Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paths to Death - 3

He was very happy, he got the highest appraisal today.

He bought pastries for his family and left towards his home.

He was humming an old song, he was happy.

He was riding his bike at an optimum speed,

suddenly a truck came from the front but it was on the other side of the divider,

He was happy, his luck was strong today.

The truck crashed into the divider and one of its tyre came lose .. and sped towards him..

He didn't even get time to get out of the way..

He was instantly crushed to death,, death was happy.

P.S. - Here goes part 3 of Paths of Death series

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A to Z April 2014 challenge

So just to make my blogging regular I have joined a challenge which is called A to Z April Challenge. Basically the challenge is that we have write a post on every day of April minus the Sundays. And each day if would have to write the post on a topic starting with that letter.

So suppose if you write a post on 1 April for Apples then on 2 April you would write on Ball, so on and so forth.

This should really be interesting .. have to gear up and hopefully I would be able to continue with the challenge and complete it.

Let's see how I fare up. 

Paths to Death - 2

She was running .....

She was tired .....

She was afraid .....

But she wanted to live so she kept on going forward, away from her captors.

He looked through the scope of his sniper rifle .....

She was still not far enough .... there was no wind, to speak of.

He fired .. and the bullet hit her head...

She jerked back and fell, in the pool of her blood.

Another hunt was complete.

P.S. - Second part of my 'paths to death' series featuring just death scenes no story just a way towards death.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


क्या बोलूँ क्या याद करूं, फर्क़ कोई तो पड़ा नहीं, 

क्या याद है क्या भूल गया, इसका पता तो चला नहीं। 

कभी तो लगता था कि दिन हैं यार कितने बड़े, 

इतने साल कैसे गुज़र गए , इसका पता तो चला नहीं। 

कभी तो अपने सपने होते थे बस अपने, बड़े बड़े पर छोटे नहीं,

अपने सपने कब हो गए पराये, इसका पता तो चला नहीं। 

कभी तो हम बड़े से बड़े दुःख को हस  कर भुला देते थे,

अब कब वो हमें रुलाने लगे, इसका पता तो चला नहीं।  

कभी तो लगती ये ज़िन्दगी बहुत ही बड़ी हमें,

कब ये छोटी लगने लगी, इसका पता तो चला नहीं। 

विकास खैर 

कविता बहुत समय बाद लिखी है और उस पर भी हिंदी कबिता लिखे हुए तो एक अरसा हो चुका था, तो पैश-ए -खिदमत है, एक छोटा सा प्रयास बड़े समय बाद. और हाँ ये इस ब्लॉग की पहली हिंदी पोस्ट है । पूरा श्रेय जाता है शशिप्रकाश सैनीजी को जिनके फोटोज  को देख कर हिंदी कविता लिखने का मन किया तो फिर शशिप्रकाश सैनीजी आपके क्या ख्याल हैं ।

Paths to Death - 1

Hi I am starting a new series which would simply have a small scene leading to death. Here goes the first installments.

He was eating Pani-puri (Water Balls) at a roadside stall.

His back was facing the road.

While he was eating ... two girls came to the same stall ..

He moved a little to the back to allow them some space..

Suddenly his foot hit a dog, he lost his balance... and he fell on his back on the road.

And in that instant a high speed car came and crushed his skull killing him instantly.

Thus he followed his path to death..

Note: - Well this is nothing serious or not that I have morbid curiosity its just that I keep on thinking all the tracks for the stories and my stories rarely have death scenes and stories never come that frequently to the mind. so this small fiction outlet would be good for the post count and may be it will lead to more stories .. enjoy.