Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lazy Day

He woke up with an intense pain in his lower abdomen.

He didn't want to wake and it was bitterly cold winter and he would much rather stay in his warm blanket but the pain was too much.

He feared that if he didn't move now he would wet the bed.

After all it was pain due to Nature's call time.

He got out of the bed, a shiver ran down his entire body.

Jumping due to the pressure, he slowly made his way to the washroom.

Finally he relieved himself and took a sigh of relief. Now that was relief, he felt like all his tensions were gone down the drain along with his pee.

He flushed and walked out of the small washroom.

He had entire day in front of him, he could go to a movie, read a book, watch some TV or go for a walk.

But then he decided that the day was indeed cold.

He slowly walked towards his bed, got inside the blanket and promptly went back to sleep. He had a dream to continue.

It was a very lazy day after all.

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