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Everybody was happy, Everybody was celebrating, Everybody was enjoying the Celebrations and me..?

I was sulking and mourning the loss of my love. Who was getting married to my best friend while on this day she should have been marrying me not him. What the Hell was I thinking?

What the Hell Indeed...

Let me tell you what happened that turned my celebrations into mourning.

*****************Two Years Back*************************

I saw Madhvi at my best friend Ankush's sister marriage and what a view that was. She was looking a million bucks and Ankush saw me looking at her and said hitting me in the ribs:

"What are you looking at huh?"

"Nothing I am just relaxing a bit, I am little tired with all the work." Came my reply

"Try to make a fool of someone who doesn't know you. I know every thought in your mind. Ha Ha"
Of course he knew me we were friends since 1st Class

Ankush continued "Her name is Madhvi and she is didi's friend's sister. Do you want her number or do you want me to talk to you about her?"

What else could I ask for more? I said "  No need to talk to her, just give me her number and also please introduce me to her. I owe you buddy."

"  Nah you don't owe me anything. What else friends are for?"   said my best friend

True to his word Ankush introduced me to Madhvi and we exchanged phone number promising to meet after the wedding to catch up.

***********************Two Year minus 2 Weeks Ago *********************

Well what do you know, seems like Madhvi forgot me, I haven't received her call till now and I didn't call her thinking its best to give her some time but no more .. the wait was killing me so I did what anyone else will do in such times, I dialed he no. and waited with baited breath..

"  Hello!!"   wow what a voice she had

"  Hello, Hi, Its Chetan"    I said trying to sound cool

"  Chetan, which one? I am sorry but I know three chetans and your voice doesn't seem familiar." Damn she already forgot me there was nothing gonna happen here for me

"Ahem, its Chetan, we met at Shruti didi's wedding. Do you remember?" And I was praying

"  Oh Chetan sorry yaar I wanted to call you but couldn't. I was very busy in my project but now I am free so if you are free as well then let's meet, don't forget to call Ankush as well I haven't met him as well since di's marriage."   she said

"  Okay no problem, Yes I am free this week-end I will call you with details later. Goodbye now ."   I said on the phone

"  Yahoooooooooooooo!!!"   I shouted after the phone was disconnected

Over the weekend we met and talked for over two hours. slowly the frequency of meetings increased then from friends meet it slowly turned into dates. I was flying on the seventh Sky, living the dream I didn't want to wake up from, I was enjoying every minute of my life with Madhvi in it.

*******************One Year Ago*************************

Today I was going to propose Madhvi for marriage. I wanted to do something unique for proposing her as all the ideas I thought for, were all which I saw in movies etc. then I thought of something which I didn't see in any movie. I also confirmed with Ankush about the idea if it was unique enough or not. Ankush also liked the idea very much. So as per plan I called Madhvi and called her for bowling which is usually went for.

"  Hi Chetan, how are you? Where's Ankush?"   Questions such lovely questions

"  I am fine. Ankush got busy with some meeting at work. How are you?"   I asked holding her hands.

"  I am also fine, so how did you know that I wanted to go bowling today?"   She asked

"  Because I know what do you think and also because you told me." I replied smiling

So we started bowling .. the game was going on greatly when I played my card. I handed Madhvi a ball to bowl, after she threw the ball she turned towards me with stunned silence. And held her hand to me where one finger was proudly wearing a ring.. you see, what I did was pretty clever. What I did was glued the ring around one of the holes on the bowl so as she finished the bowl the ring stayed on her finger.

 With her still looking at me and her hand continuously and hand still stretched towards me.

I took her hand and got on one knee and said "  Madhvi, you are the only one for me and I can not imagine my life without you. So please, please, please look into your heart and confirm that it also beats for me and say yes before you change your mind. Will you marry me?"

After 5 minutes of silence which seemed like 5 years to me... she said "   Yes, I will marry you."  hugging me and with that the entire bowling rink erupted in applause.

With the blessings of our parents we got engaged after 3 months and the marriage date was set after one year.

*************************Two Months Ago*******************************

Ankush was acting all strange since my engagement. Staying quiet all the time and staying out of parties and well he stopped almost everything which was remotely fun.

Whenever I tried to cajole him into telling me whatever was bugging him but he would just smile and shake his head off telling me that nothing was wrong and that he was just facing some difficult time at his office.

Well and why should I have doubted him, he was Best Friend. Why would he lie to me?

****************************One Month Ago*******************************

Ankush was his old self again and I was most happy with that transformation. Everybody in my home and Ankush's was busy with the preparations for the wedding.

I also noticed something strange with Ankush, now whenever he passed Madhvi he would eye her strangely, but foolish of me I just brushed my doubts to the back of my head... Big Mistake.

**************************One Week Ago***********************************

"  Hey Man, get ready!!!" Shouted Ankush at me for the thousandth's time that evening after all he was arranging my bachelor party.

"  Just one moment. Are you sure, this is a good idea?" I confirmed once again

"  Yaar, You are getting married after one week. So just once give me this last evening to your friends." Now who could argue with that statement

We had a blast of a party, really Ankush had made great arrangements. We were wasted and danced and drank all night. Although I opposed  a bit when Ankush suggested that we call a stripper but alcohol and the environment of party made my mind fuzzy and beyond that I didn't remember much only that a girl was undressing and dancing with me and someone was clicking pictures .. Pictures are memories aren't they.. and memories are lovely .. but that's not the case always as I was about to find out next day...

Next morning I tried to remember about last night but it was all a blur, along with that my head was bursting with a headache it was one of the worst hangover I ever had. Suddenly I was alright as all my concerns were diverted to the person standing on the door. My Madhvi was standing on the gate and crying ... I got up and went to her to ask her what was wrong...

"  What happened Madhu, why are you crying?" I tried to hug her to comfort her but she threw my hand away.

"  Wh.. What happened, would you please tell me?" I again requested her to tell me what was bugging her

In response, she just spread the contents of the packet she was holding, on the table and what I saw blew my head all over again. Those were the photos from Bachelor party particularly me and stripper during different stages of undressing.

