Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looking through the Frosty Glass

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I woke up to find that it was raining..

The scene was really romantic and my glass window had frost on it with few drops of rain.

although this scene was very nice and not to be missed, it made me remember an old incident which happened in exactly the same weather.

It was 10 years ago... It was raining that day as well ...

I was sitting with my family watching nature's magic falling from sky and providing lifeline to the Earth and its creatures.

Suddenly the Perfect scene turned horrific..

There was an old lady walking in the rain under her umbrella and suddenly a Red car came in full speed and Hit her and then ran away .. due to the frosty window I couldn't figure anything else about the car apart from its color.

Everybody from all the surrounding houses ran outside to see if the lady was OK or not .. unfortunately she wasn't, and just like that, a Perfect moment was ruined by someone so careless and rash that they didn't even notice a human being in their way on the Road ....

Although it wasn't my fault but I still feel partially responsible because I couldn't help police with identifying the vehicle..


Rain still makes me happy like every other living being .... but now I try to keep my window frost free ..

and even though it made for a perfect picture I picked the cleaning cloth and rubbed the frost away and the glass was clear again ..

I would repeat the process for the time period I would sit there making sure that at least responsible could be apprehended, If God forbid some incident like that ever happen in front of me.

And I just sat there enjoying the rain and wishing when would people learn to be more careful while driving about their own and other's lives.

I still love rain ... but with pain

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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
Courtesy - via