Friday, February 19, 2021

Quiet Evenings

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         Rashmi and Rohan were married for five years now. Like the most married couples who were working, they were also busy in the humdrum of daily life. The entire week spent in the office work and after that few episodes of some series or a movie and then sleep. The same cycle repeated over many weeks. Till they couldn't even find few moments for each other.

    Then due to the pandemic both of them had to work from home, now they were together but still busy with work, as strangely the work increases when you are working from home but soon like all the routines they also get in the new routine. 

      And then the unthinkable happened there was a big storm and the Internet and cellphone services went down all throughout the area. And suddenly there was no work from home, no streaming content, no social network, nothing just two stunned people who didn't know what to do with their time. It was quiet all around and both Rashmi and Rohan decided it was the perfect time to enjoy some time together without any interruptions. For some time they listened to few songs they had available offline and danced together they were glad to have some time together at last. 

    They were able to enjoy few quiet evenings bereft of all the disruptions, it was a staycation which both of them enjoyed lost in each other and perfect silence when they needed it and they promised to find time for each other and not to let the daily grind keep them apart.

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