"Hey are you upset over this? This is nothing but a joke by Ankush. Believe me." I pleaded

"Don't you dare blame Ankush, he has already told me everything how in your drunken state you called that stripper even after opposition from Ankush." She dropped another bomb

"  What the hell are you saying? You have all the story backwards and nothing you know is correct."     I tried to explain to her

"  Okay let's forget the part where who called who. Would you also want me to forget the pictures." She was furious and started crying again

I was speechless, only those who have been back-stabbed by their Best Friend of more than 20 years can imagine what was going through my head. I wanted to kill Ankush I wanted to commit suicide. I didn't want to anything. I didn't know the answer to any question anymore. May be it was Yes, May be it was No, May be it was either or may be it was neither. My whole life was crashing right in front of me and I was helpless to do anything.

And before I could say or do anything else she stormed out of the room, breaking the engagement, breaking the marriage most of all breaking my heart.

I was just lying in my room crying when my enemy/friend came into the room telling me that on the day of my marriage, he will be the one getting married to Madhvi and not me. I tried to get up to hit him but he just started laughing and left the room.;

*************************Present Day*******************************

Now you know the reason behind my unhappiness and why am I sitting in the darkness while the neighborhood is glowing with the lighting.

Today was the day when Madhvi was getting married to my best friend who trapped me in a trap and replaced me at the last moment. It was too unreal to be true but how can my aching heart be false, how can my love be false.

I was drinking for the whole day when it was time for the marriage I started for the Hotel where the marriage was going on. Somehow I drove to the hotel and started going upstairs one step at a time. I took just 10 or so steps and there she was the most beautiful bride in the world, who was supposed to be my Bride. Both of us were frozen in our steps, the pain was too much to face. We started crying and through my broken voice I could only say "  Sorry, for hurting you. It was never my intention to cause you any pain."

She just motioned her friends who pushed me aside and led her ahead. I was again left alone on the stairs I continued towards the top there was only one solution for me I would never be able to live with guilt, hatred, pain and all the other emotions. After some time I reached the rooftop, I climbed on top of the ledge and took a step to jump....... when suddenly I heard the voice of my mom..

Strangely she wasn't asking me not to jump or anything she was saying "Wake up Chetan, Madhvi is waiting for you. If you will be that late she will break the marriage and marry someone else".

That worked I sprang in action I couldn't allow the repeat performance of my nightmare ... Nightmare!!! Thank God it was all a nightmare simply a Dream.

My Celebrations were pretty much mine. I was ready to celebrate and start my new life with my family, my love and my best friend.

P.S. :- What I said to Ankush when he really suggested that we call a Stripper in my bachelor party, is anybody's guess? LOL

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Station of my Dreams and Love

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When I saw the picture on my computer, I knew this was it. It was the picture I was looking for almost all my life. I don't know, how many times I dreamed about the building which I knew now was a Railway Station.

The dreams started when I was about 8 years old. I was always for someone or something I don't know. Sometimes the dream would have been color other times it would be Black & White. Every morning my dreams ended but the longing remained. I guess, that I was so lost in the search of the love of my dreams, my life that I never bothered to try to find someone to love. Well to be honest I tried sometimes but always failed. But worry not, that's the story for some other times.

I gathered the information about the station and turned out that it was only around 500 Km from my town, so I did what I always wanted to do. That is to go to the station and see if I do find what I keep on searching in my dreams.

When I finally reached the station, it was something entirely different from what I saw in the picture. It was just magical, no picture could do justice to the view, you can only appreciate the true beauty of it all only when you see it yourself. To top it all the weather was just magical.

I was sitting on the bench on the platform and enjoying the weather, when I heard the most beautiful voice ever asking me - "  Excuse me? Is this seat taken?"  

What else could I have said other than "  No please sit."

For some time we just sat there doing nothing. Well not exactly nothing, because we were enjoying the weather. I was reading a Murder mystery and she was reading a Romantic Novel. What a Cliche`.

Suddenly She said turning towards me "  Hello!! my book is boring and in your book the murderer is the butler, Mystery solved. Now could we please talk? I am bored to the death."

"  Thank you very much detective for solving the mystery, now I don't have to read through 250 more pages to know, who the murderer is."   I said smiling.

"  Hello, I am Vaishali, how are you? "   She said extending her hand towards me.

"   Hi I am Vishesh, I am fine, Thank You."    I replied smiling, shaking her hand.

"  So tell me, do you believe in ghosts? "   She asked me suddenly

"  No, I haven't seen any ghosts till now. But why do you ask?"    I replied

"  No Real reason, I just find it fascinating to think that there may be life after life. "  She said smiling

"  Okay then tell me do you believe in Love?"   Bang came another question

"  That's another thing which haven't found me yet. Looks like no one loves me. "   I said

"   Then I would ask you, if you love yourself or not because if even you don't love yourself how can you expect others to love you. Don't you think so? "  pat came a response

Actually she made sense and it also helped that she was beautiful, I mean it was easier for her to say, she was the perfect one to fall in love on first sight.

"   Would you believe if I tell you that I saw this station in my dreams for many years and I came here because I found it through a picture a friend of mine sent to me. "   I said

"   Of course, I can believe. I do believe that dreams are combination of our past and future."   She said and she really was strange. She looked like a normal girl with her casual appearance and romantic novel and all but her questions and ideas were bit different, but still I couldn't help falling for her

"   By the way, are you waiting for someone to come?"   I asked her

"  No I just live near by and likes to come here. Its just that I have many memories attached to this station."   she replied slowly

"  You know in my dreams I was always searching for someone and I may be stepping out of boundaries here but I think that I was looking for you. All my life. "   I mumbled with butterflies in my stomach

"  Really that's really lovely to hear. Would you like to take a walk?"   She asked strangely still smiling

We walked for some time and although there were few people on the station they ceased to exist for me. As far as I was concerned there were only two people on the entire earth me and her. My dreamy state came to a startling halt like waves against a giant rock and I couldn't believe for a second what I was looking at. There was a huge picture of Vaishali on the platform wall and the words written below the picture just took all my breath with them. They said...

