Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paths to Death - A for Accident

He thought he was invincible .. after all .. he was a racer 

And a stunt biker to boot ..

He used to zip around the town on his modified bike 

Today he was racing with his friends on the highway..

They were laughing and swerving their bikes ..

He was proud of his riding .. and they continued.

There were few trucks on the highway .. but they were nothing for them.

They rode together and zoomed between two trucks and then overtook another..

Just to strike an overturned truck ... 

He and five of his friends were instantly dead.

Note - And this is how April A-Z 2014 challenge begins .. 


  1. Nice to see some fiction for A-to-Z. I like it. Accidents remind us of our mortality.

  2. An interesting start to to the alphabet, nice to connect
    Twitter: WriterBizWoman

  3. Interesting. Are you gonna continue your paths to death series in the A-Z challenge?


    1. Thanks Siva and yes I am thinking of continuing Paths to Death all the way to Z. :)

  4. this happened to someone i know just few weeks ago, though not exactly while trying out stunts...but the whole process after, post mortem etc etc that was too much for me to even hear about....

  5. It's strange to think that death can come that quickly. Then again, I think I'd rather have it come quickly than wither away slowly and painfully. Though preferably at a much older age.

    1. Everybody's dream really. But that's the thing about death no one has any idea about it.


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