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 He was heartbroken, he was defeated. He had no one in his life now - no motive, no goal, no chance for success. Why, it was only yesterday when he was sure that he will be promoted to the Assistant Manager position in his company but even that went to his junior.

He earnestly believed that he deserved that position after all, who wouldn't, after dedicating their life to the company and the work. He used to invest 14-16 hours a day for the last 5 years in the office because he wanted to work his best and reach where he wanted to by the sheer hard work  but  he was defeated by the office politics.

Broken he decided it was time to pull the plug from this soap opera called Life. After thinking for some time he decided to hang himself as all the other ways were too messy and he didn't want to cause much trouble to other strangers as some children may see him. So after all the deliberation he started with the preparations.

Along came the rope from a long forgotten corner of his tiny room, and there it went around the fan so that it could handle his weight and wouldn't come down no his head making all the more mess and would even leave him dead just some nasty injury.

Well all the funny bits ahead he was in different state sobbing one minute and chuckling the next, he was almost like a madman but in this case he was IIM bred MBA Madman.

With very heavy feet he worked his way towards the rope to finish his story. Just as he put the deadly rope around his neck, bloody mobile rang disturbing the zen like state of his room. Although his first instinct was to let go the call and complete the journey to the next world. But then he thought that there's no harm in looking who the call is from. Tentatively he got down from the chair and walked to his cell phone still blaring 'Unbreak my heart', the call was from his company's HR department.

Now he was very angry but controlling his instincts to throw and break the mobile phone in hundreds of small pieces, he pressed the call accept button - Hello he said slowly

'Congratulations' came the reply from the other side.

'For what' he asked tersely

'You have been selected to be the new Manager for your department considering all the hard work you have put in for the company' came the cheerful reply, obviously unaware that the person on other end was just about to commit suicide.

'Tell me you are not kidding' he asked

'No sir this is no joke, please come to the office tomorrow at 2 PM to complete the formalities and remember you have an off tomorrow so relax in the morning' the voice on the other end said helpfully.

'Yes, I will be there at the exact time' he replied happily, Thoughts of suicide lost somewhere.

He was stunned on how his life was shaping up, if he had decided against answering the phone he would be dead by now. With shaking legs he went back to the room, climbed on the chair but this time not to hang himself but to take down the rope.

After dumping the rope again in the forgotten corner of rubbish. He lay on bad, now that he was calm, he laughed and laughed and laughed, on himself, on his life and on his company, if they would have called him next day he would be dead. This sent the shivers down his backbone.

'You will have to wait for me for many years. I am coming to your doors death.' He shouted. Feeling lucky that he escaped the death that too by his own silly hands by just few seconds.

He didn't know when he slept only that when he woke up he was feeling very hungry remembering he didn't cook anything because he was planning on dying. He was very thirsty as well so he went for the water, looking at the clock he realized that it was already 12 noon.

He sprung into action to get ready for the highlight of his career. Within half hour his smiling self was emerging from the bathroom. another 20 minutes and he was draped in his best clothes after all this was the day he was to be appointed Manager. After, all the hard work he was getting his due.

It looked like that whether was also playing with him, sun was blocked by dark clouds and a cool breeze was flowing all around making it the whole atmosphere pleasant. Smiling he started his bike and started for his office which was half an hour away so he had around 1 hour to reach there very comfortable.. 

He was traveling at a gentle 55 Km/pl enjoying the lovely whether. Suddenly a tanker passed him blaring horns, startling him but he regained his control on the bike and muttered a silent curse for the driver who kept on going up the slope ahead on the road. He also increased his speed a little to cross the slope as quickly as possible.

Suddenly there was a loud sound BANG!!!! on  the slope the tanker hit a truck head on and fell covering the entire road and at that exact moment the tank from the tanker started rolling towards him and before he could really grasp what happened there, the tank crushed him over him finishing his life line and went on to destroy many cars.

Life was crying but Death was laughing.

No Body escapes the death said death while it went away collecting its many prized scalps.

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  1. hmm.. he wanted to die, then he got a chance at life, yet his wish became true when he was "tanked"? sad.. but thats life i guess(no pun intended)

    all the best for BATOM


  2. A different approach to the philosophies of life and death was nicely conceptualized.

  3. Death is inevitable and we cannot escape from the things that are beyond our control ... may be such things are part of evolution

  4. I always think that death is pre-written and no way we could escape it and therefore I can relate very much to your post. Nicely written and I can see that you have put a great effort and time on this. Well done.

    Sureindran R. - Escape

  5. Thank you all very much for you encouraging words

  6. Ouch! Death is indeed very cruel. It comes even uninvited. :(
    Nice story. :)

  7. Everyone has to die one or the other cannot escape....

    Good read
    All the best for BAT 10

  8. I nearly missed this one. But I guess it was fated that I must read it. Beautiful plot. Death the great leveler indeed!

  9. A good read... "No escape from inevitable death" Its a new dimension to the topic.
    All the best!!

  10. Cool.. Reminded me of 'Final Destination' series.. welcome 2 blog-a-ton vikas and keep partcipating :)

  11. Final destination part 5? ;) Well, Vipul too said it, eh? :D
    Too good, Vikas. Your narration kept me hooked till the end. Just when everything seemed all right, all went haywire. Bang! Death had come upon life!
    Enjoyed reading. Keep writing.
    All the best for batom!

  12. Thanks Vipul & Karthik .. Funny though I also thought about Final Destination but after two days writing it. original idea was little different. Will try to continue writing and also to participate in BOT .. please read my new story 'Love Story' and provide your comments.


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