" In memory of our town's bravest Hero Mrs. Vaishali Sinha who sacrificed her life to save lives of 20 school children on 27th March 1990 "

Suddenly Vaishali's question about ghost made sense after all she herself was a ghost. I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and couldn't move a inch

"   oh so you have already seen the picture good so I won't have explain everything to you."   came her sound

"   Wh.. Wha.. What?"   It was like the cat took my tongue

"  So wouldn't you say i look exactly like her?"   she asked

"  Her? you mean, you are not her? I mean, Aren't you a ghost? "   I stammered

Then I heard the most beautiful laugh in the world and then she said

"  No Idiot!! I am not a ghost. Oh God! anybody would think that. No I am not her, she's my mom, Hero of this town. I like to come here because this place reminds me of her."  She explained and it made sense but still the name, how could they both have same name I asked her.

"  Because dad loved mom very much and as per him it was the most beautiful name and he wanted to take only that name in the house. And I also love my name and my dad too. "    she said

"  I Love You."   I said

"  I Love You, too"   She said

And those were the most beautiful words I had ever heard

One evening made me believe in so many things Ghosts, Chances, Dreams, Heroes, Love and most of all that yes dreams do come true. You just have to pursue them with all your might and determination. And I believe that's life, which changes in one moment from Bad to worse or Good to Better, that totally depends on you.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


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"Goodbye" said the note stuck on the fridge

which he saw with his sleepy eyes, he rubbed his eyes as if that would rub away the sleep...

but there was no sleep left in them .. just like a slap bring all the sense into a drunk .. it was a slap which had woken him up after 20 years of sleep.

He had always taken her for granted .. not for today or tomorrow but almost all their life together after all they never stayed apart even for a week after the marriage...

They loved each other very much but their love developed cracks when their family refused to grow.

They were not blessed with a baby and even when she wanted to adopt a baby he had opposed her saying that he would not be able to love someone Else's baby like his own and he would try to co-operate with her in their life and in the difficult time.

But soon he forgot about his own promise and started abusing her whenever presented with a chance ..

In his own grief he forgot that how much she must be hurting.

He started drinking as well

He slumped in a sleep which lasted exactly till this moment when he saw the note..

He tried calling what few friends they had but no one knew about her or where she went...

He tried ads in paper and Police but he never got a clue about her

Slowly and slowly one year passed..

Somehow he did not give up on her ... also he wasn't at all bad to her for last 5 years. He had stopped drinking and started behaving nicely to her. Within the past year he had thought about all the moments of their life and although he understood that he was horrible to her, he could never understand why did she choose to leave him after so many years, in their 40s when their life was finally good after so many years..

then as she had left .. without a sound or trail then in the same way he received a letter from her ..

he tried to find from where the letter had come from but to know avail..

With shaking hands he started reading the said..

"Hi Love,
           Yes its true after all these years and for all your behavior, I still love you. I know you were also hurting as bad as me but being a man you could not cry like me to ease your pain so you started drinking and starting hitting me and tried to find all the wrong ways to ease your pain and vent your anger on God. But even though I was hurting inside, I knew that I had to bring you back to life before I could find a life for myself.

I don't know if you have fallen into the hands of your bad habits once again or not. I hope not.But I am very happy that when I left you, you had stopped drinking  and left all of your bad habits. You were also very good to me and you must surely be wondering by now, why did I leave you then and not when you were at your most horrible behavior?

hmmmm.. so to answer your question, I did not leave till you were all better because I still love you and if I had left you at that time, you must have surely drunk yourself to death by now. And I had to leave you after that because I had already given you all I had to offer and now I wanted some time for myself. I might come back to you after few years but that time is still away. I have to still fill the wounds and ease the pain given to me by your hatred towards me.

You will also be happy to know that I have adopted a very beautiful girl and I have named her Asha as a symbol of my Hope for you. She loves you very much and wants to meet you but she is very intelligent girl for her two years of age and knows that she will meet you when the time will come.

You must be wondering what am I doing. I am working as a caretaker in an old age home and I love it here, all the people here are hurt but still after some time they stop worrying and start enjoying their life. Here nobody is rude to anyone because everyone knows each others pain and do what ever they can to ease that pain. I love it here because people just come here everybody accepts and welcomes them and nobody says Goodbye.

Be good and stay good for when I comeback I want you to be just like I left you. I just want that day to be like I woke up after a long sleep.

Forever Yours and Only yours"

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wish 2

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"What do you wish for most in your life?", she asked me again nth no. of time.

"What else just you and your love," I replied while smiling.

"You are lying. Just like all the other boys you are also interested in other things, not love." She said mischievously and hitting me in the ribs

"Whoa there, that's just accusation. I love you most in the world", I was still smiling enjoying our little game.

Then I grabbed her in my arms then asked her "Tell me then, what do you wish for most in your life?"

"Silly, I already got what I wished for, You, You, and only You. I love you most in the world." She said kissing me.

"Yeah remind me again I just forgot that we married yesterday. It's a strange feeling running away from your loved ones to be with the ones you love." I could not mask the sorrow in my voice.

See I as not selfish that I care only for myself. I am worried, Yes, but not only for me and my family I know how much she loved her family.

But love shows us different ways in life and also gives us different routes to chose from and that decides if we live our life happily or longing for the lost love.

I was the luckier one, after all, how many people can claim to get their first love. Yeah, it was true that we had to run away primarily due to the pressure from my wife's family.

See they are the ones with the money and power and my family well simple upper-middle-class people working hard to make ends meet to trying to provide a better life for me and my siblings.

Anyways now all that was behind us she sacrificed so much for our love I too can leave my family behind it's not like I am going away forever. We will come back when her family accepts us then we will come back to our city and our family.

We decided today that it will be our Wish granting day so we were playing this little game of ours for so long.

Finally, at around lunchtime when we got very hungry I asked her would she like to cook something or should I order something.

At last, it was decided that I will bring packed food for us from one of her favorite Chinese restaurants unfortunately that place didn't have home delivery. So I had to leave my love behind in our love nest for some time;

"Please don't belong, I will die without you so come quickly OK," she said in her sweet angelic voice

"Of course darling how can I stay away from you for more than an hour, I am coming back just like that" With that I was out of the door, after all, I wanted to come back ASAP.

It took me exactly 50 minutes to get back but as I was nearing my building I saw 2 black Tata Safari parked in front of the building. Knowing I have to expect anything I dropped the bike there and ran will full speed to my apartment.

I door was pushed open and there were 10 people in the house along with her brother and they were sitting like house guests. She was terrified but sitting still without saying any word. I for one breathed for the first time since I saw the cars for she was alright. Although I wasn't sure for how long. Her brother was searching for us everywhere my friends had told me, who were beaten by him.

