Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Hmm.. So Friends I thought and thought and thought some more, for the  BOTOM topic Hidden, What a fool I am to think that it will be a easy topic. It's not. It is very tough because the scope is vast and areas to write are unlimited and also the most common idea will always seem like you have seen it somewhere.

So getting that out of way, I though what to post for BOTOM, then it struck to me why shouldn't I share my secrets with you, after all what's better hidden than secrets.

What do I share which will let me get your votes.

What about my truth which is hidden behind my cover of an introvert professional. What I am is a Serial Killer .. There are two dead bodies hidden in my basement.

I kill not out of necessity or any kind of need. I just kill because I like it. I love it and its my life.

It was my secret now listen to yours. Can you match mine?

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P.S. - Remember its just a Fictional account. I am NOT a Serial Killer.


  1. Lol at the P.S. Else no one would have dared to comment to your post.

  2. Agree with The Fool, you had me for sometime, you got the looks to kill too, dude! ;)

    This was a murderous post .. Keep up! love with me and life! :)

  3. Had you not left the PS,you would have gotten my vote for certain !
    But on a serious not,quite a wild style of writing,yet disciplined enough to capture attention.
    Enjoyed it much !

  4. @Brijender .. I am sad to miss your vote .. but not a problem I liked the fact that you liked the story, Vote or No Vote first of all let me set up my credentials.

  5. Wow..that was scary indeed :P All the best for BATOM :)

  6. Thank God for the P.s. or it would be a confession call for the cops...:p

  7. haha. the p.s. was much needed...

  8. Lol! :D
    That was hilarious and smart! :)


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