iliyas or Dharma

Whoever it was he was going to pay dearly, thought Bittu

Thankfully his mouth wasn't covered, he licked his dry lips and tried to speak

"He, Hel, Hell...... " and he coughed fitfully

He tried to gain his composure and thoughts and spoke again 

"Who the hell is this? Don't you know who am I? Do you wanna die?" Shouted Bittu

"Oh I know, who you are alright." came a calm voice

And Bittu felt a prick in his neck and again got lost in dreams

************** Now **************

"My name is Vikrant." said the mysterious man

"Whoever you may be Madarchod, do you wanna die, untie me right now." Thundered Bittu

"I am sorry but that won't be possible, after all first I want to share my secret with you." Said Vikrant

"Bak kya bolna Chah raha hai." barked Bittu

"Well the thing is my secret is very big secret." Vikrant

"What the hell does it have to do with me." Asked Bittu

"Every thing, I suppose, my secret is that I like to kill people, I like to kill bad people." Replied Vikrant Gleefully with a creepy smile

Bittu was little afraid now but he had learnt not to show any weakness, he replied

"What do I have to do with it then, why did you tell me this?" Asked a terrified Bittu

"Because dead men tell no secrets." And Vikrant stabbed Bittu and kept on stabbing him

After that day Bittu was never seen on the streets and Vikrant's secret stayed a secret till he told the same to another bad guy.

Note - Yay!!! This was finally my 100th short story on the blog, 100th post, yeah a small milestone so another Yaaay!!! 

Saturday, January 5, 2019


AB was zooming in his new car on the road, he was happy, after all he was able to buy his dream car an Audi and job was also going on great. Life was a dream which he was living to the fullest. He was lost humming to the song and enjoying the drive.

Suddenly he had to brake furiously as a cycle rider appeared in his lane and despite his efforts he hit the cycle with enough force to throw him to a short distance. It looked like that the guys house was just near the road , because as soon as the guy fell some people ran to the guy and tried to help him. AB was out of the car as well obviously it wasn't his mistake but he was also scared and was silently praying that the guy was alive. And to his relieve though the guy was in obvious pain he was live. A woman in dirty clothes look up to him with seething disgust and anger. AB tried explaining to them that it wasn't his mistake and the guy should've seen the car. 

"The guy seem to have weaker bones." Remaked AB

Now the woman was clearly seething and spoke with such anger and menace that AB took few steps back

"What do you think that since you are in a car, you own the road? Eh, talk about weaker bones, I curse you that have you would know how the weak bones break! Go now I don't want to look that your face." Shouted the woman probably the injured guy's mom

AB was thankful to be able to get away from there, he gave them some money and get back in his car. He wasn't too worried about the curse etc. as he was an educated guy and didn't believe in such things as magic or curses. AB called his office and explained that he would be little late and reached his office.

AB had already forgotten about the guy and was lost in his work soon enough. Come lunchtime AB had his lunch and got back to his room but soon his stomach started making some weird noises maybe he was having some reaction to the food, thought AB as he took some antacid to relax his stomach. And soon he was okay but his 6th sense was still tingling with some unknown dread.

Soon AB had to go to the washroom owing to his upset stomach. Having done his business AB got out and cleaned his hands and as he turned his right hand hit the urinal glass and a sheer pain travelled through his hands and he shouted in surprise and pain. He looked at his hand dumbly which was twisted at an unusual angle. And then his body started twitching and soon he fell and his head hit the counter and he never got up.

After some time someone else decided to go to the washroom as soon as they opened the gate they turned, started screaming and vomited on the floor. The police was called in, the inspector came with two constables. They peaked in and both the constables turned and emptied their lunches as the previous guy had. The inspector barely controlled himself and looked at the strange sight in front of his.

The guy was obviously dead but the strange fact was that there was no skeleton inside the dead body and it was deflated like the balloon. A mother's curse had come true and his weak bones evaporated from his body like dust.

I know I haven't been as regular as I could've have been but I am trying. So, do share your precious feedback about your Story-Teller's latest effort.