Wednesday, February 17, 2021


       Rahul had a dream, he wanted to be a writer and to write a best-selling novel, all he was waiting for the idea to strike him.

     Rahul didn't want to write another love story, that was the focus of almost every second book published in India. But it's very difficult to create something new, and almost all the stories are now derivative of original ideas.

     In the meantime, Rahul kept on reading other books to get a better understanding of how a story should continue. And just like that few years passed but Rahul was not near the idea for a book but he had written many short stories and was working on a few ideas.

     Finally, Rahul has started working on his book, the story will be a sci-fi fantasy tale set in the near future and he is positive that someday soon the book would be finished and people will enjoy his writing.

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