I just don't know how did he found us 2000 Kms away from our town.

"Well Well Well, who will have here? If it isn't my Brother-In_Law a.k.a Jijaji" He said each word filled with a coldness which filled the heart with fear.

"Ho.. Ho.. How did you find us?" I finally managed to find my voice back.

"Of that wasn't easy with you living so far and so low key but still, It wasn't that difficult for me either" He boasted

"Now what do you intend to do?" I asked dreading the worst.

"Oh, you know that already don't you? After all, how can I let you two live tarnishing our reputation." Blurted the bastard.

"What are you waiting for then?" I was amazed by the resolve in my voice, I think when you know for sure that are going to die you get courage which you didn't know you had.

"Oh we were waiting for you to come back so that you can see for your own eyes how we kill the love of your life in front of you," He said as cool as we were just ordering something in a 5-star restaurant

"No you bastard if you even lay a hand on her I will kill you," I said jumping towards him maybe with some miracle we would still be able to outrun him, but Alas! no. before I can reach him, his goons knocked me back and started hitting me I was barely able to hear her cries for help and her pleas to her brother to stop her goons from hitting me.

"Enough, you people stop now" he ordered his pet rabid dogs

I thought maybe he finally remembered that the girl in front of him was his sister whom she loved very much but I guess false honor and pride are much more important for people like them what price does love and happiness have for them.

"Pick her up from the floor you imbeciles" He barked orders for his men

two of the guys rushed forward and each holding her hands picked her from the floor and my love, she was unconscious

to wake her he threw chilled water on her face when she woke all she saw was my bloody face and although she was crying and pleading to her brother to let me go. Her brilliant eyes which were filled with fear just minutes ago were just now filled with pure love and care for me. Those were the eyes that knew that something terrible is going to happen but still there was a promise that no matter what if their life after death then we will continue our love there.

"Hold him tight so that he can't break free but he should be able to see his sweetheart leaving this land for the afterlife. Ha Ha Ha" He said laughing

I simply can't see my love like that I tried to close my eyes but the bastards were keeping them open with their fingers.

then with lightning speed, his hand moved across her throat, and after some time blood started trickling from her neck.

"No, you bastard What have you done don't you remember she is your sister whom you love very much. You can still save her please save her." I was crying now.

"Oh yeah, she is my sister whom I loved and who walked out of our home to leave our family's name in the mud. Thanks for reminding me that she can still be saved."

With that, he withdrew a gun and shot her right in her face 6 times wrecking her beautiful face in a pulp.

I didn't have the strength to see the monstrosity so I don't know when I passed out but woke up coz his men were hitting me and cursing for me to wake up.

I saw towards him my eyes just asking one question "Why didn't he kill me by now?"

and like he understood everything like I asked him aloud "Oh!! I am not going to kill you. Your biggest punishment will be to live without my sister"

"No don't do that, remember you have hated me from the beginning just kill me." I pleaded not to dare to think of my life even for a second without her

"Hmm No, My punishment is much better" he started to walking away

"No, come back! you have to kill me this is my last wish" I said.

"Okay wish granted." He said while he emptied the entire gun on my face

P.S. - My small try to maybe capture the last happy or terrified moments of all those lovely people who were and being slain every day around the world and in India in the name of false pride and honor. Wake up India break the shackles of the old mentality behind his new outlook and lifestyle. 

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She struggled with all her might but could not free herself as many men were pushing her down.

She was also crying for the help but no spectator came to help her.

Then the man came with the knife and slit her throat.

Her last wish was that someday people stop eating meat so that goats can live longer.

P.S. - Was going for Fiction 55 but went beyond by  four words. Any way I just hope that you like this attempt of mine better than my last 55er.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hidden 5

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My First stab at Fiction-55 will try to remain in limit

He was hidden from their view. Suddenly a lizard ran over his hand but he stifled his shout, he was very brave despite only being 10 years old. We was hungry and thirsty but he was sure that he will not be caught again come what may. He was hiding from Child-Beggar Gang.

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P.S. - Once again Fictional. Its my first try at Fiction-55 so your support and suggestions are requested.

Hidden 4

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He was greedy .. very greedy indeed. Anyone who met Ajay Jauhari will attest to the fact that he was the greediest person they ever met. Tell me yourself the person who is already a millionaire and still look for every possible way to get some more, what would you call him?

Ajay had no intention of sharing his wealth with the poorer people in the country via charity, but he does try new scams every now and then to get his hand on some more money. He crossed the limit when after Tsunami he setup up a national relief fund in the name of helping people. As every person in the world was trying to help unfortunate people caught in Tsunami. They collected Rs. 20 Crores  in the relief fund but instead of giving the money to the people for whom it was intended he vanished with the money.

Ajay also repeated this scheme every time there was some tragedy any where in the world, and collected more than $400 Million by this cheat alone.

But of course people didn't know his real face the one ugly face hidden behind his metro-sexual persona. And whoever found out about him and threatened to expose him, he had them killed.

So, like it happens in our world, Bad becomes Worse and Worse becomes Worst but the powerful people just keep on going with their crimes and whoever dare to challenge them are either bought or killed.

Life was going on our Ajay ji were getting richer and richer and our countries needy poor people were getting poorer. It so happened  that, one day when Ajay was on his morning run, he caught a glimpse of a bag hidden behind the garbage can. Ajay waited for some time when no one was near, picked up the bag and he was very happy for it because to check what was inside he did not even need to open the bag because chain was open a little bit and he could see that the bag was full with bundles of Rs 1000 notes.

Ajay quickly changed his direction and started running towards his home he wanted to count his new catch lest it becomes less. Rubbing his hands together he entered his massive banglow's massive gate. went straight to his room and opened the chain. His heart was doing Break-dance on seeing so much free money. he calculated in his mind that there must be around 400 bundles of 1 lakh rs so that made it Rs 4 Crores. Now he was grinning, and why not its not everyday that find money on road and so many foolish people who might have seen it but cowards they must have thought that it may contain bomb or the bag may be empty.

Ajay started to empty the bag to count the money properly. He quickly picked up 20 or so bundles from top, what he saw made his heart stop.. There was a bomb hidden under the note bundles and its timer was showing a time remaining of 4 seconds... before Ajay could think anything else, the bomb detonated with such raw power that it blew Ajay's entire Banglow away, obviously Ajay body was nowhere to be found.

