Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blank Page

He sat staring at the screen, word processor was open on his laptop but the page was blank.

Along with the page, his mind was empty as well.

He wanted to write something but nothing came to his mind.

He sat still with his hands on the keyboard, but his fingers would not move.

He wanted to achieve something, wanted to write something anything, but.

His mental block was such that not even a single word would come to the front of this mind.

His frustration was increasing by the minute, he came close to throwing laptop hard at the wall.

But we reined in his emotions and took a deep breath.

He thought to the last day and tried to remember something which would goad him to write something, anything.

Suddenly he remembered her, saw her perfectly like she was still standing right in front of him.

His fingers moved on the keyboard - "I saw an angel in the market yesterday"

She was an angel and her beauty mesmerized him, she was breathtaking in every sense of the word.

She stood basking in the sun light glistening under the sun rays, he took a step towards her.

And she was blown to pieces by the blast and he was thrown back by the shock wave.

She was an angel and God called her back to him, he deleted the lines from the screen.

He sat staring at the blank page on the screen while the tears dropped from his eyes.

Note - Hopefully his days will get better and my stories too :) ;) I know my stories may be macabre most of the times but you know how it is you write what comes to your mind. Hopefully some bright stories may be brewing in my mind somewhere.

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