Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Water – The Wine that flows through my veins

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Ingredients used: (1) A Bottle of Wine (2) A reclusive billionaire-vigilante (3) A Superhero

This was just another day in my life. The Innovative, Spectacular, Dashing, Photogenic, Successful, Entrepreneur, Billionaire and Lonely man.

Yes I had everything; but I didn't have someone else to share my wealth. There were thousands of girls who would marry me in a flash, but I didn't need someone who was after my money. 

I've had many people like that who pretended to be my friends so that they can enjoy the luxuries along with me. I didn't mind them at least they kept me company.

Why I was so alone for one I didn't have parents... See my Dad killed my Mom when I was very little and then he adopted me later when I was 10 years old without knowing that I was his son. Since my Dad killed my Mom I killed him when I was barely 10 years old and ran away from home. 

I kept on running since then just one possession a bottle of Wine nicked from my Dad's home. I resolved to drink that when I truly felt peace with what I had done.

All through my life I managed myself, studies double hard and worked double hard to support myself. Started my business and through intuition and good luck and lot of hard work, I was able to bring my company to such heights. And though I was successful and people admired me for the last few months I had become a recluse, avoiding public contact. I had stopped attending meetings and left all the important work to my very capable managers.

The reason was this all though I am 40 years old now, it’s been 30 years since that fateful night and the Wine Bottle was still intact and had a place on my bar. I was drinking day and night, every wine, every whiskey, everything but I couldn't open that bottle. How could I? I still wasn't able to convince myself that I did the right thing and consequently could not feel the closure or Peace.

No one knew but I was also trying my hand at crime fighting to help secure the nights safer for citizens. Police was dubbing me a Vigilante who was punishing, beating criminals and dropping them in front of the Police stations to be arrested. I had hoped that helping others every which way I could would help me find peace, but peace still eluded me.

I considered myself a murderer and felt no different than my Dad who had killed my Mom. This internal turmoil was eating at me from inside.

I kept on living like this and there seemed to be no way out for me. I wasn’t going to any of my offices though sometimes my managers came in to take my signatures on important papers, but that was all I stayed in all day and nights and drank and sometimes after dark I would wear some kind of disguise, so that I could help people without being identified.

Within few months I started to feel little bit happier and thought that I could after all get through my depression.

But before that I had repent for my sins for a long time but if that’s what required for inner peace so be it. I would pay my due and take my time to reach peace and drink that bottle of wine which started to mock me, saying stuff like;

“You are too weak.”

“You will never be happy, you killed your parents.”

“You try to kid yourself by beating up some lowlife that you are doing the city some good. No! You are not.”

“You are nothing but a pathetic little drunk.”

“I am not a drunk, I can stop drinking whenever I want and I am truly helping people.” I said to myself.


It was a fateful day in September when I met the angel who changed my life and showed me my way.
She was an actual Super Hero with powers and all and she seek me out one evening.

She told me that she saw me one night taking care of few criminals and then she followed me to my building. She was hovering in front of my 50th Floor balcony and asked me to open the door to let her in.

“Are you Super Girl?” I asked her puzzled

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, No I am not Super Girl. My name is Shakti” She replied

“Yo… You are an actual Super hero I mean heroine.” I stammered, I never stammered
“That’s Okay just call me Shakti. You seem troubled if you don’t mind you may share your problems with me. May be I could help you a little.” She offered her help

I don’t know how I knew to trust her, I only knew that she could be trusted and I told her everything, from start to the finish.

“So, you killed your Dad, who had killed your Mom and you are still running towards peace but you can’t seem to catch it.” She summarized.

“That is pretty much about it.” I helped

“I know you already know this but you were only 10 years old when you burned your Dad to death. That was a very young age and you were blinded by the fire of revenge.” She said

“But that still doesn’t mean that I could get away with murder and that too my father none the less.” I wasn’t convinced.

“But you are already repenting for whatever you may have done by helping all these people. Making sure that some petty criminal doesn’t take away some poor kid’s parents too.” Shakti explained

“Do you really think so?” I wasn’t fully convinced

“Of Course even if you would’ve surrendered then you would’ve been thrown in juvenile house and I am not too sure that you would’ve been able to reach here from there if that would’ve been the case.” Said my angel

“That does make sense, I tried to explain all these things to me but why does the peace still elude me and that Wine bottle seems to mock me all the time, taunting me.” I said

“Bring that bottle here, we would celebrate a new beginning today and end of the era.” Said Shakti smiling

When I came back with the bottle and the glasses, Shakti placed her hands on my temples and pressed lightly and came to see a vision.

I was still with my Dad and he was alive like nothing had happened. I was 13 years old now, when my step-mom died. It was a very sad day for all of us. Dad married again, I was 17 years old now studying away in boarding school. I got the news there that my step-mom had died again. Somehow I knew that my Dad was killing all his wives and that he was a serial killer.

I was back now, and I realized that I had done a good job by killing my Dad and saving lives of all those women. I felt peace for the first time ever when I realized that I wasn’t evil but my Dad was and I put an end to his evil.

I was finally at peace with myself and knew my purpose in life and all thanks to Shakti. You shared that Wine bottle with me to celebrate my victory over my mind and my life.

Alas Shakti had to go as she was fighting injustice throughout the world, but she promised to visit me regularly and before leaving she gave me two wonderful gifts before leaving Invincibility and the ability to flight. I was basically Superman but not an alien but a human.

Next morning the office had a surprise as they saw their Boss amongst them for the first time in more than a year. I was ready to handle my responsibilities now, business during day and helping citizens during night.

By finding peace within me with the help of Shakti, I was able to work to bring peace to my city and to keep the citizens happy. For I was finally happy with who I was.

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