Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Agent S

“Hello is it Agent S?” Asked a sweet voice

“Yes, I am. How can I help you? Please come in.” I was busy but how could I ignore such a beautiful voice from a gorgeous girl, after all I am a Man

“My name is Isha, and I need your help. Could you please help me?”

“Of course please tell me everything.” I had another case

You know the thing about detectives is that they don’t usually get any interesting work. Most of the time all we have to do is chase husbands or wife to get proof of their infidelity.  Sometimes police also came to ask for my help but I mostly liked to work alone and I hated the simple cases where I had to tail someone for the simple purpose that they can get a divorce.

“Mr. S aaa Agent S I mean Sir.” She Stumbled

“Please call me Lokesh.” I tried to make her relax

“So Lokesh, My twin sister Nisha is in a big trouble.”

“How’s that so?” I enquired

“My sister was in an accident and a man died. Police is claiming that he died due to accident but my sister swears that he was already on the road and she tried to apply the car break but still she hit him and also hit another car causing the accident.” Explained Isha

“Hmm, if we want to make sure that Nisha is innocent and we would have to prove that the man was already dead when Nisha’s car hit him.” I shared my views

I assured Isha that I will check with Police and my sources and will get back to you with the results.

I went to the Police station and met Inspector Sharma and requested him to see the dead body of the man. I also went to meet Nisha in the lock up and my God was she beautiful.

“Could you please let me know Ms. Nisha about the night?” I asked

“I was driving and it was raining so visibility wasn’t great. Suddenly I saw that a man lying on the road. I tried to break but I couldn’t control the car and after hitting the man I crashed in a car which was parked.” She said

Nisha started crying.

“Please don’t cry I would try my best to make sure that if you are innocent then Police sees that.” I tried to comfort her

Then I visited Morgue with Inspector Sharma to check the Body of the deceased.

“So Mr. Sharma, why do you think that Nisha is the culprit and the man wasn’t dead before the accident?” I asked

“Well Agent S, we did not find any distinguished mark on the body to suggest any foul play and still Post-Mortem is remaining which will reveal more about the case.” Mr. Sharma informed me

“In any case do you mind if I check the body myself.” I asked Inspector Sharma

I spent half an hour checking the body and once I was satisfied I notified Inspector

“So did you find anything?” Asked Sharma

“Of course, I would like to tell you that Nisha is innocent.” I surmised

“Are you sure and do you have any proof for your theory?” Said a very surprised Sharma

“Do you really think I would exonerate a suspect based on a hunch and not some solid proof?” I said smiling

“So what are you waiting for, then let’s close this case or at least release that poor girl.” Said Sharma impatiently

Once we reached the dead body I settled and once Inspector, coroner and other officers huddled together I started to show them all why I thought and knew that he was dead before the car hit him.

“As you can see that there are multiple marks on the body due to the accident, but if you see closely apart from those injuries, there are also tiny holes on his arms. Those tiny holes are caused by injection, and by the looks of it I would say that he was a heroin addict and he must have overdosed and must have died due to heart attack. He must have wandered in the middle of the road and died. And only after he died did Nisha’s car hit him. That is why she cannot be charged with the case of his death. You can ask Dr. Saxena and he would confirm the same after the Post-mortem” I finished

“Hmm, interesting theory now let’s see what does our Doctor think.” Said Inspector

I went back to my office and waited for the results of the Post-Mortem to arrive.

I got the call after two days and I immediately called Isha and asked me to meet at the Police Station.

“So the man was dead before the accident and Nisha hit his car after hitting him. So she would be released, let’s go and complete the formalities.” I said smiling.

“Oh! Thank you very much Agent S you are wonderful.” Said Isha hugging me

We completed the formalities within the hour and we got out of the Police Station together. I was surprised to see the similarity between the sisters of course they were Twins but it was impossible to tell them apart.

“Thanks Agent S, I am very thankful to you to make sure that I did not have to spend more time inside and God knows how much more time I would have to spend in if not for you.” Said Nisha relieved

“I am just happy that an innocent person didn’t have to suffer.” I said

I started to leave after dropping them to their home

“Hmm, Lokesh if you don’t mind may I know your full name.” Asked Isha

“Of course, I am Lokesh Shrivas.” I said driving away.


  1. Thanks Shashi I wrote it only because my friend and team member Lokesh wanted me to write a detective story so I dedicated the story to him by basing the character on him with his name. glad that you liked it.


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