Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hidden 5

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My First stab at Fiction-55 will try to remain in limit

He was hidden from their view. Suddenly a lizard ran over his hand but he stifled his shout, he was very brave despite only being 10 years old. We was hungry and thirsty but he was sure that he will not be caught again come what may. He was hiding from Child-Beggar Gang.

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P.S. - Once again Fictional. Its my first try at Fiction-55 so your support and suggestions are requested.


  1. Vikas your central thought was good but sentences might need a re-look.

  2. Great attempt at 55Fiction.

    All the best for the contest :)

    My Blog

  3. a good try! needs better execution!

  4. thanks for all the suggestions ... hopefully will be able to implement all these wonderful suggestions into my next Fiction-55

  5. Well thought, Vikas. Maybe, you could have presented it in a better way. But, no deal with it... #Fiction55 doesn't give you many opportunities for that! I am sure you are going to write some better posts in near future. Keep writing!

    All the best for BAT!


  6. Great attempt at 55r. The 55r should have a drama building up to a climax maybe a twist. Good attempt. Best wishes

  7. Thanks very much


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