Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hidden 4

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He was greedy .. very greedy indeed. Anyone who met Ajay Jauhari will attest to the fact that he was the greediest person they ever met. Tell me yourself the person who is already a millionaire and still look for every possible way to get some more, what would you call him?

Ajay had no intention of sharing his wealth with the poorer people in the country via charity, but he does try new scams every now and then to get his hand on some more money. He crossed the limit when after Tsunami he setup up a national relief fund in the name of helping people. As every person in the world was trying to help unfortunate people caught in Tsunami. They collected Rs. 20 Crores  in the relief fund but instead of giving the money to the people for whom it was intended he vanished with the money.

Ajay also repeated this scheme every time there was some tragedy any where in the world, and collected more than $400 Million by this cheat alone.

But of course people didn't know his real face the one ugly face hidden behind his metro-sexual persona. And whoever found out about him and threatened to expose him, he had them killed.

So, like it happens in our world, Bad becomes Worse and Worse becomes Worst but the powerful people just keep on going with their crimes and whoever dare to challenge them are either bought or killed.

Life was going on our Ajay ji were getting richer and richer and our countries needy poor people were getting poorer. It so happened  that, one day when Ajay was on his morning run, he caught a glimpse of a bag hidden behind the garbage can. Ajay waited for some time when no one was near, picked up the bag and he was very happy for it because to check what was inside he did not even need to open the bag because chain was open a little bit and he could see that the bag was full with bundles of Rs 1000 notes.

Ajay quickly changed his direction and started running towards his home he wanted to count his new catch lest it becomes less. Rubbing his hands together he entered his massive banglow's massive gate. went straight to his room and opened the chain. His heart was doing Break-dance on seeing so much free money. he calculated in his mind that there must be around 400 bundles of 1 lakh rs so that made it Rs 4 Crores. Now he was grinning, and why not its not everyday that find money on road and so many foolish people who might have seen it but cowards they must have thought that it may contain bomb or the bag may be empty.

Ajay started to empty the bag to count the money properly. He quickly picked up 20 or so bundles from top, what he saw made his heart stop.. There was a bomb hidden under the note bundles and its timer was showing a time remaining of 4 seconds... before Ajay could think anything else, the bomb detonated with such raw power that it blew Ajay's entire Banglow away, obviously Ajay body was nowhere to be found.

Just due to this its said that greed is very bad and its the root of all evil, and what's hidden should stay hidden because you don't know if you would like what comes out or not.

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P.S. - As always, this is a Fictional story and any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely co-incidental. Enjoy


  1. hmm Ritu not aware about that .. so can honestly say ..did not copy from there.

  2. Hey Vikas,
    firstly let me thank you for your vote that made me the BATOM..
    You are definitly a prolific writer that yo came up with so many entries on one subject when we had dishing out a single good one!
    Please keep writing. Practice makes a man perfect. I enjoyed reading all your works onHIDDEN..
    So im sure at the next BAT we can look forward to some more good entries from you..
    All the best..
    do keep blogging..:D


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