Monday, October 8, 2012

The Other Man

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We all love stories .. some like to tell them while other like to hear them while others like to read them. People always crave for new and untold stories .. so I will tell you an untold story today....

We were three friends living in a shared flat,, all were working in MNCs in Gurgaon

the story I am telling is of one night when I had to stay till 3 AM in the office, I let my flatmates know the same ...

So when I reached home from my office at around 3.15 AM, I rang the bell, my flatmate Tarun opened the gate and as soon as he opened the gate his eyes turned up and he fainted ..

I was worried, and carried him to the bed in the living room.

I called my other flat mate Rohit and Doctor, before Doctor my other flatmate came over and he did some prayers too, and when Doctor came he checked Tarun but found no issues with him.

After some time Tarun regained his consciousness and slowly sat up.. he looked towards me as and asked..

"Where's the other man that came with you?"

I was shocked ... "But I was alone."

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

His Crime?

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He looked into his eyes, they were asking him questions .. Innocent questions..

when can he walk and play like normal kids?

"You can do that right now." answered his father

and he lifted him on his back and started walking.

what was his crime .. his father couldn't get him the dose of polio because he was too busy to look after him.

Now he always looked after him.

P.S. - Sad but its true that poor people are so busy arranging food to focus too much on their kids. Very Good News there hasn't been a new Polio case reported in India in recent years

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mind Matters

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I am not sure as to which year you are from. This letter has been sent to the Time Vortex and it may land anywhere either in the past or in the future. It's the year 3052. The long cherished dream of the World being one country has been achieved. The World now functions as one. Science and Technology has now made it possible for the rich to hold the process of aging. You may compare us to the folklore of the Vampires of the 20th Century AD. I once remained 25 years old for 50 years, before I decided to grow old and be still at my current age of 35.

Medical Science too has truly reached its zenith. The true potential of human mind is but only minor adjustments away. The mind's power's can now be increased exponentially and used to cent percent of its capacity. The power of communicating minus the words, expressing ourselves using the mind waves are the most common adjustments done in adults today. People speak only to their families. I must not blame others when I haven't spoken a word in public for the last 75 years or so.  We use our mind for all the activities, be it pleasure or education. We receive multimedia and computer operation signals directly to our minds. Sounds exciting eh? But, this too has its drawbacks. Every mind wave has a unique signature and it can be traced from anywhere by the police and law enforcers. And so, one mistake and you are labelled a criminal offender. Even if the mistake is in your thoughts. This ensured that there hasn't been any murder for the last 100 years.

The story I intend to narrate took place in the year 3012 A.D. 

I had planned to run for the post of the President of the World State.  I along with my supporters started working on the strategy for elections and campaigning, as the Presidential elections were conducted after a long gap of 40 years. My main competitor was Peter Burg from England who hailed from a very rich family. The election in our time is very much like any sports tournament. Everyone has to first compete in knockout rounds. After successfully winning the inter-state elections and so on the Top two candidates have to contest against each other. And for each round we have to participate in a debate where in we put on our ideas and points via mind waves without speaking, which are then deciphered by computers so that voters could understand what we meant. Anyone from around the world could ask us questions using their mind waves. I had managed to beat everyone on my way to the finals and was confident and ready to become the next president.

Finally the D-Day arrived, when I had the final debate scheduled with Peter before the vote which would decide the next President. It began with Peter questioning the integrity and sincerity of my plans and policies. The debate went on calmly for few hours but soon escalated to very heated arguments. We were still careful as we had to maintain the decorum and the pressure of being from distinguished families too had its limitations. 

Peter, suddenly left his arguments and started abusing me and my family. He took to the old method of sledging started making racist remarks and made some very derogatory comments about my daughters and my relatives. I lost my cool and for the first time in years, I thundered in anger,

"How dare you speak about my family like that you bastard? I Will Kill You!"

And the next second Peter dropped dead with stunned expressions. I was surprised too as, although I was angry, I did not intend any harm. But it was too late by then. My mind waves had perhaps killed him or at least so thought everyone.   My bodyguards whisked me away to safety lest someone tried to attack me too. 

