Friday, April 11, 2014

Paths to Death - J for Jail

He was an angry man, he would fight with anyone even on smaller matters. People who knew him avoided him. But he would find someone to fight with in the office, on the road. 

One day a policeman stopped him because he jumped a red light by mistake. Now his anger was out of range because as per him it wasn't his mistake and policeman shouldn't have stopped him. Before he knew what was happening he slapped and kicked the policeman.

He was immediately taken in the custody, later that week he was presented to the court and was sentenced to 2 months in jail. Which was increased to six months as he abused the judge too and threatened to see him.

He was taken to the jail in the capital city. It wasn't soon before he had fights with multiple people in the jail and he was thrown in solitary confinement for 2 months. 

After two months as soon as he was shifted to general population. He was stabbed, 15 times by 4 different people. He couldn't control his anger so his anger controlled him all the way to his death.

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  1. Oh boy, too bad he never learned his lesson regarding holding his temper.

    1. Well I guess he never did. Thanks Millie for the comment and visiting.

  2. Yes, some people never learn from their mistakes.Nice to meet you.


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