Monday, February 15, 2021

The Chase

           He stopped for a second to take a deep breath, after all, he was running now for some time. He didn't know what or who was behind him, he just sensed and he started running.

He was adept at running after all he was an orphan who naturally drifted to the life of crime and was forever running, from rival gangs, from police, from other enemies. 

He had reasons to be worried about others, for he had finally decided to steal a lot of money from his boss and run away. He hoped that nobody would identify him in the new town but you can never be sure.

The person who is on run believes that everybody is hunting him, and he had no doubt people were chasing him to drag him in front of the Boss. 

He tried relaxing as it looked like that he ran for nothing, he couldn't see anyone chasing him, but he still couldn't afford to relax too much. Now he started to slowly walk to ensure that he didn't draw too much attention. 

He reached the run-down hotel he was hiding in and entered his room and ordered food from the nearby dhaba. He silently ate his dinner and turned off the light and tried to sleep and he drifted to sleep.


The hunter watched his prey all through his panicked run and he followed as his prey went towards his hideout. The hunter continued the watch, hunter made sure to intercept the food delivery to mix the sedative to the food. 

The hunter waited for his prey to eat the food and to sleep and then entered the room silently. Hunter smirked a little as he noticed his prey lying in front of him. Hunter searched and found the bag filled with the money. 

Now that the money was recovered, the hunter moved to the next part, he grabbed his knife and slit the throat of his prey. The chase was over.

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