Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Remember Me?

        Another day, same dream, someone unknown asking the same question, Remember Me? Of course, her face isn't clear after all that's how the dreams turn out to be. I have to say dreams sure are strange but, don't people say that dreams are based on your experiences and your sub-conscience mind.

       Whatever it might be, it sure strange to see the same dream multiple times, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't remember more of the dream just the same question from the unknown girl, Remember Me?

       Who was she? I keep on mulling over the question and I lay awake through the night thinking about the dream and finally as the morning crept along I was finally able to fall asleep. Still, the question kept with me, Remember Me?

        Of course, I don't remember I don't have even a little bit of idea who could she be, what can I do? I can't search through the city to try to find the girl, the question is remember me? so is she someone whom I already know but forgot about? There are no answers and all I could do is to wait and dream some more and to watch the same dream, days after days and the girl asking, Remember Me?

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