Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Other Day

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This the story where I tell you the events which happened the other day... when..

She broke my Heart...

Was ours a love story .. Nah Yaar .. I am no longer a hopeless romantic ..

So what was our story? yeah what was our story?

We were introduced by our families .. Yes shocker... Arranged Marriage ..

What else can I do when I don't have time and skills to find someone ...

So there we were .. sitting and talking .. and taking shy glances at each other ..

After a small talk I said yes .. she said yes .. Yay .. we were to get married ..

After a Week ...

I called her .. talked to her .. told her something more about me .. asked more about her .. I was happy .
she sounded happy ..

She asked about my past .. I asked about her past .. there no one anywhere .. so far so good..

We talked whatever time we got .. talking about future .. telling each other .. sweet nothings..

She was giving her final exams in some other city and I was planning to give her a surprise by visiting her after her exams..

I used to wish her Good Luck before every exam .. So Far So Good..

Then I got the call ..

"Hi is it Vikrant?" he asked.

"Yes .. who is it?" I said .

"Its Vishakha's Boy Friend." he said .. and continued..

"Please call her father and tell him that you longer want to marry her. You need to understand that we are together for 10 years now and I would like nothing more than to be with her." He finished

"Well, I would like to talk to Vishakha first and based on her thoughts I will give you my answer. Bye for now" I said keeping my composure.. and disconnected the call

I next thing I did was to call her and informing about what happened .

"Yes, I want to talk to you about that. Do you want me to come there tomorrow?" She said.

"No you stay there and complete your exams .. with full concentration and I will meet you there once your exams are over" I said ..

once her exams were over I went over to Delhi to meet her ..

"What do you want?" I asked her

"Nothing, sorry for not telling you about him but there is nothing else between us now." She said

"OK if you have no problem then I have no problem as well." saying I was happy would be an understatement

Then everything was going well .. we talked to each other and to each other's families

The date for marriage was coming closer .. then we got another call this time from Vishakha's mom .. to tell us that .. Vishakha is now saying no to marriage ..

and that was it .. It was her decision to say yes it was her decision to say no ..

then I got a call from her saying that she did not say no and in fact she would only marry me .. my crumbling castle was strong once again..

after that we started talking more regularly ..

but there was still something strange about everything .. Vishakha's parents didn't seem like preparing or interested in the marriage .. and my family was getting restless but I always said that may be they are busy or there's some other explanation

I was again happy .. but I didn't know that my happiness and my heart were brought together again so that they can be broken again.. nay shattered again.

Again a call came .. again the same thing and Vishakha's again saying no to the marriage ..

but this time phone was picked by my mom and she was furious and crying at the same time and me ..

I was just silent .. thinking what to do .. but it was her wish so be it .. so be it

We wanted to make something out of our relation but that wasn't to be .. I wanted to be happy with someone but rather  I had my heart broken and stomped up on ..

But what are we if not optimistic ..

I am sure someone is still out there .. made for me .. if not ..

Nah .. that's not possible .. I praying pray with me .. so that I can find that someone special who is made for me .. come with me and join hands .. and Pray ..

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