Friday, May 13, 2016

That Call

Rama was happily married to her husband Captain Sarabjit Singh who was in Army and posted in Jammu & Kashmir. She wasn't in J&K but rather stayed with her In-Laws in Punjab due to the unrest in the valley. Whenever Sarabjit came back to home her days were full of delirious happiness. And when he was away she would feel dread because she missed him and was always worried for him.

And then calamity struck, Rama was an Army wife so she understood that something was wrong as soon as she saw two officers on her door. She asked them in with tears in her eyes. She was informed that her husband was missing after a terror attack and was presumed dead. As soon as she heard this she broke down and the entire house was covered in a darkness which covered everything in melancholy. After few days they received the official letter of martyrdom of Captain.

Although Rama was a widow now she still had future to look up to as she was pregnant with Sarabjit's child he couldn't hear the good news before he bid goodbye to the world. Soon the time passed and though the pain never disappeared it ebbed enough to bring occasion smiles her lips. Few months later Rama gave birth to a baby girl that was the day she cried after a long time because she knew that this would have been happiest day of Sarabjit's life but instead he was no longer part of their life.

Few years passed and Rama got busy taking care of her baby and her in-laws. Rama had started working in an office and was managing house on her own with the help from the pension received from the Army. Just when everything was going on just fine, the phone rang and changed everything again. She was busy in office when her mobile rang, she didn't identify the number but answered none the less the voice on the other end was rough and low but she would identify that voice among millions of voices. Her Sarabjit was back. During the attack Sarabjit was captured by Pakistani military and held as a POW without informing Indian Government and Army about him. 

Sarabjit bid his time when everything was right he broke out of his prison and crossed the LOC and reported at his battalion there were only the words of happiness from Kashmir to Kanyakumari as the News of the return of India's Son spread in the TV channels. And soon Sarabjit was united with his wife, angel of a daughter and his parents.

Rama's life was full of happiness once again and she thanked her stars every day and night for getting her life back with that call.

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  1. Sarabjit ... I am waiting for the movie too :)

    1. :) I am too hopefully it would be good but I must clear movie wasn't my inspiration for the name. Actual Sarabjit was.


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