Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Credit - Pinterest
"Sir Shine! Shoe Shine! Sir, make your shoes brand new in few minutes" pleaded a kid barely 12 years old to the man in the suit

He looked at the kid irritatingly and then looked at his shoes, they did looked like they needed a shine, "Such a dirty place" he muttered

"Ok! Ok!" he said

The kid lit up and placed his platform below so sir can put his foot there, and he started on the shoes, he wiped them with a cloth and applied wax and rubbed and then rubbed some more first with brush and then with another cloth.

Within five minutes sir's shoes were shining bright.

"Oye! see one spot is remaining fix that too." Sir pointed

"Ok sir." was all the kid said that corrected the issue

"How much?" asked sir

"Sir only Rs. 20/-" said the hopeful

"What! are you trying to scam me, look at you asking me Rs 20 for a quick cloth swipe, here keep this 10 and go away" Sir ji shouted

Kid's face fell and he moved ahead to shine few more shoes

Sirji was a fairly famous man, and he made his way towards the conference hall where he was supposed to speak about the steps he took to help poor kids and making sure that they didn't work and attended school.

Sir was a social worker and a above all a hypocrite and the flash lights were shining bright on his as he entered the hall.