Saturday, January 5, 2019


AB was zooming in his new car on the road, he was happy, after all he was able to buy his dream car an Audi and job was also going on great. Life was a dream which he was living to the fullest. He was lost humming to the song and enjoying the drive.

Suddenly he had to brake furiously as a cycle rider appeared in his lane and despite his efforts he hit the cycle with enough force to throw him to a short distance. It looked like that the guys house was just near the road , because as soon as the guy fell some people ran to the guy and tried to help him. AB was out of the car as well obviously it wasn't his mistake but he was also scared and was silently praying that the guy was alive. And to his relieve though the guy was in obvious pain he was live. A woman in dirty clothes look up to him with seething disgust and anger. AB tried explaining to them that it wasn't his mistake and the guy should've seen the car. 

"The guy seem to have weaker bones." Remaked AB

Now the woman was clearly seething and spoke with such anger and menace that AB took few steps back

"What do you think that since you are in a car, you own the road? Eh, talk about weaker bones, I curse you that have you would know how the weak bones break! Go now I don't want to look that your face." Shouted the woman probably the injured guy's mom

AB was thankful to be able to get away from there, he gave them some money and get back in his car. He wasn't too worried about the curse etc. as he was an educated guy and didn't believe in such things as magic or curses. AB called his office and explained that he would be little late and reached his office.

AB had already forgotten about the guy and was lost in his work soon enough. Come lunchtime AB had his lunch and got back to his room but soon his stomach started making some weird noises maybe he was having some reaction to the food, thought AB as he took some antacid to relax his stomach. And soon he was okay but his 6th sense was still tingling with some unknown dread.

Soon AB had to go to the washroom owing to his upset stomach. Having done his business AB got out and cleaned his hands and as he turned his right hand hit the urinal glass and a sheer pain travelled through his hands and he shouted in surprise and pain. He looked at his hand dumbly which was twisted at an unusual angle. And then his body started twitching and soon he fell and his head hit the counter and he never got up.

After some time someone else decided to go to the washroom as soon as they opened the gate they turned, started screaming and vomited on the floor. The police was called in, the inspector came with two constables. They peaked in and both the constables turned and emptied their lunches as the previous guy had. The inspector barely controlled himself and looked at the strange sight in front of his.

The guy was obviously dead but the strange fact was that there was no skeleton inside the dead body and it was deflated like the balloon. A mother's curse had come true and his weak bones evaporated from his body like dust.

I know I haven't been as regular as I could've have been but I am trying. So, do share your precious feedback about your Story-Teller's latest effort.

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Shooting

The Deer raised it's head and looked around as it sensed that something was around, but it didn't see anyone and resumed it's feeding.

He was hidden in the bushes just few meters away from the deer. The air was flowing against him so the deer couldn't smell him. 

The deer continued feeding and soon a baby joined it in the feeding. They continued feeding and soon the baby started playing too.

This was the moment he was waiting, he took the aim and pressed the button, silent shooting on and captured pictures after pictures of the wonderful scene.

Deer moved in the forest and soon they were gone away from the sight.

He didn't worry much he had already gotten with wanted shots and the shooting session was a success. He moved out of the bushes and moved ahead to look for other scenes were shooting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Beauty

I had seen her coming from a long way away, I mean how could I not, she is a looker after all and all I am, is a poor schmuck, going through the daily grind of life. 

Look at the luck out of all the offices in the building she had to come to the same office where I worked. Now it wasn't that I was interested in her or attracted towards her, hey I am already married it was just curiosity. 

Well her name is Rekha and after few days we became "Friends" or "Acquaintance" and all was fine till it wasn't. There was something off about Rekha, whenever anyone called her she wouldn't respond for sometime like she didn't know her own name or something like that, but what do I know.

I truly have wretched luck, well I had to travel to a different city due to some personal tasks and what do I see but Rekha's faces on posters around the station and city but on wanted posters only here her name was "Rukhsana" or something but I could never forget that face. I did the only thing I could, I called the number mentioned and informed the same to the police. Immediately a team of police officers went back to my city and arrested Rekha sorry Rukhsana right in front of the entire office, HR department was in hell as they were duped with the false documents. 

As it turns out Rukhsana was part of a terror outfit and had run away from the town and all the members of the gang had assumed false identity and joined different offices in the city and they were looking to cause some blasts on the Independence Day but thankfully due to my lead and Rukhsana's arrest, Police was able to unravel the mystery and catch everyone before the terrorists could do anything.

I was hailed as a hero and awarded by the authorities and although I did my duty as citizen why was I not happy? Ah the poor beauty.

Friday, June 8, 2018

You are not here

             I wanted to write you this letter for a long time. If you remember it was a long time ago that you left us. I still remember your words like it was yesterday, 

"You make me miserable, I can't live in this house any longer." 

And you had walked away, I find it hard to believe that you forgot us but how can I answer the fact that you haven't called, visited or sent any mails to us since you left. You are not here but the problems are. 

Mom hasn't been herself since you left, I had to grow up overnight at the age of 13, Didn't I deserve to be a kid for a little longer, didn't I need my dad but you were not here. You left and never came back but with your absense we had to face all the difficulties alone. For a long time, he had little to no money. Then Mom started some work and that's how we survived. 

But how would you know all that, You are not here, why aren't you here? Where did you go? Why didn't you ever visit us? Don't you remember us any more? Did we do anything wrong? You are not here but you left us all the people who chased us for the money you owed them. 

You are not here but the cracks in the wall are there which cried for repairs but we barely survived and there's wasn't even enough money to eat both the times. How could we spare the money on un-necessary things like repair. I try to forget but can't forget the sight of you lying on the floor, cluching your chest, after you said those words. Doctor said you had a heart attack. You left us and never even visited us in dreams. You are not here, you left us alone in this cruel world. 

Your Son

Friday, June 1, 2018


He was fast, he was furious
He would fly on his bike no matter the traffic
He was a daredevil, he was in a race
His bike got slipped and his life got cut short

Note - Written originally on my wordpress blog.