I was worried about who would have committed a heinous crime like this. This was first time in more than 250 years that a rich person had died. And it was potentially a murder for the first time in more than 100 years. I wanted to get away from all this and was preparing to leave for a remote island to relax and unwind. But I was placed under arrest for the potential murder of Peter Burg. According to the police, he was killed by my mind waves which had overpowered his mind waves and murdered him. Judge ruled that I was guilty beyond doubt as all the scenarios pointed there too. Judge Rogers gravely announced his verdict:

"I hereby announce you guilty of Peter Burg's murder and since it appears to be a crime of passion I will sentence you to 200 years prison time. You are eligible to appeal against the verdict in higher court. Guards take him away to his cell now."

I was pronounced guilty. No one believed in my innocence. Everyone had seen me threatening Peter's life moments before he was killed. But I was sure to be a victim of a very big conspiracy and somehow came to the conclusion that someone had got the access to my mind waves and used them to kill Peter. But how, I had no idea.

And now as the top two candidates were no longer in the fray, the current President got an extension for another 20 years as per the rules. President Raul Travis was a very good man and had played an important role in bringing the world to the current state. But somehow he was my suspect. I hired best detectives to find out the truth, while the justice system handling my case, making sure that I be punished most severely for the crime, a crime I did not even commit.

And soon enough we were able to uncover the truth.  The mind wave technology changed every few years and we got updates in the form of new hardware and software  versions. The norms said that the obsolete parts were to be destroyed but that wasn't the case. The older parts were not destroyed and were either sold to the black market or kept in storage in case the current module developed some issues. Raul didn't want to step down as President and to accomplish his mission; he came up with this idea or removing both of us from his path ensuring that he got to continue as President. He somehow arranged for mind wave parts that belonged to Peter and Me. 

And hence it was proven that the abuses I heard were not from Peter, but the person wearing the device with Peter's mind waves and someone else with my mind waves killed Peter. We provided all the findings to the Supreme Justice Department, which verified our findings to be correct. The assassins, when caught gave away Raul's name as their master. Finally the verdict came which acquitted me and found President and his henchmen to be guilty. Judge Khan presiding over the case, announced the verdict. 

"The Court announces Dr. Prateek to be not guilty and acquits him of all the charges. We also want to apologize to cause you discomfort in reaching a verdict hastily. Ex President Raul Travis will be sentenced to 500 years of jail on the charges of Murder, Conspiracy of Murder, Assisting in Murder, Treachery, Sedition. We are also sentencing Mr. Buido and Mr. Tacko to 200 years and 400 years to jail respectively on charges of Murder and assisting in Murder."

I was formally appointed the President and first thing I did was to change the rules for President Elections, to ensure that nothing like my case ever happens again. I realized that though we had developed technically, our mind was still primal and we were still governed by the age old feelings of   Greed, Jealousy and lust for power. Politics remained politics, dirty and treacherous and it has never changed since the very beginning of politics in the Roman Ages. 

This ends my story.
Your President from year 3012 - 3032
Dr. Vishnu Prateek

Monday, July 2, 2012


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There I was in front of the judge pleading and sobbing .. trying to convince them that I was innocent of the murder for which I was being accused ...I mean, how could have I committed the murder when I had no reason to do so .. but

Police caught me from my office with drugs from my locker, somehow they also recovered my bloody clothes from my room and more drugs and money and they also found my finger prints on the murder weapon .. but how can that happen

How can I reach from walking on the road to be a criminal being sought for a Murder .. 

Which I didn't commit .. of course every criminal says that they are innocent .. so I would not say that, what I would say would be to tell you my story now you guys decide if I am guilty or not guilty.

I was a normal guy working at a BPO firm to earn an honest living .. I didn't live far off from my office so generally walked back home .. and although my shifts ended during late night/early morning.. 

I never felt insecure and never found any thing unusual going on, usually it was deserted with homeless people and stray animals sleeping on the footpath and makeshift huts.

my life changed during one such night when something very unusual 

that night I left office at around 3.30 AM .. after drinking a late night tea near office ..

I started walking towards my room .. it was when that I heard some strange noise coming from the deserted alley on the next turn .. my heart started racing fast .. although suddenly I was feeling nervous and afraid I still didn't stop as I wanted to see if I could help the situation .. When I turned in to the alley I saw that there were two man shouting at each other .. for few seconds I just stood there thinking if I should interfere or not .. but I didn't get the time to decide that as as soon as one man noticed me he started asking me for help and .

