Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What A Day Part 2 - The Story Continues.......

So I am writing this so you already know I am holding up against the cannibals and Me and Ragini are still alive....

So What happens now? When do we lose all hope? When will they stop waiting and start attacking? Why are they waiting? Do these cannibals live here only or spread throughout the city?

All The above questions and more will be answered when I figure out what to do before they decide something else.... Damn.

Coming Soon..............................................................................

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What A Day - Story

What A Day I Said to My Self......

And why not what the hell was good with the day..

Starting with the morning My Car broke down.. Damn Car.

Then As I waited for Cab.. No cab came for half an hour - Damn Cab company.

Finally Somehow I reached office.. what i see is that today the office is off due to some stupid rally or something - Damn Office, Damn Rally

And Then the Fun Began ......

I called my friend Ragini to come and pick me up from the office because I didn't trust the cab company any more or my Damn Luck for that matter ... Damn Luck

Finally she came to pick me up and we got going finally something good was happening. Then at that moment Bam!!!!! a car hit us from behind .. Damn Bastard

Ragini got a cut on her hand due to impact after arguing and wasting some more time with the idiot, he apologized to us and also offered to pay for car repair and medical expenses. He gave me card for a hospital he said was his and asked to meet some Dr. Shastri .. Damn Nothing.

Although we were tired we decided to go to the hospital which was little away from town and not at all far from the place we were so we decided to go there but road wasn't well .. Damn Roads

Finally I reached the place it wasn't a big hospital but decent enough and there was a small market there as well, and it wasn't much crowded around 30 people.. Finally Something Nice . Damn Nothing ..

I went in the hospital with Ragini and met Dr. Shastri. He seemed nice enough may be the day is not that bad..

I walked out of the room while Dr. tended to Ragini strangely there weren't many patients in the hospital and whoever was there seemed well enough to not being in the hospital.

Suddenly my luck another turn..

I heard a loud scream .. everyone around me kind of got alert like they were waiting for it.. I don't know but I was transfixed on some patient for some time before I realized that the scream was indeed from Ragini I turned and ran towards the room where Ragini was.

What I saw drained the blood from my body .....

Dr. Shastri was licking Ragini's wound on the hand .. Although I had seen many vampire and Zombie movies but doing someone something like that Who is Cannibal in real is so unreal that you can't believe it. After I got over my shock.. I ran towards Dr. Shastri and Pushed him away from Ragini.

Dr. Shastri looked something different although he didn't grow additionally long tooth or anything but his eyes were dark red like a drunk. I punched him right in the face and took two steps back it gave me some more courage and kicked him in the abdominal he staggered away ...

I pushed with little more power out of the door and quickly tried to close the door but I couldn't .... Damn Door.

Dr. Shastri or whatever he was had stuck his feet in the door ... Damn Him

I again shut the door strongly and Dr pushed it leg back but came back again and tried to open the door I was struggling to hold the door .. Damn Me

Ragini also came to my aid and together we managed to close the door and heaved a sigh of relief and what do you know, not a moment of relief in my life. The Gate started shaking and I knew immediately that Dr was trying to push open the door now and I heard the footsteps reaching close. Thank God May be people will stop this monster .. Thank God

But then it wouldn't be my luck would it? .. Damn My Luck.

Turns out they weren't coming out NOT to help me but help that Monster Dr, they all were same. We were caught in a trap.

And it came back as a flash .. Damn Bastard that hit us he set us up. He was with them and led us to this hospital to die.

Although We have blocked the door with table and Bed and whatever we could find in the room. We know we will not last forever specially not without Food thankfully there's some water in the water cooler but they are like vultures they will and they are waiting for us outside the door now. Waiting for us to die so that they can come inside and devour us.. Damn its scary.

This feeling is killing where you know, you are going to die and still worst that you will be killed and you will be eaten by some Cannibal monsters.... Damn Monsters

But I can not let you fall in his trap like this. So this is my last blog which i am sending from my mobile. You may not come and save us in time and beware of a man named Prahlad Rao who may hit your car around Highway 15 and he will apologize and give you money as well and will offer you a free treatment. Do Not Accept the Offer . I repeat DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER. This will be the last offer you will be accepting. If Police Find this blog please keep a look out for such person who offers people free treatment at Hospital Ultimate Care .. Damn Hospital

What A Day that I have to say this

See you in the after life ... Damn Life ...