Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paths to Death - Y for Yacht

His business idea had finally broken through and within few years he was counted among one of the most successful businessmen of all times. 

Now was the time to celebrate his success and he contacted his friends to recommend him a Yacht maker who would be able to make a yacht as per his designs.

The names were exchanged, favours were promised and finally after two years of wait finally Titanic was ready to sell, oh yes. Our Billionaire was a romantic and wanted to gift his wife titanic so there it was.

And it was beautiful everyone swore that it was the most spectacular yacht they had ever seen. It was a huge yacht too which was sufficient to cater to more than 300 guests at once along with a staff of 50.

So finally with much fanfare the yacht started on its world tour with new billionaire and closest of his friends. Few of them enacted the famous scene from the movie as well. But it looks like the name itself is cursed because sixth day in their journey they were struck by a storm.

The yacht was bounced around of the waves like a toy and few big rocks too for good measure and before long the yacht was in peaces along with quite a few members who were already dead and rest died after few days as they were stuck in the remotest part of the ocean.

So all of their paths to death were through the world's biggest yacht which was named after a doomed unsinkable ship which sunk on its first voyage.

My Entry for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014. Letter Y

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