Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Great Loss

    Vikrant and Tanisha went on Diwali holidays to his hometown. They were very happy to be able to travel as it had been two years since they could celebrate Diwali together due to the lockdowns and other issues. But now that the virus was on a little bit of a back foot, people relaxed a bit and life resumed normalcy a bit. People forgot to keep 2 yards distance and masks disappeared in some forgotten corner of the house. Although when they visited the markets they could see many people still wearing the masks in public, they appreciated that but didn't wear one themselves as they were vaccinated and all. 

         The days before Diwali was spent waiting for the family to assemble and then it was time to buy different things not only for the festival but for the family as well. Despite the worry about the pollution both of sound and air kind. Vikrant and his brothers still bought a few firecrackers for the babies of the family. 

              And then it was Diwali all the buildings in the colony were covered in myriad colors of lights and like every year the night was illuminated by millions of little lights and after the pooja, the candles and diyas were alighted and put across the home and other places. And then it was time for the little ones to enjoy their firecrackers. And they enjoyed the little fuljhadis and Chakri and anaar and a few rolls in their pistols as well. But soon others joined the family and everyone wished Diwali to each other. And other people burst their bombs and firecrackers. Someone brought a 5000 crackers rail and it burst with aplomb but then some came rushing towards the people and they ran along with them Vikrant's son Dishant ran as well but rather than laughing he was crying. When checked they found that the cracker had burnt his hand a bit and with that, the family Diwali was over. 

            The next day the kid was better and the burn was healing nicely. Tanisha and Dishant had to go to her parent's house for some functions so they left. Vikrant himself stayed behind as he had to attend the function and pooja at the family home.

            Meanwhile, Tanisha wasn't doing very well although the trip started well soon everyone in the family started getting ill with a fever and cold. One after the other started getting infected and the kids were affected most and all the kids were admitted to the hospital for care. Slowly everyone started recovering.

               And soon it was time to leave and Vikrant got on the train and would pick up the rest of the family the mid-journey which was the norm with them. And because it was the night train journey they all got in and slept. Although both Tanisha and Dishant were not fully well the Doctor said that they should be okay to travel. So they traveled and slept through the night. And the train got delayed a bit but then they reached their destination.

             Vikrant got up and woke up Tanisha and went to wake up their son but he didn't respond to the voice so Vikrant tried to shake his son but he tensed suddenly as he realized something strange, despite under the cover his son was very cold. Through numb fingers, he checked the body and confirmed that their son wasn't breathing anymore. And soon the train was rocked by the sobs of two parents grieving the great loss.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

The Body

 "Did you see it yet?" Suraj asked Prakash excitedly 

"No, not yet, have you?" Prakash replied

"No, I am just going there, I heard that Sonu, Jigg, and Peter, saw it already," Suraj said

"So what are we waiting for let's go and take a look ourselves." Said, Prakash

Both of them followed a group of people as they rushed across the narrow road excitement clear in their voices, but also slight hesitation because of course you don't get to see such things every day. 

And thus Prakash and others reached the field and there it was the body of a dead guy. Nobody knew how long the body was there in the field but it was naked and the skin had darkened completely, eye sockets were empty and the mouth was open in a dying scream and most peculiar of all one of his hands was holding his penis. 

No one knew how he had died or who he was but as soon as kids saw their first dead body they left, some crying, some in fear, and some in excitement. Most of them will have nightmares about it for the next few weeks.

After all, it's not every day that you get to see a dead body in the field.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Start of Something

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     She stood in front of the mirror, she wasn't yet ready to look at herself in the mirror so she was looking down. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and it was over another petty issue but he had hit her. And that was it. But she was still sad after all emotions are stupid they don't understand the logic. 

    She wasn't sure if she was able to get over the pain ever. She had finally stopped crying after two days but she could still feel like crying and hence she found herself in front of the mirror. Suddenly she noticed a razor and her hand grasped it. And there was the start of an idea, a thought half formed, she never thought that she would ever do something like that but now she felt like she had to try at least once. 

    A small sound escaped her lips as the blade scratched against her skin. She didn't know what she was doing but it felt right. She didn't want a deep cut so at first, she did a shallow quick cut and for a few seconds nothing happened but the skin cracked a bit, and then a little red appeared and a small stream of blood started and she felt her sadness disappear in her pain. She made a few more experimental cuts and now she didn't feel that sad and though she wasn't close to happiness, she wanted anything but sadness. And this was the start of something beautiful for her.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


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        Messengers used to be very important in the ancient world as they were the only way to pass information to others over a long distance. As time passed, people started using other ways to transfer information, at first, it was pigeons, and for a long time that continued. As time passed, people set up post service to send communication over a long distance. Postmen were very important during all of the 19th and 20th centuries and especially during the first and second world wars.

        And as the internet was used more and as mobile communications improved people were able to connect to each other instantly, post office and postal officials were used less to transfer letters but rather to ship items now and people were less and less dependent on postmen for transferring their letters as they could communicate with each other.

        And then after couple hundred years, even that task was handled by drones and robots. People were now not dependent on other people for receiving their packages and letters on other people. Communication was instant for many years now and now the packages were received instantly or rather way quicker than in the past. Now the postmen were no longer required and the post office was now handled by the robots. The world was fully automated humans are totally dependant on machines and most of the tasks were now handled by robots.

            It was theorized for a long time that solar flares can be very harmful to the earth but so far we got lucky but no more as in quick successions and without any warnings, solar flares reached closer and closer to the earth and fried up all the equipment set up on the moon, then even bigger flare rose up to destroy all the various satellites in the earth's atmosphere. And just like that, all the services came to a halt no phones, no Internet, no GPS. This caused more and more issues and without the internet, the public utilities failed that were being handled by robots and over the Internet. Electricity went out all over in some time. The world went dark almost in a blink. Now it was like people were back in the dark ages but they had no experience of how to survive on their own.

            All the countries experienced rapid deaths as people panicked and rioted and before things can be brought under control. Almost 2 Billion people were lost around the world during this time. Even more, people were lost as there was suddenly a scarcity of food and other resources. But soon enough people realized that they would have to come and work together to survive. The entire society was back to a standstill with no travels and communications over a long distance.

        With time people started working together and to build their infrastructure as per 18th-19th century standards. They also worked to set up the postal network again and thus the importance of Postmen was restored.


Friday, February 19, 2021

Quiet Evenings

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         Rashmi and Rohan were married for five years now. Like the most married couples who were working, they were also busy in the humdrum of daily life. The entire week spent in the office work and after that few episodes of some series or a movie and then sleep. The same cycle repeated over many weeks. Till they couldn't even find few moments for each other.

    Then due to the pandemic both of them had to work from home, now they were together but still busy with work, as strangely the work increases when you are working from home but soon like all the routines they also get in the new routine. 

      And then the unthinkable happened there was a big storm and the Internet and cellphone services went down all throughout the area. And suddenly there was no work from home, no streaming content, no social network, nothing just two stunned people who didn't know what to do with their time. It was quiet all around and both Rashmi and Rohan decided it was the perfect time to enjoy some time together without any interruptions. For some time they listened to few songs they had available offline and danced together they were glad to have some time together at last. 

    They were able to enjoy few quiet evenings bereft of all the disruptions, it was a staycation which both of them enjoyed lost in each other and perfect silence when they needed it and they promised to find time for each other and not to let the daily grind keep them apart.