Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paths to Death - U for Underworld

He was a model student. He always got the first rank, played sports, was teachers favourite and was popular among students too.

Then it all came down. He failed in one of the unit tests in 12th standard and somehow that one failure led him to a path of self destruction. After failing that one test he started hanging out with the outcasts and hooligans the students whose whole motive for school was having fun. They would smoke every chance they got and drank every week end now he was with them. They all routinely fought with kids of their and other schools too.

Nothing would wake him from this nightmare as he stopped studying altogether and as a result failed the board exam for  12th standard. This was the most shocking thing for the entire school. No one could believe that he could fail such an important exam. But he was impassive like this all didn't affect him anymore.

Next thing, he ran from home and went to some city. He came back to his home after 10 years. Now he was a famous shooter for an underworld don. His family just couldn't bear this avatar of his and shut his doors for him. He turned and saw that police cars blocked his path, he started shooting but he was outnumbered severely and with in 15 minutes his bullet ridden body was spread in his home's garden. A small failure ruined a gifted individual's life and led him to a path of death through the underworld.

Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter U

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