Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paths to Death - K for K.I.A. - Killed in Action

He was the pride of the entire town. As he was the first Army officer from the town. Lot of people went to the army from the town but no one made the officer and he became an officer at the age of 28 due to his hard work and for that he was the darling of the entire town. The most eligible bachelor. 

He was humble too and loved his country. He was well aware of the town's feeling for him and did not of charity work whenever he came to his small town.

He was on leave at home when he got the news that his leave was cancelled and he would be required for the Army duty as there was enemy movement at the border.

He left right away and next day he reported to his Brigadier. Our neighbouring country was again making a lot of movement on the border and looked like they were preparing for yet another war. 

With in a week the war started. And everyone in the country prayed for the country's win. He called his home everyday to tell his family that he was fine.

There was a fierce battle and he again led a team for the same. We won the battle but lost few men along with him. That night the call which went to his home told his family that he was Killed in Action and was no more. This was a terrible tragedy not only for the family but the entire town.

We won the war and he was awarded the highest honour 'Paramveer Chakra' even in his death he made the town proud.

Kinda Sombre entry for Letter K. Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014.


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