Just due to this its said that greed is very bad and its the root of all evil, and what's hidden should stay hidden because you don't know if you would like what comes out or not.

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P.S. - As always, this is a Fictional story and any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely co-incidental. Enjoy

Hidden 3

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Prerna was the best student in her Second year class in the college. Everybody was sure that she will be the best face of the college in the outside world which is ruthless corporate world. Like everybody else Prerna was also preparing for CAT so that she can get in B-School of her choice and secure her future. Everything was on the track .. if only for the Hidden signs...

She met Rahul in CAT coaching class, he was this handsome gentleman who always helped everyone. Within month both were in-separable. When Rahul proposed to Prerna she was on the Seventh Cloud of the Seventh Sky. During that time she didn't  use to walk rather she used to fly.

Six Months Later.....

Now whenever Prerna remains awake she just cries, cries and cry some more. She left everything in her love, Family, Future everything for the one person in the whole world whom she trusted every much and loved with all her heart. That Gentleman who had hidden a monster within him.

Signs of that lurking monster were visible four months ago as well but she was blind in love. She ignored those signs thinking that its just stress and she will cure all the stress with her love, and then last month suddenly he asked her to meet him. He wanted to give her some surprise, with a beating heart Prerna went to their favorite place on the top of the small mountain where they used to meet as asked by him.

Her heart was racing due to anticipation of the meeting with her love. When after half an hour he came, but he wasn't alone with him were 4 people who weren't at all looking civilized.

Rahul motioned with his head and all 4 men jumped towards her, she tried to run but couldn't and she felt a handkerchief over her mouth and she lost her consciousness.  When after indefinite time she woke up, she had no sense of days or time elapsed. She frantically looked around her but all she could see was darkness. sometime later in the day someone pushed a plate with something to eat in her room, since she had no choice after crying for some more time she ate whatever she was provided with.

Days passed on then after many days finally the door was opened .. she tried to run through the door but two men blocked her path. Then a woman came into the room and said to her, "I know you must be afraid and would like to go back to your home. But remember this is your home now, the boy who brought you here, he sold you for 100,000 Rs. now you will have to work here to pay off that amount".

Listening to her sent shivers down her spine. She started crying loudly, but the lady did not shout on her but rather went to her and consoled her and said "Look, I know that you must be devastated and might not know, what to do. But, Beta can you do, these Wolf in sheep's clothing are impossible to find and identify, because they remain hidden among common people, until they decide to strike."

Prerna was still crying... Lady... Jaddan Bai was her name said "Beta you will need some more time, take whatever time you need, I don't need your services for some more time."

Prerna kept on crying everyday for next two months.. but she was starting to realize that she will have to spend rest of her life here in Mumbai far far away from her home City Delhi.

One Year Later......

Prerna accepted her fate and was servicing her customers with a smile on her face but, but her sorrows were hidden deep inside her heart.

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P.S. - I came to know later that Prerna was rescued from the brothel when an NGO raided it with police, and she completed her education and is now working with the same NGO saving more girls from the horrific fate. Then again as you know its only Fictional. All characters are fictional any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental. I just want to say that no girl should go through such horrific experience.

Hidden 2

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Everybody told him that the Castle was dangerous and no one should go there.

But Peter always had a curiosity lingering in the corner of his mind to see for himself, the hidden wonders or secrets or perils or dangers of the castle.

He always thought about the possibilities, on what could be so dangerous that everybody tells him to stay away from there. But Peter was one of a kind, never to be scared of anything or any one. Despite everybody staying away from castle, he always tried to sneak in to the Castle, but there were always guards posted on the entry to stop any one from getting through the door.

The guards were on the duty 24x7 since last two months, when 25 dead people were found just outside the castle. The town went crazy with the news and anticipation and fear. No One knew what or who killed them, the sight was horrific ...

Bodies were everywhere and it was clear that they were killed and not the other way round. There was blood everywhere so it was also clear that they were killed there itself but every town person could swore that they didn't hear anything or anyone that night but how was that possible that 25 people were cut to death and no one means NO ONE made a sound. I mean even the people who were first on scene screamed so loud that people from near by came running to see what happened. On seeing the horrific scene most that fainted right there others were trying to take care of them.

Police was on the scene within an hour and within 4 hours the castle was like a Military Cantonment with troops everywhere.

Till now even after 2 months of the incident news paper carried the news about the incident on the first page.

Two weeks later...

Peter decided that enough was enough and he will go and find out what secret was hidden behind the thick walls of the runes of once grand castle.

Peter tried to persuade Mark and Zack, his best friends to accompany him on this great adventure of their life. Naturally they refused because rightly they were afraid to go anywhere near that castle plus there was the little problem of guards.

They deduced guards were every easy to dodge and they will be across boundary line within minutes to deceiving them.

And to prove every stereotype of horror stories they chose a date and day which is synonym with horror, Friday, the 13th, and they started from their homes after midnight.

As they had prepared they blew some fire crackers in the alley near the castle gate, and as the castle guards went to check the disturbance, Peter along with his friends  passed thought the doors of the castle. They were prepared as they went with flashlights, baseball bats and cameras to click the evidences.

Castle grounds were silent so silent that for one moment Peter's friends pleaded him to go back and never to comeback but peter again convinced them promising them the best adventure of their lives and besides where else would they get another golden opportunity to slip past the guards like this.

The ground was reeking with strange smell of blood, gore and everything mixed together was successfully created the eerie atmosphere. But Peter was peter the bravest of them all, he knew it would take more, much much more to scare him off.

Staying together they tip-toed towards the castle. There was no light anywhere in the castle so once they reached the castle gates they turned on their torches which immediately illuminated the gate with little specks on light, careful as not to alert guards with excessive lighting.

As soon as Peter put his foot on first step they listened to every sound to alert them but nothing. but on third step there was a faint clicking noise which they quickly attributed to the old and loose stone step and moved on but if only they could.

Because although they thought that the stone was loose it wasn't, the sound they heard was of a switch which was hidden under the stone and which in turn activated the hidden security mechanism, and although they were alert before they could react to the sound of 'Whooosh" coming their way they were cut though two places, neck and abdominal by huge hidden swords or blades and within two seconds and before they could make any sounds, in place on Peter and his friends were now three dead bodies, cut away brutally and they never made any sound.

