Tuesday, May 19, 2015

His Second Murder

Before you go forward here's the part 1 - 'His First Murder'

Piyali had gotten the job at the same office where Rahul worked and she used to spend most of her day at the office avoiding Harshal. Piyali's life was hell because she had lost her love and besides understanding it she could bring herself to forgive and love Harshal. She could never look at her son because he reminded her of that terrible afternoon and she would again start shouting. 

Today was Harshal's 12th birthday and like all his previous birthdays this one was spent in pain as well, as his mom had again beat him and called him demon. In Fact Piyali had never forgotten the death of love of her life and Harshal's father Rahul by Harshal himself when he was One and a half years old. 

Of course no one believed that Harshal killed his father, everyone knew it was a freak accident but nonetheless Rahul died at the hands of Harshal and thus Piyali could never forgive her son for tearing her life apart. She knew it was unfair of her but her mind could never win the matters of heart and thus she would call him names and beat him.

Harshal knew that he killed his father after all his dear mother never let him forget that but he also had very brief flashes from his childhood from that terrible Sunday and somehow the memories didn't bring torment with them but solace, he enjoyed the feeling of peace. As he grew older and his mom grew bitterer he tried to find peace and solace among the dark corners of his mind. 

Harshal was tired of all the abuses and decided that it was time to take actions so that he could live his life in peace and so that he doesn't have to deal with his Mom who would never love him again would always treat him like an actual murderer who went scot-free. Now Harshal decided that he would have to take care of her mother and if it means killing her and it would have to do. 

Piyali came from the office, as usual Harshal was in his room deciding correctly that he should stay away from her mom's sight. Piyali went to the wine cabinet and made herself a drink like most evenings, what was different this evening was that the single drink made her lightheaded and she lost consciousness.

Harshal was waiting for this moment as he jumped from his room, he had mixed all of her mom's sleeping pills in her wine bottle and that's what had made his mom lose her consciousness. Harshal could never have a better chance he had decided this after watching many movies and as his mom lied on the floor, he picked the pillow the sofa and started suffocating his mom. For few seconds nothing happened but then Piyali's body started moving and thrashing in panic but her actions were sluggish due to all the pills in her drink and soon she stopped moving altogether. 

Harshal lay panting besides her now dead mother. He felt strangely peaceful and he thought about his life ahead and as he did so he started laughing. At the age of 12 and a half Harshal had committed his second murder.

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