Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paths to Death - M for Magic

He was going to a relative's place on bike with his wife.

They were passing through a market but suddenly he stopped his bike and got off it without saying anything to his wife.

He started walking towards a shop still saying nothing to his wife, but he didn't stop at the shop but rather entered an alleyway just near the shop and kept on walking.

His wife waited for around 10 minutes then decided to see where her husband went. She noticed he had left the key in ignition, she pulled the key out then started walking.

The alley opened up in a field covered in trees and there was well in a corner where her husband was standing, relieved she started walking towards her husband to see what happened.

To her horror he climb up the well wall and before she could shout to him to stop, he jumped in.

He hit his head on multiple stones before falling in the well and immediately turning the water red.

She cried and shouted for help but he was gone, she had no idea why had he done so.

The Tantrik was laughing maniacally for his dark magic had finally succeeded his magic became cause of someone's death, someone's path to death.

Sorry for the delay - Will try to catch up to the current letter soon here's the entry for Letter M. Enjoy.


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