They were the prime examples of the saying that we should leave the hidden secrets hidden,

Next day papers were again abuzz with the stories of the hidden monster of the castle.

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Hmm.. So Friends I thought and thought and thought some more, for the  BOTOM topic Hidden, What a fool I am to think that it will be a easy topic. It's not. It is very tough because the scope is vast and areas to write are unlimited and also the most common idea will always seem like you have seen it somewhere.

So getting that out of way, I though what to post for BOTOM, then it struck to me why shouldn't I share my secrets with you, after all what's better hidden than secrets.

What do I share which will let me get your votes.

What about my truth which is hidden behind my cover of an introvert professional. What I am is a Serial Killer .. There are two dead bodies hidden in my basement.

I kill not out of necessity or any kind of need. I just kill because I like it. I love it and its my life.

It was my secret now listen to yours. Can you match mine?

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P.S. - Remember its just a Fictional account. I am NOT a Serial Killer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love Story

Pankaj was furiously typing away at the keyboard. It was way past Night actually it was closer to the morning but sleep was miles away from his eyes. After all tomorrow was the day when his dreams would come true, tomorrow was the day when editor of a famous magazine promised him that he will take a look at his article.

Pankaj was trying to get editor to say yes for some weeks, now finally his wish came true and now he was pounding his head and although his head was full of ideas for the article each idea seemed inferior for the article. In the end he decided to just write down the first thing that came to his mind.

He closed his eyes and commanded his fingers to run over the keyboard and type something. Anything good, his fingers moved ever slightly and stopped exactly after 10 key strokes. Pankaj peeked-a-boo to see what he or rather his fingers chose to write. And his heart skipped a beat... there on his screen were words of Erich Segal's famous novel:

 Love Story

Now what can we write on the subject which isn't already being said. Pankaj got up from his computer and walked to his bed and lay there for some time and he let his eyes shut down.

"Hey Shyam" some girl shouted, Pankaj got up with a start, who was that he was in his flat on 15 floor. There was no one in his flat besides him today, and he was pretty sure that he heard the sound close by.

"Hey Shyam, catch me if you can." again the same voice

"What happened, did you forget me?" Pankaj tried to open his eyes but could not, he was seeing a dream.

"No Radha, how can I forget you?" For the first time the boy, Shyam replied

But even while sleeping Pankaj was thinking that how can he see this dream. When he didn't know any of the people.

"Do you want to come to the fair? everybody is going" asked Radha.

"Sure, not a problem. Let's go." replied Shyam

Together they walked hand in hand to their other friends to leave for the village fair. Nobody objected of them holding hands after all they were just kids 10 years old.

6 years later....

"Hey Radha, you should no longer go out with that friend of yours Shyam. Its not good for you to be with him all the time." Advised Radha's mother

"But Maa what's the problem with that, we have been friends from childhood. You never stopped me before." Complained Radha.

"Radha Beta you should understand, you are no longer a child, you are grown up woman now, and you should learn to behave properly. You should no longer go outside all the time, you should no longer run through the streets and shouldn't make noise." Continued Maa

"But Maa, what would I do all day?" said Radha, ready to cry

"What else beta, you should learn household work now. After all in few years you would be married, if you didn't learn anything, your in-laws would say that I didn't teach you anything." Cajoled her mother

"I don't want to marry" Said Radha but clearly she was shying away on the mention of her marriage till now Radha used to marry her dolls but now her mother was talking about her own marriage. Hmm. looks like I am really getting bigger now thought Radha while running away.

"Aunty, where's Radha? she did not come to play for many days now. Is she alright" Asked Shyam innocently

"Yeah, she is alright, she doesn't want to play anymore, she is learning household work now. Do not disturb her now" Said Radha mom.

"Huh who doesn't like to play?" wondered Shyam loudly while walking away.

Now it is human nature that it craves the things which are impossible or at least hard to get. When Shyam and Radha were playing together daily then they didn't have any thoughts about each other than just games. But now the situation was like this that Shyam kept on thinking about Radha even while playing and Radha kept on thinking while doing all the household work. Finally after one month of not meeting, and when the craving to see each other grew very much. Shyam sent a little girl from near by to Radha's home to see if she was okay and when will she be able to meet him.

while the girl came back Shyam was getting impatient while waiting for her.

Finally girl came back with the message from Radha, she asked him to meet her their usual spot just outside the forest.

Shyam was ecstatic and reached the spot well before time, and started waiting for Radha

After half an hour, Radha came. When Shyam saw Radha, he could not believe it was her, after all he was seeing her for the first time in a saaree.

"Hmm Go, I won't talk to you, why didn't you meet me for so long? i was missing you and you even...." Shyam would have said more but stopped mid-sentence because for the first time he also saw Radha crying.

"What happened to you? did you fall? what happened tell me." Asked Shyam worryingly

"Nothing, I was just missing you very badly." Replied Radha sweetly

"I was also missing you very badly, but please stop crying now and tell me everything whatever you did in the last month" said Shyam.

Listening this Radha started telling Shyam everything. They were back to being Best Friends. They kept on talking for 2 hours when Radha took his leave but promised to meet him at the same spot the next day.

This way Shyam and Radha again started meeting daily but earlier they used to be with friends but now they used to be alone. Slowly and steadily and without anyone of them realizing their talks moved to their future planning and before they knew they were in love.

They both used fly on the 9th cloud. Radha would now finish all the household chores playfully singing some song without any protest while before she used to find all the excuses to escape the work.

Shyam also started working on his father's farm. And they kept on meeting everyday after work in their secret place in the forest.

They started loving each other so very much that their 2 hour meeting was looking less and less everyday. On the other hand their family members were getting suspicious of them being missing from home every day. But these things didn't trouble the young lovers.. yes lovers that's what they had moved on to from being best friends.

But as they say "Ishq aur mushq chupaye nahi chuptay" finally one day Radha's mom followed her when she left the house and caught her when she met with Shyam.

Radha's Maa was thundering when she caught them. Thapak!!!! Thapak!!!!! both to them received a tight slap on their faces. And she warned Shyam not to ever see her daughter again. And then she dragged her only daughter to her home.

