Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"I can be your Hero, Baby!!!" Sang Enrique Iglesias through the speakers, while I shaved.

 It was a chilly morning in January, Gurgaon.

suddenly I sensed movement behind me and saw a glimpse in the mirror. I bent down as a hand holding a knife went over where my neck would have been.

A strange man was inside my house and was trying to kill me. Now I am not a fit man not at all but I am heavy and I can inflict damage. Actually the last part I learned that day.

All the action movies and self defense sessions I watched on Discovery and National Geographic channels suddenly came rushing to me like I was Neo from Matrix movies.

My assailant had recovered and was coming with his second blow, I held his hand and helped it along to him abdomen. His grip on the knife became lose and I grabbed it and attacked the thief (may be he was a thief maybe not but he tried to kill me) with quick jabs on different body parts till the assailant was dead.

I quickly but silently moved inside the house where the song was still playing which helped mask my footsteps. I feared that there may be other thieves still in the house. My fears became real when I saw another man standing over my wife's body I couldn't see any blood so it looked like she was still alive for now. I crept behind the other man and in a quick motion slit his throat now my wife's body was bathed in blood but thankfully still it wasn't hers. I quickly checked my wife's wrist and heartbeat to ensure she was still with me. (Thankfully she was only knocked down)

Next on the list was the room where my parents were sleeping. The door was ajar and little light was slipping in the room through the curtains. They looked to be sleeping peacefully but as I entered the room a hand grabbed me from behind and pulled me out of the room. I twisted but couldn't free myself the grip of the hand was very strong. Then I remembered I was still holding the bloody knife. I slashed it at the third man's hand and he finally released me I turned and swiped the knife at the man's stomach and connected and it was the most disgusting thing I ever saw as blood and intestine came rushing down the wound and the next second the man crashed down dead (Of Course!).

I could hear crying of my little girl but couldn't see her anywhere. I ran to next room but she wasn't there. Only place to go I ran to the roof and he was there holding my life with one hand and also a gun in his other hand. He warned me but I was beyond the threats and my heart was pumping with one smooth action I threw the knife and it found it's mark as it buried itself in the man's forehead with such force that he dropped back but not before losing a shot which hit me in my arm and then as the last man went down so did I. (I only lost the consciousness, I became too much for me and adrenaline broke me.)

Was I in the heaven? nope, only in the hospital. Turned out the men I had killed were no thieves but terrorists who had picked my house as the perfect hiding spot unfortunately for them I transformed into an action hero just at the right time for me and my family and the worst time for them. I was hailed as a Hero in the media and I was also awarded many trophies as photo op with various political leaders and I became a minor celebrity for 15 minutes but All I was trying to do was stay alive so that I can ensure my family's well being.

I was thankful to enjoy one more evening with my family and the song kept on playing softly in the background:-

I can be your hero.
I can kiss away the pain.
And I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

P.S. - Well the inspiration of the story wasn't the song, the story came first to my mind the song in the background came later. Hopefully you would like my effort to pen down a slightly longer story and that too an action story which I don't think I have tried a lot. In short hopefully you would like my effort and also do provide your suggestion for my improvement so that I keep on giving you stories to read after all I want to be your Story Teller.

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