I asked "What is happening here?"
"None of your business." Said the other man ..
"No he is trying to kill me for I was about to expose him." said another to me.
"What are your names?" I asked 
"I am Rampal" said the one asking for help
"I am Dheer Singh" said the other man.
"What's the matter here?" I asked
"I already told you nothing is wrong just go home." said Dheer 
"No!! he is lying, he is gonna kill me." Said Rampal 

I was stuck there unable to decide what to do .. then suddenly Dheer pulled out a Pistol .. Rampal panicked and ran and hid behind me .. I too was afraid to the core but still I collected all my strength and said ..

"What the hell is this Dheer? Where did you get that Gun?" 
"Again none of your business I don't want to hurt you but if you don't leave right now you will rue this day till your end." Spitted Dheer
"No you will right now or I am calling the police right now." I said weakly 
"Ha Ha Ha, you will call police, Abe Moth****r I am the police." Laughed Dheer 
"I am a policeman too but he wants to kill me." said Rampal
"Then how come you don't have a gun?" I asked 
"I was working undercover and found out that Dheer is on payroll of undercover I wanted to plead him to surrender but in stead he wants to kill me." Said Rampal
"Another corrupt policeman, why am I not surprised." I bemused 
"No problem I will kill you too, in any case I have to get rid of you all." said Dheer menacingly with blood in his eyes .. 

I had no other choice then to attack Dheer to save us which I did but he was bigger and stronger than me .. soon he overcame me after few minutes of struggle in any case he had already hurt Rampal too .. he dragged me near Rampal and pointed his gun at me and said fixing a silencer on the gun.. "I promised you that you will rue your life so I won't kill you but I will give you a gift."

"Please don't kill me" pleaded Rampal 

whoosh .. a bullet hit Rampal on his arm and then another on his leg and he doubled over with pain ..

I was pale white with fear but was unable to move, I was able to see my death right in front of me..

two more bullets hit Rampal in stomach and chest, I was instantly covered in shower of blood .. I had resigned my fate in the hands of God .. and then I blanked out .. 

I woke up after an hour finding myself alive and besides Rampal who had died and Dheer was nowhere to find .. I thought about calling police but I couldn't find my phone Dheer must have taken it with him .. feeling defected and lost I decided to head home I looked around but there was no one around and I staggered back home ..

changed my bloody clothes and took a back and slept .. I woke up late next day thinking that all of it was just a dream but as soon as I saw the bloody clothes my heart sank .. I hid those clothes and got ready for office .. I could not find my ID-card must have dropped it during struggle

I was going through my shift half-heartily, suddenly I got a call from HR asking me to come downstairs ..

When I reached downstairs I almost had a heart attack as Dheer was there with other policemen, he smiled devilishly when he saw me .. Shreya from HR came to me and said 

"Inspector wants to talk to you regarding some case." 
"Of course" I said..
"Mr would you mind leading us to your locker and open it" asked Dheer.
"Okay" I said 

I opened my locker and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets as there was money and some white powder in my locker ..

"Its It's not mine, he must have placed it here." I said pointing to Dheer
"Shut up you scoundrel. Constable, arrest him." Shouted Dheer 

Shreya and other people in office were staring at all the drama..

"You are arrested for the possession of cocaine and the murder of Inspector Rampal" said Dheer
"We thank you for all your support Ms and sorry to bother you actually your employee works for the underworld distributing drugs in the office and he killed one of our undercover cops who must have found about him." Lied Dheer
"You are lying. I am not a drug dealer. I didn't kill anyone. You killed him I saw you." I pleaded 

But every one had hatred for me after all who would believe a man with drugs and money in his locker and who was being dragged by policemen away ...

It felt like entire office was staring at me and just me .. 

I was later told that the gun with my finger prints, more guns, more drugs, money and bloody clothes  were found from my room.. and there were a barrage of corrupt policemen who were ready to swear that Rampal told them about me and my operations and how we was gonna arrest me with the help of Dheer who was his friend ...

I was put in jail and now I was facing charges for murder and drug distribution .. just because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time ..

tell me what am I Innocent or guilty but nothing will help me as Police has collected all the evidence against me, Dheer promised to ruin my life and he did that he gave me life worse than death as I would rot away in prison .. All for a murder I didn't commit.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Minutes

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Two minutes, seem so little when you are having fun .. or

too much when you are waiting for someone ..

for her two minutes defined her entire life, for him two minutes ended his life..

