Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"Sir have you seen my cap? I am feeling cold." He said. And that's what I remember the most from that night.

It was last year and I was staying at a palace which was converted to a hotel like most of the palaces in Rajasthan.

It was my dream to stay in a palace and I was finally living my dream.

I remember that I had to go out on night tour of desert, so I left my room but strangely the lobby was empty.

I was irritated and tried to call my guide but I was interrupted by him.

"Sir, have you seen my cap? I am feeling cold." He was in his 40s

"Why would I know anything about your cap?" I said curtly as I was already irritated

"OK, if you find it please let me know." He said and turned.

Last thing I remembered before fainting was that he didn't have any skull at the back of his head and a large chunk of his brain was gone.

PS - I am all fine, it's fiction as always :P It feels good to be writing after a very long time in fact I am writing a short story for the first time after April A-Z such a long time. I hope to continue writing. Thanks for all your support.


  1. Nice story vikas, I just found bit abrupt end. Since it already created an image in my head, which was expecting li'l more in it.

    1. Thanks Vijay for the comment, I will have another story to fulfill the expectations in your head.


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