Shyam-Radha were devastated. They were now in-separable but kept apart from their families. Radha's mom has come to his house as well and shouted on his parents as well. And asked them to make their son understand.

Now Shyam had only two things to do -- Cry and plotting on how to rescue and elope with Radha

The main problem was Radha's Maa she never liked Shyam from the beginning his father liked him very much but ever since he passed away after a long disease. He wasn't welcome to the house. And ever since she caught them Radha's mom never ever left Radha alone in the house.

But even universe works towards making sure that two loving souls meet and try to find their happiness together in each other. Shyam's family was with him but they did not want to hurt their old friend. But their son's pain was getting out of their hands and they started working out details on how to make sure that the young couple can meet again.

"Do you really love her?" asked Shyam's father

"Yes, Pitaji I really really love her very much and can do any thing for her." said Shyam crying

"Beta, don't cry, we will see what can be done." Assured his father.

The same night Shyam's parent went down to see Radha's mother and also to see if she would agree to marry them. They went there and greeted Radha's Mother and said :-

"Bahenji, children have made the mistake, and we have punished them enough but they are suffering without each other. Will you accept to give your daughter's hand for my son in marriage?" asked Shyam's father politely

But Radha's mother's reply was anything but polite - "How dare you come to my house and insult me? How dare you think that I will marry my girl in your house? I have fixed her marriage in a very wealthy family. Never come back to this house again now get out of here."

Defeated and worried for their son they came back and informed him of their decision.

"No, this can not happen, father please say that its not true, please say that you are just kidding" He was crying loudly

"Please my son don't cry we will see what can be done" his father assured him.

Three days later....

"There beta, Shyam please get this powder to Radha and ask her to mix this in her mother's nightly milk, this will make sure that she doesn't wake up while you guys leave the village. Go to the next village to your mothers home and wait there for some time." Said Shyam's father.

everything completed as planned, Radha looked at her mother one last time before leaving her home forever. She put some clothes in a chunni and went to Shyam's home. from there they left for Shyam's Grandmother's home in the next village.

Next morning when Radha's mother woke up, she realized what had happened, she looked for Radha in the house but she had left a long time ago, although Radha had left a small letter for her mother informing her that she was leaving her home for the sake of love, and if she ever accepts them again, then she might come back to the village with her husband - Shyam.

After reading this Radha's mother started crying and collected all her friends and neighbors and told them that Shyam mislead her daughter and forced her to elope with her.

Everybody shouted with anger and started looking everywhere for them. They reached Shyam's house but his parents acted really well made it a great play to be unknown that their son left and told Radha's mother that Shyam also gave them milk in the night and when they woke up Shyam was gone.

After looking though entire village, Radha's mother asked entire village to follow her to the place in the jungle where she had caught them. When they reached the entry to the forest everybody froze in their steps.. because right in front of them was one of the most horrific sight ...

Just at the entrance of the jungle there was a dead body of a Tiger.

And a few steps ahead lay the dead body of Shyam

And above him from the tree hung the dead body of Radha.

Everybody understood what must have happened. The tiger must have attacked them when they reached here. Shyam fought the tiger to save Radha and killed it but could not save himself and died in Radha's arms due to the fatal injuries caused by tiger. And finally Radha committed suicide unable to face the greatest tragedy of losing her love after almost achieving it. She filled her 'maang' with Shyam's blood and hung herself with one of the saarrees.

The story of Radha-Shyam became a legend in the village. Its really strange people are obsessed with love, but can not bear the idea of love story and lovers but feel proud in remembering lovers once they are dear. Well their story didn't end there after 100 years village grew but their legend stayed with them. villager constructed a temple and established lover's statue there, naming it Radhe-Shyam's temple.

With time from lover's for local people they firstly transformed into God's incarnation and then god itself. Now a days the village is called Vrindavan and a tragic tale of two young lovers has been converted to a divine pair.

Suddenly Pankaj woke up all sweaty and thirsty. He knew from where he knew these two lovers from a picture on the wall. Picture of Radha-Shyam or Radha-Krishna whatever call them.

Now, he was ready to give a new love story to the editor.

P.S. - I wrote this as the first story, which I wrote instantly without any prior planning. I wrote it as I went along. Hope you like it Please don't forget to post your precious comments and suggestions.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


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 He was heartbroken, he was defeated. He had no one in his life now - no motive, no goal, no chance for success. Why, it was only yesterday when he was sure that he will be promoted to the Assistant Manager position in his company but even that went to his junior.

He earnestly believed that he deserved that position after all, who wouldn't, after dedicating their life to the company and the work. He used to invest 14-16 hours a day for the last 5 years in the office because he wanted to work his best and reach where he wanted to by the sheer hard work  but  he was defeated by the office politics.

Broken he decided it was time to pull the plug from this soap opera called Life. After thinking for some time he decided to hang himself as all the other ways were too messy and he didn't want to cause much trouble to other strangers as some children may see him. So after all the deliberation he started with the preparations.

Along came the rope from a long forgotten corner of his tiny room, and there it went around the fan so that it could handle his weight and wouldn't come down no his head making all the more mess and would even leave him dead just some nasty injury.

Well all the funny bits ahead he was in different state sobbing one minute and chuckling the next, he was almost like a madman but in this case he was IIM bred MBA Madman.

With very heavy feet he worked his way towards the rope to finish his story. Just as he put the deadly rope around his neck, bloody mobile rang disturbing the zen like state of his room. Although his first instinct was to let go the call and complete the journey to the next world. But then he thought that there's no harm in looking who the call is from. Tentatively he got down from the chair and walked to his cell phone still blaring 'Unbreak my heart', the call was from his company's HR department.

Now he was very angry but controlling his instincts to throw and break the mobile phone in hundreds of small pieces, he pressed the call accept button - Hello he said slowly

'Congratulations' came the reply from the other side.

'For what' he asked tersely

'You have been selected to be the new Manager for your department considering all the hard work you have put in for the company' came the cheerful reply, obviously unaware that the person on other end was just about to commit suicide.

'Tell me you are not kidding' he asked

'No sir this is no joke, please come to the office tomorrow at 2 PM to complete the formalities and remember you have an off tomorrow so relax in the morning' the voice on the other end said helpfully.

