Sunday, August 4, 2013


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Mom was crying .... she was sitting by window alone in her room.

I went near her and asked "Mommy, why are you crying?"

"Nothing Beta, Mommy is just feeling little sad" Mom said

"I know why you are sad." I said hugging my Mommy

"Is that so?" asked my Mom with a feeble smile

"Yes!!! you are crying because Bhaiya did not come again this time, right?" I said

"Oh!!! my poor baby." Mommy started crying again

I started crying too but we both sat there hugging each other just then I saw it...

"Mommy!!! Mommy!!! see a broken star quick make a wish" I squealed

"OK baby!!!" Mom said smiling and closed her eyes ..

I did not ask my mom her wish because I knew she wanted a Bhaiya like Papa and Grandma and Grandpa


My Mommy is again expecting ... this time it is going to be a Bhaiya after all Mommy wished it on a Shooting Star and such wishes are always fulfilled.

Everyone was so happy about this new baby, I was also very happy and waiting for my little Bhaiya

I started collecting little toys for my Bhaiya, he would want to play with the new toys not with my dolls.

There was a function too and everyone wished mom that this time it would be a boy and everyone was sure and everyone was happy, It was like they also knew about our little shooting star and wish.

Finally the day came and Mom went to the hospital with Papa and Grandma. I stayed home with GrandPa waiting .. waiting .. I fell asleep..


When I woke up, the entire house was silent and I could not find any one.

There were some noise coming from the bedroom, and then I saw ..

Mom was crying .... she was sitting by window alone in her room.

This time too Bhaiya did not come and Mommy again was alone ..

"Mommy!!! why didn't Bhaiya came this time too, why didn't the wish came true?" I asked crying

"Oh!! my poor baby .. Wishes are so feeble they are just a way to avoid reality." Mommy said crying

"Tell me Mommy, what happened this time .. this was the 3rd time you went to the hospital and every time Bhaiya didn't come. Why?" I asked

"Because my Angel there was no Bhaiya and your Papa and Grandma don't want another Girl." Mommy was now crying more than ever

I was also crying with Mommy .. then I noticed one eye lash on Mommy's cheek ...

"Mommy!!! see the eye lash I have heard this wish is very powerful. I will make a wish this time God will not ignore my wish and we will surely get a Bhaiya next time." I said crying.


Time passed nothing happened ..

its true that wishes are the dreams we see when we are awake .... I am 20 years old now and my family finally got Bhaiya on their 6th Attempt. He is now 10 years old and everyone loves him including me.

What I can't understand is how can Papa who is an MBA can continue to blame Mom when she did for not giving birth to a Boy. Simple biology says that father is the one who determines gender of the fetus so how can my Mom be responsible for not giving birth to a boy. And why no one still understands that a Girl is as good as a Boy and there is no point discriminating between them.

I am an adult now and studying to be doctor .. I just saw a shooting star but I no longer believe in wishes.

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