Thursday, May 12, 2016

Office Office

He reached office right on time, and sat on his desk as usual. He checked his email and checked the data and get on with his work. He had to create some reports so he was busy in them. He got a ping from his manager.
He entered his manager's cabin after few minutes. Manager was cross with him and furious with team about an email sent by an irate customer who wasn't at all happy with the work which was done for him. He patiently listen to his manager and gave short answers.
He got out from the cabin and sent an email to his team, there would be a meeting in about an hour's time. Till the meeting it was the work as usual, at the time of the meeting, entire team moved to the meeting room. He was already waiting for them there.
He told them about the mail from the customer and gave them a piece of his mind as well. He shouted a bit and asked some questions, his team mumbled through their answers. Then it was just a general round of useless tasks and some pats on the backs, some words of encouragement and positive work and all. Everybody came out of the training room smiling and some with sad faces and continued their work.
What else could he do? He was a manager too. What he got he promptly gave to his team as well. Office as usual.

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