Tuesday, May 3, 2016


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Today was something different, this started with the beautiful weather with clouds and cool wind. It had even rained for a bit which further spread the wonderful smell of earth.

He stirred and seeked her ... she was still asleep, but not completely.

He rolled over and covered her with his body and smelled her hair.

He moved his hand over her flawless body which was radiating under the morning sun rays which were streaming through the window.

She opened her eyes a little purred a little "Good Morning" and closed her eyes again and moaned as his hands kept on playing with her body.
She turned and their lips found each other and shared a long passionate kiss so begin their day.

He showered her with kisses and she giggled as she was tickled. Things were getting hotter by the seconds and as clock ticked and he licked so their passion kept on rising.

While their lips were busy kissing their hands were busy exploring all the familiar parts of their lover's body.

Soon they shed what ever little cloths they were wearing as part of their night wear and they were rolling all over the bed making mess of the bedsheet. 

They rolled away from each other to the different ends of the bed and appreciatively looked at each other's bodies of course she was fitter than him but he was not bad looking at all.

And then they rolled towards each other and met each other like two tornadoes meeting and the passion erupted like a volcano.

They caressed and kissed each other everywhere on the body, they twisted and they turned and then they were 6 & 9 to form 69 they sucked and they licked,

They moved again and she got on top of him and rode him and then he pushed her down and took her from behind. Both were moaning with pleasure and calling each other's name.

Now she was below him and he was thrusting fast and slow and she was moving her body with the rhythm. He increased his speed as he neared the release and as he reached his orgasm they both held each other tightly and rocked slowly.

He withdrew and then seeing that she hadn't come yet started licking and kissing her once again and within moments she was again shouting with pleasure and soon she shivered and lay there panting. Both were spent and wet with sweat but they were content and happy and their passion was alive.

She moved closure to him and snuggled with him and both said together

"Happy Anniversary, My Love"

Note:- So as promised here's is something way different then my normal stories. So I attempted to write an erotica short story hopefully it didn't get too vulgar and sufficiently sensual. So away from the hold of morbid and in the arms of Passion.

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