Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Story of Love

It was born to love, it gave and gave for love but still it was devoid of love.

It was born for love, it's destiny was to love but it gave and it was short of love.

It was thirsty for love and it's lover came to it with full force and took all the love.

It was big and shiny and it's lover was endless and all around there was love.

It was the original love story and it was the story of love.

It was a poem about love and it was the story of love.

They met if love and they parted in love.

It was a boulder and it's lover was the ocean.

Note - I tried to write a story and it turned out like a poem so let's call it a lyrical story and of course it's not the first one. Nothing is original because everything original has been already done by someone else.


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