'Yes, I will be there at the exact time' he replied happily, Thoughts of suicide lost somewhere.

He was stunned on how his life was shaping up, if he had decided against answering the phone he would be dead by now. With shaking legs he went back to the room, climbed on the chair but this time not to hang himself but to take down the rope.

After dumping the rope again in the forgotten corner of rubbish. He lay on bad, now that he was calm, he laughed and laughed and laughed, on himself, on his life and on his company, if they would have called him next day he would be dead. This sent the shivers down his backbone.

'You will have to wait for me for many years. I am coming to your doors death.' He shouted. Feeling lucky that he escaped the death that too by his own silly hands by just few seconds.

He didn't know when he slept only that when he woke up he was feeling very hungry remembering he didn't cook anything because he was planning on dying. He was very thirsty as well so he went for the water, looking at the clock he realized that it was already 12 noon.

He sprung into action to get ready for the highlight of his career. Within half hour his smiling self was emerging from the bathroom. another 20 minutes and he was draped in his best clothes after all this was the day he was to be appointed Manager. After, all the hard work he was getting his due.

It looked like that whether was also playing with him, sun was blocked by dark clouds and a cool breeze was flowing all around making it the whole atmosphere pleasant. Smiling he started his bike and started for his office which was half an hour away so he had around 1 hour to reach there very comfortable.. 

He was traveling at a gentle 55 Km/pl enjoying the lovely whether. Suddenly a tanker passed him blaring horns, startling him but he regained his control on the bike and muttered a silent curse for the driver who kept on going up the slope ahead on the road. He also increased his speed a little to cross the slope as quickly as possible.

Suddenly there was a loud sound BANG!!!! on  the slope the tanker hit a truck head on and fell covering the entire road and at that exact moment the tank from the tanker started rolling towards him and before he could really grasp what happened there, the tank crushed him over him finishing his life line and went on to destroy many cars.

Life was crying but Death was laughing.

No Body escapes the death said death while it went away collecting its many prized scalps.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What A Day Part 2 - The Story Continues.......

So I am writing this so you already know I am holding up against the cannibals and Me and Ragini are still alive....

So What happens now? When do we lose all hope? When will they stop waiting and start attacking? Why are they waiting? Do these cannibals live here only or spread throughout the city?

All The above questions and more will be answered when I figure out what to do before they decide something else.... Damn.

Coming Soon..............................................................................

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What A Day - Story

What A Day I Said to My Self......

And why not what the hell was good with the day..

Starting with the morning My Car broke down.. Damn Car.

Then As I waited for Cab.. No cab came for half an hour - Damn Cab company.

Finally Somehow I reached office.. what i see is that today the office is off due to some stupid rally or something - Damn Office, Damn Rally

And Then the Fun Began ......

I called my friend Ragini to come and pick me up from the office because I didn't trust the cab company any more or my Damn Luck for that matter ... Damn Luck

Finally she came to pick me up and we got going finally something good was happening. Then at that moment Bam!!!!! a car hit us from behind .. Damn Bastard

Ragini got a cut on her hand due to impact after arguing and wasting some more time with the idiot, he apologized to us and also offered to pay for car repair and medical expenses. He gave me card for a hospital he said was his and asked to meet some Dr. Shastri .. Damn Nothing.

Although we were tired we decided to go to the hospital which was little away from town and not at all far from the place we were so we decided to go there but road wasn't well .. Damn Roads

Finally I reached the place it wasn't a big hospital but decent enough and there was a small market there as well, and it wasn't much crowded around 30 people.. Finally Something Nice . Damn Nothing ..

I went in the hospital with Ragini and met Dr. Shastri. He seemed nice enough may be the day is not that bad..

I walked out of the room while Dr. tended to Ragini strangely there weren't many patients in the hospital and whoever was there seemed well enough to not being in the hospital.

Suddenly my luck another turn..

I heard a loud scream .. everyone around me kind of got alert like they were waiting for it.. I don't know but I was transfixed on some patient for some time before I realized that the scream was indeed from Ragini I turned and ran towards the room where Ragini was.

What I saw drained the blood from my body .....

Dr. Shastri was licking Ragini's wound on the hand .. Although I had seen many vampire and Zombie movies but doing someone something like that Who is Cannibal in real is so unreal that you can't believe it. After I got over my shock.. I ran towards Dr. Shastri and Pushed him away from Ragini.

Dr. Shastri looked something different although he didn't grow additionally long tooth or anything but his eyes were dark red like a drunk. I punched him right in the face and took two steps back it gave me some more courage and kicked him in the abdominal he staggered away ...

I pushed with little more power out of the door and quickly tried to close the door but I couldn't .... Damn Door.

Dr. Shastri or whatever he was had stuck his feet in the door ... Damn Him

I again shut the door strongly and Dr pushed it leg back but came back again and tried to open the door I was struggling to hold the door .. Damn Me

Ragini also came to my aid and together we managed to close the door and heaved a sigh of relief and what do you know, not a moment of relief in my life. The Gate started shaking and I knew immediately that Dr was trying to push open the door now and I heard the footsteps reaching close. Thank God May be people will stop this monster .. Thank God

But then it wouldn't be my luck would it? .. Damn My Luck.

Turns out they weren't coming out NOT to help me but help that Monster Dr, they all were same. We were caught in a trap.

And it came back as a flash .. Damn Bastard that hit us he set us up. He was with them and led us to this hospital to die.

Although We have blocked the door with table and Bed and whatever we could find in the room. We know we will not last forever specially not without Food thankfully there's some water in the water cooler but they are like vultures they will and they are waiting for us outside the door now. Waiting for us to die so that they can come inside and devour us.. Damn its scary.

This feeling is killing where you know, you are going to die and still worst that you will be killed and you will be eaten by some Cannibal monsters.... Damn Monsters

But I can not let you fall in his trap like this. So this is my last blog which i am sending from my mobile. You may not come and save us in time and beware of a man named Prahlad Rao who may hit your car around Highway 15 and he will apologize and give you money as well and will offer you a free treatment. Do Not Accept the Offer . I repeat DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER. This will be the last offer you will be accepting. If Police Find this blog please keep a look out for such person who offers people free treatment at Hospital Ultimate Care .. Damn Hospital

What A Day that I have to say this

See you in the after life ... Damn Life ...