It happened last year...

She was in her car... He was on his bike....

It was her birthday she was in a rush to go to her own party..

He was going back home to his wife and new born kid ..

both got calls on their mobile phones

but not one of them thought it to be worthwhile to ignore that or to stop for two minutes and then talk on their phones..

they answered their phones, she while driving her car and he while riding his bike ..

not one of them was paying attention to others on the road just on their phones and the voice on the other end...

It happened so fast that no one really knew what happened ... but....

somehow she hit him going at a speed of 100 km/h .. and he flew from his bike and hit his head on the curb and broke his neck .. instantly killing him ..

She braked hard, and her car swirled dangerously and stopped  ... but

She didn't notice that she was at a crossroads ..

Next second she was hit from the side by a truck ..

her car tumbled like a toy and rested on its roof ..

people rushed to both of their help but he was beyond help .. and she crushed her spine .. instantly paralyzing her from waist down making it impossible for her to walk again ..

It took her 6 months to recover and leave her bed .. and she then decided to educate people about the dangers of talking on the phone while driving ..

She holds seminars all around the world but she still stops and think about what her life could have been if she would have just taken those two minutes to properly stop and then answer that call which changed her life for the worse.

P.S. - Please friend never ever answer your phone while driving or riding your bike it really is very dangerous. 

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Friday, June 29, 2012

First Time

She was afraid and hesitant as it was her first time.

But he comforted her saying that he would not let anything happen to her.

She didn't totally believe him but still continued ahead with him.

With a smile and shout they jumped out of the airplane.

It was her first-time sky-diving :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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"Dadu Dadu Dadu!!! Are you awake?" asked two little angels

"I am now" replied Dadu laughing

"Tell me kids what is it now?" he asked kindly

 "Tell me is it true?" both shrieked simultaneously

"What is true and please one by one or else I wouldn't be able to understand a single word at all." he said Patiently, what would being angry with two angels accomplish after all

"Dadu, Mom Dad say that sometimes journey is more important than the destination. Is it true?" Nikku Said

"And Dadu have you ever experienced something like this?" Gudia chimed in

"Whoa kids what kind of heavy weight question is this?" He said smiling mildly amused

Its true kids grow very fast, he mused. While he kept there thinking, his grandchildren were watching him with expectant eyes, ooh those cute eyes

"OK kids, but to answer that question, I will have to ask few questions to you, are you ready for it?" He asked knowing all too well that kids will never say never.

"So Kids it was a long time ago" He Began his life story .... just summary not the whole shebang :)

"I have already told you how I and Your Dadi had a Love Marriage" Questioning looks

"Yes Yes We already know that" Both said in unison

"Then you must also know that ours was not a trouble free marriage and we had to fight at each and every step of our relationship for each and everyone's approval, before we could marry" He asked kindly

"Yes Mom Dad tell us that you guys had to struggle very hard before you could marry." Nikku said

"They also say that you guys love each other the same even after so many years too. And you two fight a lot too, how is that possible?" Gudia added

"My Dears that is why they say that journey mean more than the destination." He said

"Because we have been through such a hard time and we have took care of each other through thick and thin, it has made our relation so strong that small quarrels don't even faze us, we just laugh it off." He said with moist eyes

"Although destination of our love was marriage but the affair was the journey which meant and will always mean more to us. That is why I always told my kids that this was the journey which meant more than the destination itself. Do you understand now." He smiled

"Of course Dadu who wouldn't understand, after all don't we see you both everyday." Both the kids said in unison.

"Ok so now let me rest a bit, I am tired and we will talk a lot in the evening." He said while pushing them playfully.

"Take care Dadu we love you bye bye." there went the angels.

P.S. -- Sorry Guys forgive me if you don't like the post, I am writing after almost 8 months and just couldn't wrap myself around the topic and also didn't get much time. Still we have to keep on trying don't we, after all this is a journey which is much more than the destination. This is my 11th Post so looks like I am a finally a veteran, will mail all the details to marshal shortly. BAT is only platform where I write something in the name of competition, without BAT, I don't think there would've been even five entries on my blog, so thank you marshals and BAT from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope that you will forgive me and welcome me back as always.

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