Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Cloth

Sameer bought a new shiny bike and it was his darling. It looked lovely in Blue and Black. Sameer loved his bike and wanted to always keep it clean and shiny.

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Sameer had kept a cloth with his bike which he used to clean his bike, one day it disappeared.

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Sameer bought a new shiny cloth to clean his lovely bike, this time it disappeared in 1 day flat, Sameer was dejected.

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Sameer thought that because the cloth was fancy yellow lint free cloth that's why it disappeared so quickly, this time he picked a dirty old vest and it stayed with his bike for few days but eventually it disappeared as well. 
Sameer wasn't going to leave his bike dirty like that this time he picked his dirty old brief (Chaddi) and used that to clean his bike.

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This did the trick but after few months some brave soul nicked that too.

Sameer again picked an old brief but it's stay with bike was also brief and it promptly disappeared the first day as well.
Sameer pretty much said "Fuck It!!!!" and forgot all about keeping a cloth with the bike. That's impossible in our great India.

Now Sameer keeps the cloth safe inside his home and cleans the before leaving from home and now use cloth from other bikes to clean his bike in office but he always remembers to return the cloth to the bike and also to wash his hands after the ordeal.

When you are riding a bike the cloth becomes a revered item because there are too many Sameers who have all lost faith in humanity as they have lost their dirtiest of clothes are also stolen from their bikes.

Note - Apologies to all the picture owners for picking the pics without permission but I have tried to give credit wherever possible. Sorry in Advance.

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