Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Start of Something

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     She stood in front of the mirror, she wasn't yet ready to look at herself in the mirror so she was looking down. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and it was over another petty issue but he had hit her. And that was it. But she was still sad after all emotions are stupid they don't understand the logic. 

    She wasn't sure if she was able to get over the pain ever. She had finally stopped crying after two days but she could still feel like crying and hence she found herself in front of the mirror. Suddenly she noticed a razor and her hand grasped it. And there was the start of an idea, a thought half formed, she never thought that she would ever do something like that but now she felt like she had to try at least once. 

    A small sound escaped her lips as the blade scratched against her skin. She didn't know what she was doing but it felt right. She didn't want a deep cut so at first, she did a shallow quick cut and for a few seconds nothing happened but the skin cracked a bit, and then a little red appeared and a small stream of blood started and she felt her sadness disappear in her pain. She made a few more experimental cuts and now she didn't feel that sad and though she wasn't close to happiness, she wanted anything but sadness. And this was the start of something beautiful for her.