Saturday, May 28, 2016

Special Agent Dhruv

Dhruv was only five years old so as you may guess, he was only a kid. But he was super smart.

Dhruv was super active and was studying in the first class.

It was another cold night and everybody was asleep in their bedrooms.

Suddenly Dhruv was woken up due to some sound from the hall downstairs.

Dhruv silently moved to his parents bedroom but they were asleep, he tried to wake them up but to no avail.

Dhruv didn't panic and instead looked for his dad's mobile and quickly picked it and dialed 100 and talked quietly and quickly to the police officer on the line.

Within 10 minutes the police vehicle was outside their house and police officers covered the house, and entered the house to find 4 thieves in the hall trying to find valuables.

They were quickly picked by police and sent to police station, Inspector Rahul Makhija walked to the upstair rooms and spoke with Dhruv, who thanked the Inspector and told  him that his parents were not responding.

Rahul quickly moved to the bedroom to check the parents but they were only unconcious.

Rahul went downstairs and spoke with the thieves, they had sprayed chloroform through the second floor room ventilation.

Soon Dhruv's parents gained consciousness and when they learned about the bravery and intelligence of Dhruv they hugged him and thanked Inspector Makhija.

Next day Newspapers were full with the praises of Dhruv and details on the incident. India's Republic Day had to be celebrated next month and Dhruv's name was nominated for the bravery award.

On the 26th of January Dhruv was presented with the bravery award by the President of India while everyone clapped, his parents sat in the front row with all the other proud parents.

Later President called all the brave kids to a dinner at the President's house and he formally inducted all of them in a latest initiative the Kids Angels who were going to be the new face of intelligence and Secret Service in Country.

Plain old Dhruv was now Special Agent Dhruv and thus his new life began.


  1. You remind me of Super Commando Dhruva comics I used to read as a child.

    1. Thanks, I still remember that awesome character from my childhood. Thanks for the comment.


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